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Hi, I’m trying to remove the dash consoles... have everything except the front plate with the gauges and not sure how I’m supposed to get it separated from where the sliders are for heat/def etc. Top one came off super easily, just pulled it. The other two seem to be stuck on and I can’t tell if it’s a rivet or what. Any help please? Thanks!



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I am about to do this myself. I read that using a very thin feeler gauge leaf on each slide of the slider, from the top and inserting them will alloe you to pull out the slider. 

However, could you say how you got off the small black plastic HVAC facia panel that has DEF, WARM, HOT etc? Did you just prise it off by inserting a screwdriver underneath and lifting? Great to see such good pictures of it off from the back.

Cheers, Tim


Just thought I'd share my experience in removing the sliders and the face plate and it was easier than expected. I had a good look and saw two of the sldiers were already broken where they slot into the metal tounges, so I just wiggled them and they came out easily from the top (in the cabin side, not under the dash). Even the third one came out without a struggle. I was then able to pull off the HVAC plate with my fingers. It was tight but came off without needing to be prised off. Underneath there were two screws accessible from inside the cabin holding the slider assembly to the dash. I have had my HVAC plate re-chromed, so I just pushed it back on, and I also had purchased three new sliders and slid them onto the metal tounges. I attach some pictures below.

My Pantera is a 1974 L.

Cheers, Tim.


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  • 20200916_171333
  • 20200917_131157: Rechromed HVAC plate
  • 20200916_170621: Before rechroming.

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