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Dear Dan,

            I have done the restrictor plate removal in-situ once and once with the engine on a stand.   For an amateur mechanic the in-situ restrictor plate is a PITA job.  Access is limited.  Use of tools is limited.   In both cases the restrictor plate was securely in place and needed a lot of time, profanity and persuasion to remove.   If there is a trick to the job, I am ignorant of it.   Good luck.

                     Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

Hi Dan,

I agree with Chuck it was a PITA. 

I installed the restrictor plate while in the car as I forgot to put it in when I had the engine on the engine stand.

I used a socket with the same diameter as the plate and a hammer to tap it in place.  If I remember correctly, I did this from inside the car.

Not sure how to remove the old plate unless you can get something sharp under an edge to pry it out.



I recently installed the Track Boss plate in my Euro Pantera while the engine was in the car.  The car came to me with a block out plate under the thermostat and I wanted to go back to stock.  Initially I could not get the plate out of the block.  Then I drilled a 3/16" (or so) hole through it and drove it out with a large sheetmetal screw.  The plate came out easily.

thumbnail29...Use Farthest bolt-hole from front of engine, to hold 'loose' bolt with washer under bolt head. Place flat tipped tire iron under Washer for pivot as a  fulcrum, Place Restrictor Plate on Hole, put large socket onto Plate, that just fits inside lip. Lay Tire iron Bar over Socket and Folcrum from under washer held under bolthead and squeeze the Plate down until it bottoms into it's counterbore. Job Done! Very Easy.



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