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I run 245-50x 15" tires on 8" Campys in front with no spring spacers and a lowered front end. (295-50x 15" in back on 10" Campys & the car's balance is exceptional). The contact areas- all show up only in full lock turns- are very minimal and I was able to correct them all with a ball peen hammer in less than an hr. This was in 2002. You may find the left side tire has issues while the right side does not (except for the wiper motor shield).

A 245 is about the max width tire a narrow body Pantera can run, regardless of 15, 16, 17 etc wheel. IMHO, the larger footprint of a 245 and resulting traction & braking improvement is worth an hour's fiddling.

rs1, Jack and Garth, thank you.  I currently have little-used, but over-aged P225/50R-15 and P295/50R-15 Dunlops mounted on 8" and 10" aftermarket BBS-style wheels on my 1974 GTS that fit well, but Avon does not make a P225/50R-15 (or a P245/50R-15) CR6ZZ tire, and the diameter of their P225/60R-15 is 25.7" vs the approximately 23.9" diameter of P225/R50-15's.  I am planning to buy a set of 15-8" and 15-10" Campagnola reproduction wheels and would like to buy a new set of tires from a single manufacturer to fit them, but as rs1 indicates, my primary concern is what interference or other problems the taller tires may create.

It appears that a number of owners like me who want to keep their OEM wheels are having to install front and rear tires from different manufacturers.  I have read that other than aesthetics, as long as they're all radials and you don't mix them on the same axle, this doesn't create a significant problem with handling or premature wear of suspension components.

Comments?  Has anyone else tried the Avon CR6ZZ's in these sizes?

Here's a pic of my car with 205-60x15 tires on the front and 305-50x15 on the rear.  The 205-60x15 tires have a diameter of 24.7", so only 0.8" larger than the 225-50x15 tires, which is negligible.  And FWIW, I had no rubbing issues with the 205-60x15 tires on 7" Campys up front.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: This pic was taken with the original spring spacers still installed on the car.


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there has been a development.


i know i said it would take a long time to get these 285/50 -15 P7's made, but i didn't plan on Covid19! I have had this coment from Pirelli

"285/50R15 (104Y) P7          Building proto at the moment. Final product expected towards the end of the year"

Can i just say, that i am not by any means garunteeing that they will be ready at the end of the year. There are all sorts of things that can get in the way of having them by then. Basically all the production of our tyres is very difficult at present because so many tyre factories got shut down to isolate, and you can imagine, the little piffling batches i ask them to make are not as high priority of the Likes of Porsche or Ford asking for production space. However i will still keep on fighting for production.

Incidentally i am out of the 345/35-15 P7 for now, but i beleive there will be some in the States at Lucas classic Tyres


We have just had a new delivery of the 345/35R15 P7 tyres.

Date code 3820. doesn't get much  better than that.

We still have the 285/40-15 P7 in stock

i am still chasing the 285/50R15 P7. I have been told we should have them by the end of the year. I do give them a regualr nag just to keep the ball rolling. i must admit to being a little bit skeptical about them, because there have been several factory shut downs etc. However all being well we should have them soonish

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