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Dave Kindig (Bitchin Rides) is going to do a Pantera on a up coming episode...on the last episode they showed a quick shot of a lime green early car in his show room...hope he does a mild interpretation and leaves the cutting wheel in the tool chestAB40A9F8-2657-4C90-B220-47C6914B4F69


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jfb05177 posted:
jffr posted:

How do you put a new frame under a unibody/monocot car? I am sure that it can be done by cutting into the car, but I am not sure about what would be gained by doing such a thing. Of course this is basically a reality television show, so what makes sense to us as owners might not appeal to the general viewing public.

like this


Dont know if it is like this one. or the one they make for the Ringbrothers Pantera.

Or mabye a new design?

First time we talk about there Pantera built was in Losangeles at the carshow in Marts.

That time they told me they will use a frame from Roadstershop and mabye a Ford V6 ECO boost engine, but not 100% chore about the engine.

They want to make more Space in the "cocpit" becourse the owner of the Pantera is a tall man, they say.

At SEMA they was still waiting on the frame from Roadstershop.




56929164_801542306912177_7549230115136146542_nKjeld, for the Ring Brothers Pantera, the Roadstershop built all new suspension with C6 Corvette spindles / uprights, steering rack and relocated suspension mounting brackets. The chassis was still DeTomaso Pantera.  This one is very similar to the chassis they built for NRE. They cut away most of the Pantera’s frame and floor, then the new chassis gets welded to the old body. I don’t think the NRE Pantera was ever finished so we’ll need to wait for Kindig to see how it all turns out. The wide frame rails will let them get the engine nice and low in the chassis. 



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bosswrench posted:

Beautiful TIG welds, nice chassis design but what if anything is left of the 'Pantera' they supposedly started with? I see nothing at all with even a nodding acquaintence to 'DeTomaso' or Tom Tjaarda including the bolts and nuts. This is a mid-engine concept IMHO.

I was down to Kindig’s shop the other day and found out the body, or what’s left of it is up in Oregon being acid dipped....I can only imagine the bracing and cross bracing needed to keep the body from flapping in the breeze...

More and More it looks like it's going to be a Custom Pantera Kit Car? Custom Frame, Corvette Suspension, Corvette Engine. After Market Trans. and No Prince of Darkness! lol Beautiful work, I'm sure it's going to look Great.

Seems my Comment should be focused on the NRE Car Not the Kindig Car.


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cuvee posted:

More and More it looks like it's going to be a Custom Pantera Kit Car? Custom Frame, Corvette Suspension, Corvette Engine. After Market Trans. and No Prince of Darkness! lol Beautiful work, I'm sure it's going to look Great. 

Not sure what you mean?? The pics show the car with a Ford Coyote engine and Ricardo ( Ford GT) transaxle. More than likely, the only 'Vette parts on the car are the hub carriers/wheel bearings .




 I think it is important to realize these builders that have been putting out Panteras do not begin to love the cars in any manner close to how we love them. 

 Panteras are the flavor of the month and building one now is guaranteed to bring in viewers, which of course is what the reality garage shows are all about in the first place.  Views = money = success. 

 Should a builder venture into new territory and create something universally acclaimed out of a Gremlin or a Pinto or a Chevette, then we would see those cars on the garage reality shows. 

 Bottom line, all these builds give us something to talk about and generally when they are finished, we are able to appreciate our own cars even that much more compared to what they create. 😉


722D17B8-781A-4AE3-A998-7207E4CB1159The exception was Chip Foose. When he tried to come up with a customizing concept for the car, he realized he really couldn’t improve on the design. His changes were subtle and focused on undoing things DeTomaso had to do, in order to lower production costs. He even retrofitted round door handles because he thought they looked far better than the later handles. Other than custom 18”/19” wheels and custom exhaust, only a Pantera owner could spot Foose’s customizations. 


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