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good least, the opportunity here (to buy) seems like a pretty painless way to suddenly have a new interior...the second opportunity, is this a good time for us to capture what original carpet looks like ?    the interior carpet had already been replaced in 8ma1076 ~40 years ago...measurements on the (3) engine covers here are probably worthless (at least, if you have the engine covers, you can fit the carpets...).

  What are some of the small pieces of carpet in the ad about?

Black velours carpet set kit for De Tomaso Mangusta - Picture 4 of 4

   And I think we'd agree, the interior carpets were a grayish Haargarn and the trunk carpets pure black?


Images (7)
  • geez I can't remember...but not in the ebay set
  • engine covers, 18x42"
  • gas tank (original carpet, I'm confident)
  • grab bag, probably all 80's replacements. passenger door sill on far left
  • ebay carpet kit numbers
  • center engine cover
  • cover over the fuse box in trunk
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here a montage with numbers on the carpet kit...some are easier to guess than others


2 centered on clutch pedal (as shown)

3 ?


5 passenger front firewalll


7,8 mats in front of seat   

9,14 hmmm....

10, 13 mats under the seat 38cm wide by 68cm

11,12 door sills

15 side of center spine, drivers side on right of driver foot, covering 2nd piece....

16,17  right and left rear fender well/gas tank covers

20+ all mystery?

seeing 8ma1074, noticing also the carpet tucked up behind the AC fan?


Images (1)
  • 8ma1074 carpet reference
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M!ke, I was hoping that (of all people), you'd have the answers on all the rest Here a better picture (from 8ma1046) on the carpet forward of the tunnel leather...

(ok, when all else fails, look at the parts diagram) TAV showing , um, 14 pieces of carpet...then 6 in the trunk (not showing the engine covers)


Images (3)
  • 8ma1046
  • Tav14
  • trunk carpets
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..I know we've asked this question a lot, but;

   -were the original carpets really black, or instead a dark gray?

   - would they have been called Velour, Haargarn, or Sliverknit/Silverknit? I think for the trunk, its actually Squareweave.

Yes, my car really just needs to have the glass in place...but while I'm dreaming, I see this picture from 8ma1074 of original texture on the door seal, carpet edging, and this crazy 'howcouldIcallthisblackvelour' carpet... Probably can only satisfy myself by following up on Chris King's acknowledgments for;


Images (1)
  • 8ma1074 in original dust
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Wow, that's a bewildering group of carpets in that kit! 

Lee, I was thinking your mystery item #4 *may* fit just behind the A/C unit (#8 on the factory sketch), since that wasn't accounted for.  (It would make more sense if it were rotated 90 degrees clockwise in the photo).  As for mysteries #9 and #14, they must be for under the glass as M!ke mentioned, but maybe cut to accommodate a custom induction system??

While no original interior carpets remain on 8MA1010, the (jet black) rear set may have miraculously survived - looks possible at least.  But that said, there are several more pieces than the factory drawing shows. Most of these extra pieces are very small (see first attached photo), but they don't obviously match pieces from the Ebay set.

So ~15 years after taking them off 1010, I'm now bewildered by my own set of carpet bits


Images (5)
  • Small pieces
  • Trunk area plus small pieces
  • tank cover
  • tank area detail a
  • tank area detail b

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