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Happy Holidays,
Now, I have a 72L I am using a performer and a Holley 750, but the thing runs out of motor around 5000 rpm, my question is. do you think the intake is choking the air flow. It does have a Isky cam I got from Proformance, Bob and Don, It also has K&N filter. I was thinking of getting a single plane hi-rise.
Any comments.
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When I bought my car, it had the same problem.

First I found that the secondaries didn't open all the way. The Pantera needs a "special" throttle cable bracket to allow the butterflies to fully open.

Second, the choke wire was connected as Charlie described already.

Both corrected gave a substantial improvement.
Check these two areas, then reply, the "collective" will continue to help you.

Its not the manifold. its either carb/fuel system, ignition or cam/valvetrain.

hard to troubleshoot a vehicle via e-mail. The previous posts have offered good advice. What do you mean the carb "SEEMS" to open all the way. Have you visually verified this? Are your exhausts very "sooty", indicating an excessively rich mixture?

Need to verify the throttles are opening 100% & adjust the carb: idle stops, idle mixture, fuel bowl levels, etc. May even need leaner jets.

Holley sells a book written by Mike Urich that is excellent for guidance in tuning the carb.

Holleys are very adjustable, and once it is adjusted for your engine, you'll be very pleased.

Then, there's the ignition settings ...

Happy New Year Wink

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