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yep there is a lot more side wall to fill on the 285/50R15 P7

The honest answer is i don't really know. It could be down to the different styles of doing it within the production of the P7 which did go on for a good few years. it could be that the 225 is the 1975 script, but your 285/50 is the 1979 script. It would not be completely out of the question for them to do it one size in one country and another in another, or ot could just as easily be down to the heighth of side wall, which is my guess. there is considerably more side wall on the 285.

285-50-15 P7 first delivery 1622225-50YR15 Cinturato P7 N4 - SIDE ORIGINAL [1)


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  • 285-50-15 P7 first delivery 1622
  • 225-50YR15 Cinturato P7 N4 - SIDE ORIGINAL (1)
We have just had a small delivery of these
they have been out of stock for a while. We do currrently have the all important 285/50R15 P7, However the 345/35R15 P7 for the rear of the later cars should be with us soon, but the 285/40R15 P7 will be early next year. However i suggest don't faff around. buy what you can when you can, supply is still a little erratic since the pandemic and that Russian idiots performance. By the middle of next year we should have pretty much everything on line, and in stock, but for now batches are small and inconsistent.
Pirelli delivery of 225-50-15 Cinturato P7
this picture gives you a little insight into the glamourous world of classic tyre dealing. That is the lovely Tom unloading the truck. the other pair of legs you can see actually belong to Pirelli's truck driver.
On the right of the truck you can see our badly organised machine shop, where we make bits for our cars.
On the left of the truck you can see our stash of old inner tube boxes we use for rapping up Borrani wheels when they have been fitted and balanced with tyres. Then there is my vintage ramp and my 1924 Delage. The Delage is on the ramp because it is being serviced having driven to Bologna and back (check out our face book we crossed the Alps twice. However) on returning and giving it a service i found one of the rear leaf springs has snapped off its locating pin. not ideal.
driverside spring


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  • Pirelli delivery of 225-50-15 Cinturato P7
  • driverside spring
@panterapatt posted:

Good to hear.  I just bought and installed my 285/40-15's on the fronts and they are really nice.  Will need 345's next year.  Thanks for what you do for us!

Its a pleasure.

Here is a delivery up date that i have also published in the Pantera chat:

"We will be receiving a new delivery of the 345/35 R15 P7 on the 12 of December.
i beleive we will get the 285/40-15 P7 early January.
However if you need a set, i recomend buying them as soon as you can. i think there will be a big rush on the 345 when they come in as they have been out of stock for a while.
Apologies for all this taking so long. Production has been a nghtmare over the last few years.
Oh yes we still have a few of the 285/50R15 P7 in stock for now, as is the 225/50R15 P7 front."
when i say it is a pleasure. i mean it actually. i do feel very fortunate to be in this business flogging tyres to fellow petrol heads weather it is pre war cars, 2CVs or Pantera. It is so much nicer selling tyres to enthusiasts. I imagine if i was selling van tyres it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.


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  • 9491044266_Pirelli: Pantera Rear Tyre
  • IMG_2358: Pirelli P7
We have got this back in stock as well now.
This was on the rear from  i think '72 - '78. It is the genuine Cinturato CN12. Sadly we don't do the front and i just cannot see it happening. I can't think the front is a viable tyre. We do have the rear, which scrapes through as a viable tyre because it also fits Lamborghini Miura SV and Aston Martin Vantage.
255-60WR15 Cinturato CN12 - FULL 600x600


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  • 255-60WR15 Cinturato CN12  - FULL 600x600

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