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Aussie owner seeking a source and or pictures of the original Goose underhood mat/insulation.   I believe it had a diamond stitched (or embossed?) pattern.

All I have left of mine is very bad pictures of a wrinkled hood..... I suspect that the body shop binned them with the hood remains!!!

Thanks in advance!

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Good news, it seems that a couple people might have the mold for this (embossed vinyl) ...bad news, geez, hard to get it. the pattern was used also by Maserati Ghibli spider trunk, Autoepoca.IT showed it on their website (code 4945). When I checked 2 years ago, there wasn't a piece big enough for the Goose hood (available in 70cm x 140cm, but the goose needs a 0.9 x 1.1 meter piece). Time to check in again...there are certainly enough Goose owners who have something altogether wrong or just 52 years old (mine)...Lee


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  • goose hood pad /ghibli spider
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