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The Concorso Italiano, held in Marina California, is a bit less than 3 weeks away. Its taking place on Saturday Aug. 19 this year. There is still plenty of time to register if you haven't already.  Debbie and I will be there as usual. Hoping to see you there!

Here's a sneak peek of this year's trophies. The polo shirts are this year's gifts for exhibitors and their co-pilots.


Trophies 2023 B


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  • Trophies 2023 B
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I posted to the Email List that I, like others, had found the website to still be showing last year’s information. I sent an email directly to the owner Tom McDowell over two weeks ago and heard nothing.

I did manage to talk to a member of the event staff at the black horse golf course and they said that although they were aware of an ownership change for Concorso, the event was still scheduled for August 17.

you can make of all this what you will, but I think Concorso is dead


I saw that on the Monterey Car week as well Rob.  Yes, the prices per event are very, very expensive.  Hence kind of why I stopped going.   You can walk the streets in Carmel and Monterey and see many of the same cars for free!  Of course Pebble Beach is very special on the greens, etc.  

Larry, thanks for the input as I had seen your email post.  Yes, it does not sound good.

panterapatt - LOL. I agree - there is so much to do that is free or not horribly expensive (Laguna Seca, for example). For me, Pebble is a splurge. In 2016, we had to go as it was the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT racing cars. It was truly a unique/special experience for a car guy from Michigan.

I have always had the itch to go back to car week, so this is the year. I have until the end of July to make the decision to buy the Pebble tickets - they go up to $595 (!!!) on August 1st.  

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