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Good Morning, I'm in the process of replacing the entire cooling system in #2551.  This is the only area of the car that I didn't take pictures of during disassembly.  I have the Pantera Master Parts catalog and diagrams, but they are slightly different than the kit I purchased from Hall Pantera.  Does any have pics or know which section of hoses goes where?  I can figure out the pipe layout and just need to figure out where each section of hose connects.



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The hose and pipe kit are both from Hall Pantera.  I'm trying to make sure I connect the correct length hose with the correct pipe since all the hoses are different lengths.  Seems like they must go in a specific location since they are different lengths?

Left to right in the picture.

3x hoses = 3"

2x hoses = 4"

3x hoses =5"

1x hose = 6"

1x hose = 8"

1x hose =7.5#

1 3/4" probably goes to the water pump.

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  • Gates Hoses from Hall Pantera

The longer lengths go into the radiator from the pipes that come up from the front pipes that bend up and between the header tank and the two pipes that come from the thermostat and exit the header tank.  The shortest two would be used to connect the two long pipe runs under the car.  It seems kind of cheesy of Hall to cut them so precise as nothing on a Pantera is that precise.  I would suggest you dry fit everything to ensure you have good alignment and everything reaches the next part.  Once done, you can make any final adjustments by cutting or swapping a longer for shorter  piece and then lock it in.  

Thanks for the details and the photos, and no wonder you are confused because I’ve owned my car for 20 years, and I am certainly confused, also.

For others that might chime in on this thread, here is a photo of the coolant pipes from Hall Pantera.


all I can say with any confidence is that the 12 hoses you have are all needed. Yes the larger one is to connect to the water pump and the elbow with the two different sized ends.

I would venture to guess that the longer ones are used to connect to the radiator elbows.

Beyond that is anyone’s guess. Somewhere at Hall Pantera is a list of what the different lengths are to be used for. I would give them a call or an email and see if they are able to solve the problem they have created by not providing proper installation instructions.  

BTW, lack of proper instructions, or any instructions for that matter, is a fairly common shortcoming of our vendors. ☹️☹️



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  • 583985C4-16ED-449A-9E14-4D1A11B67F16

I tend to agree with Jon. If the pipe or fitting is good, the hose is good and you're using high quality hose clamps, the joint will hold more pressure than you'll ever see in your cooling system, without double clamping.

Pat, I double clamped for 20 years based on Gary's advice. I also had more than one slow, persistent leak that was fixed with a second clamp. Turns out, if the pipe you put the hose on is too smooth, it's likely to leak. Polished stainless steel is notorious for this. All it takes is a few seconds with a Scotch Brite pad to solve the problem. You'll have no more leaks and no need to double clamp.   

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