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I am new to the Pantera experience.  Bought a GT5 s and trying to find out information.  This car was unique and low production so I got interested.  Now finding they are so rare, not alot of information on things.  Example, where is the switch to turn on the running lights down low?  Also, bottom switch on the center panel does what?  I would also love to find an owners manual to a 1987 Pantera GT5.  If anyone feels like they can help me out, feel free to message me.  Really needing someone that knows these things inside and out.  My car is very nice and clean, just need help figuring out a few things. 

Thanks in advance


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the wiper switch is also for down low and up the running lights .

this GT5-S switch has a extra wire that switch the driving lights into the front spoiler.

the bottem switch ( red ?) is for the heated rear screen .

never seen a GT5 or GT5-S  owners manual only they added a few extra page's on the older owner manuals.

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E-mail Peter Havlik <> in British Columbia, who runs the Pantera Series 9000 Registry. This is for GT-5, GT5-s, Pantera Si and any narrow body Panteras built later in the series. He may have more information on your car. The last time I looked, he had no photo for #9421 so he would be happy to hear from you! It shows the Amerisport s/n and the last known owner (Roland Au of CA).

His registry is also on POCA's Web Site, which has a pdf copy of an Owners Manual for a GT-5. As mentioned, it's mostly like the earlier red cover manual but the wiring schematic includes the heated rear window and the later Veglia clock used on later cars. The Illustrated Spare Parts List also covers Panteras up to 1987. Both are downloadable but require membership.

To all of you who have commented or PM'd me.  Thank you.  I have owned different cars with clubs and Forums and never had the friendly reception and willingness to help as the Pantera group.  Nothing wrong with the others, just maybe not as Passionate.  Thanks, btw, I figured out the lights, they are always on with the low beams, no dedicated switch for them.  BTW, I am in Kansas City.  I am going to pay to have Kirk Evans (amerisport) come to my home and check out my car as well as give me all the information he can.  I want to extend an invitation to anyone in the area to come and join us, bring your car or just drive your daily car if you want to attend.  PM me if any interest and I will let you know the date.  I have a fairly big garage so no limit to numbers.



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Hi Mike. I have only two records for your GT5-S. The first is from a list by Claude Dubois, who was an important De Tomaso dealer/exporter in Belgium whose company, SAMI, was based in Geneva. On his list, your car is shown as red with a black interior and as having been initially sold in 1985 to "Stauffer". This is a reference to George Stauffer, a major importer of Panteras in the 1980s who was based in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Claude Dubois told me Stauffer purchased about 30 Panteras from him between 1983 and 1986. However, the sale of your car to Stauffer appears to have been cancelled for some reason and I cannot decipher the explanatory notes and marginalia. Interestingly, it does not show as being sold to Amerisport, so it will be interesting to see how it eventually got to Kirk Evans.

#9421 - 1985 Pantera Amerisport 111014- red with black interior - Dubois to Amerisport to Roland Au - CA, USA [per Dubois][no photo]Bill van Ess, in his registry, had a couple of separate references to 9421. On page 188, he cited it as a red 1987 model owned by Roland Au in California. On page 236, he gives the Amerisport VIN as 1A9PN8745HD111014.Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 1.27.19 PM

I would love to see some photos of your car, as I expect many others here on this forum would too. Do you have some that you could post?


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Wow! Meaning Kirk federalized it obviously, no? That's a real special car you got ahold of w/rich history & documentation. Kirk is known for excellent record keeping & documentation too, be sure to have him 'write it up' since that will increase it's value independent of it not being for sale. He is also wallet 'friendly' if you will, you won't overpay.


That was Phils car went through Monterey, thats about what he has in it, bought it in Europe, shipped it to Miami, from the same Dealer we bought 9555 from, third to last 5-steel car. Mecum fees would have cost him $23,500.00. But if the deal was close Frank or Dana Mecum will cut the commission. They always do for me. That way they make a sale and have 2 satisfied customers, buyer and seller.


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