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I am going to gut the proportioning valve in my car (now that I have owned it 35 years!).  Per the Steps below, and before I pull it from my car, can someone provide a pic or so of step 4 - I am not following this - does the valve have an opening on the bottom that must be sealed?  thanks

1)     Remove the valve from the car.

2)     Remove the 36mm sealing nut. (Mine required a stout vise and a 3/4 inch breaker bar.)

3)     Using a drift and a hammer, drive the internals of the valve out and discard them.

4)     Drill for, tap, and install a pipe plug in the valve opening opposite the sealing nut.

5)     Reinstall the sealing nut and copper gasket.

6)     Fill the proportioning valve with brake fluid and reinstall the valve on the car.

7)     Bleed the air from the proportioning valve and the front brakes.

8)     Install the rubber cap on the proportioning valve so the pipe plug will be covered.

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