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This topic was suggested by Gary Walker (comp2). Its a way for members to learn a bit about each other, and gives you guys a chance to show-off your other vehicles. All community members are encouraged to contribute and add pictures of the non-De Tomaso vehicles (including motorcycles) you proudly own.
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You probably meant what other "interesting" cars we own, but these are my "daily drivers". Both are great vehicles, but if I had to sell every car I own and get by with only a single auto, it would be my VW Touareg without question. It is fast, quiet, comfortable, reasonably fuel-efficient, loves to play in the deep snow we get, tows almost 8000 lbs and has room for five with luggage. I even think it looks great.



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  • Daily_Drivers

Verde Ithaca LP640 by JanDaMan, on Flickr
MURRRCI by JanDaMan, on Flickr

RENNtech SL65 - V12 monster

ADV05 Wheels by TAG by WIKD Cars & Such, on Flickr

RENNtech SL600 - luxury hammer, 700 HP 725 Torque

20" Rims and Lowering Kit by WIKD Cars & Such, on Flickr

Maserati Biturbo E - runs when it wants

1985 Maserati Biturbo E by WIKD Cars & Such, on Flickr

52 custom Chevy:
PIMPIN by JanDaMan, on Flickr

300D Turbo - turtle speed

After polishing & waxing one side for half day. by WIKD Cars & Such, on Flickr

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70 Mach 1 Mustang - This is a 20 year old picture from when the car was still running. It was then disassembled for restoration and is currently a shell on wheels with a new suspension and some fresh sheetmetal where rust had to be removed, but no wiring, interior or drivetrain yet. I have lots of work ahead of me on this one.


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  • Mach1_640x480

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