I can deal with H-rated. That's rated to 130MPH (not a speed I get to very often... if ever). In fact I don't think I know of another 295/50/15 that has an H rating or higher. Very limited selection. Hopefully a manufacturer will recognize the opportunity. Muscle car owners with 15 inch wheels all struggle to find nice fat tires.
OMG! How cn you ever show your face in public? LOL!
I don't have my old Comp 427 Cobra pics handy but as I remember, this is very reminiscent of the S/C's.
CSX 3035 and 3036, both red are both like yours. Squatted in the rear with the tire hiding partially under the lip which makes the nose seem a little high.
The rear springs for some reason take a set there and you really can't come lower in the front if you look under at the chassis tubes.
As I recall, you can't make a fist and clear the tube and ground with it, vertically. That's low.
When Dick Smith had the car, he didn't worry about the look, just the function.
I don't know who owns Eber's car now but they were very, very similar and Eber would just copy what Smith had done to his car rather then experiment on his own.
They are both red cars like yours is too.Race cars don't worry at all about cosmetics.
Incidentally, beautiful Cobra.
I've been looking too. I need 295/50/15's and 225/50/15's. You can find both pretty easily but there's not much available for the 15x10 inch rims that are what you would consider high performance/exotic car tread pattern.

I've been thinking about these for the back

If my math is correct the 26X12.00R15LT should work? I think these should almost be the same as
P295-50-15's...maybe with a slightly lower profile? Doesn't look like they have a 225/50/15 so I was thinking about these (tread pattern is kindof close) http://www.tirerack.com/tires/...lse&fromCompare1=yes.

You can find some different brands on ebay too http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html...t=See-All-Categories but of course you can find these manufacturers other places as well.
It appears your Pantera is equipped with 15x10 rear Campy wheels, and I'll assume it has 15x8 Campy wheels in the front. The European GTS was originally equipped with 225/50R15 front tires mounted on 15x8 wheels and 285/50R15 rear tires mounted on 15x10 wheels. I assume those are the tire sizes you're interested in. Tires in the 285/50R15 rear size just aren't available these days. Everybody opts instead for 295/50R15 tires for the rear, there is reasonable availability of passenger car tires in that size, but only with lower speed ratings.

A side note: for those interested in upgrading to this tire/wheel combination, 15"x10" forged aluminum Campy clone wheels for the rear of the Pantera are available from a seller on eBay by the name of MisterFiat. They are manufactured by Roin Technology of Italy.

Good quality 295/50R15 performance street tires appropriate for a sports car are available, but locating and acquiring them can be challenging and expensive. For instance Longstone Classic Tyres in the UK sells an Avon CR6ZZ in 275/55VR15 or 295/50VR15, but they don't offer a 225/50VR15 for the front in the same make and model. They do have other makes and models (Michelin, Pirelli) in that size with V or Z speed ratings. Its never ideal to mix and match makes or even models, but when coping with acquiring tires for the oem 15" wheels its an unfortunate necessity. The tires at Longstone are high speed rated and available.

The difficulty and expense of acquiring performance tires designed for 15" rear wheels has lead some owners to utilize street legal competition tires. Other owners have chosen to use tires designed for light trucks (rated LT) in the rear. These are unusual choices for sports car tires, I understand why owners make those choices but I don't wholeheartedly agree with them. Street legal competition tires are not the safest choice, and tires with sidewall structures and rubber compounds designed for light trucks are not a good match for an Italian sports car either. But those tires are easier to acquire and/or less expensive.

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Roger Krause Racing - Castro valley, Ca has a good supply, they are vintage race car tires, they look amazing, are speed rated and very expensive but readily available. I put some ultra cool Dunlops on my 15" goose wheels.
Originally posted by Bosswrench:
First, 245-50 x 15" BFGs will fit on 8" Campys in front, with a little work. More clearancing may be necessary on the left front than the right front, depending on the Pantera, and if you've added extra caster, a little more clearance may be necessary around the wiper shield and rerouting of the brake lines.
Second, Pirelli P-7R's ARE still periodically available in 275-55 x 15 and 295-50 x 15", in W speed rating (168 mph) from PPC-Carson City. Note the 'R' stands for 'Rally' and they have current date codes- they are not ancient NOS! The problem is, Pirelli makes them at the same little prototype factory in western Turkey as F-1 racing tires. Guess which gets priority? A vendor orders 10 tires and gets 3; he reorders and gets 1...sometimes, none at all. The only way this works is to call Larry and get on his list, as such tires sell within hours of their arrival and are NEVER advertised. They are also not cheap. But arguably they are about the only game in town if you want the insurance of a real DOT speed rating in a wide 15" tire.

I'm not doubting you Bosswrench but Larry has no 295-50-15 P7 listed at all. Frankly at $461 ea for the 275-55-15, I'll look elsewhere. Mine cost about $180 each.

These tires will rot on my car before they will get worn out?

I would also point out that I can't remember when he updated the webpage last and that price might be 5 years old? Eeker
They make race tires: NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE: All Hoosier Racing Tires including DOT labeled Hoosier Racing Tires are designed for racing purposes only on specified racing surfaces and are not to be operated on public roadways. DOT labeled Hoosier Racing Tires meet Department Of Transportation requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE. It is unsafe to operate any Hoosier Racing Tire including DOT tires on public roads. The prohibited use of Hoosier Racing Tires on public roadways may result in loss of traction, unexpected loss of vehicle control, or sudden loss of tire pressure, resulting in a vehicle crash and possible injury or death.
I was looking in the usual spots yesterday and the selection is limited for sure.

those MTs are only H rated. I usually like the Yokos but those I wasn't crazy about.
Originally posted by griffinmax:
The Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R's still seem good candidates. H rated. A 26X12.00R15LT tire is the equivalent of 305/46/15 metric.

Here's a little feedback from ClubCobra http://www.clubcobra.com/forum...tsman-s-r-tires.html

They look pretty good on the car too...

This is an EXCELLENT recommendation. Completely under MY radar! Way to go. Love it.

However, I can't find head nor hair of a speed rating, wear rating, traction rating on them. Where did you get that data?

Also, 305 is the metric equivalent, yes, but how did you get the aspect ratio on this tire?

I saw the H speed rating on it yes. Wait. I see the A traction rating too, although that tread pattern is looks very suspicious of traction even with a weather prediction of a 30% chance of rain. No matter. This car hasn't seen that in 25 years.

I feel the value of my original 10" Campis going up now...did you feel it? Big Grin

Thanks. You made my day!
Thanks for the info on the calculator and the tires.

I actually like the front on the car. Personally I wouldn't go crazy with finding a tire.

I think what you are seeing is the 15" rims. Everyone is used to seeing 16, 17, 18".
Originally posted by pantera3322:
Where can I find new tires for my car. a friend with a porche is also looking

Your best bet is going to TireRack. They usually have the best price and they have the best selection.


Here in the US, or maybe at least by me, Avon is not considered a high quality tire.

Second: high speed driving? I just got a speeding ticket for an 82 in a 65 last week. High speed driving here in the US is only in your dreams.

At about $160 each for a BFG 295-50-15, I can burn up almost three sets for the price of the Avons, but yes, technically you are correct. A V tire is available.

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