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#1336 original Verde Acqua

Original California car that sat under a cover in Santa Barbara for years. Underside extremely solid and the rust on the hood and deck is a result of condensation cycles, not indicative of the rest of the car.

I have a donor decklid that will go with the car. A project pushbutton, more straightforward than this one just sold for $165k.

$85k here before eBay.


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Wondering if the replacement deck lid is also a flat deck lid, or the later model with the center Ridge?

Condensation doesn’t just happen on outer panels, it also happens in voids, such as rockers and door columns. Even worse, the condensation occurred while being stored in Santa Barbara, which is literally on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, pretty much the best possible situation for creating rust.

I suspect the rust is much worse than what is shown in these photos. Some photos of door jams , the chassis, and the rear suspension area would be of value to evaluate this car.  

honestly think you’re going to have to lower the opening price of $85,000, but it’s always easier to come down then go up. 😉

Good luck


suggest you get pictures with carpets out of the car, even pressure wash under the car and then focus around the sills and undercarriage. The interior with cracked leather, whatever--you know, almost any 50 year old interior will be re-done, it doesn't matter if its a little bad or very bad...But if there is not 300 hours of metal replacement waiting under the car, it starts to look more attractive as a project...

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