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Hello all. New to Pantera and the forum, excited to be here! . I purchased #03749 a few months ago, it’s been parked for a while. I’m getting ready to start the resto and curious if anyone has info on the Vargas turbo set up this car has. My first thought is to just remove it all, but don’t know if this is a rare or desirable set up?


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Wouldn't that be called a "suck through"

It looks similar, but more refined.   Vargus is an actual aftermarket performance manufacture.

The guy/company that made my setup butchered the combustion chambers.   something like 6:1 cr

After 30 years, I wouldn't trust any driving impression I might have.   Must have been FUN though!

I liked that dual gauge!

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I had this very turbo kit on my Pantera, many, many years ago. It was manufactured by AK Miller Turbocharging in the late '70's / early '80's. There have been a few references to it here in the forums, albeit years ago. They suffered badly from heat and driveability issues, mostly due to the state of turbo technology in those days. The kit only added about 100 Hp, which you could easily surpass now, with a new 4bbl carb, manifold, cam, closed chamber heads, flat top pistons, better exhaust, etc. My turbo kit wound up in a dumpster.

Mind you, if you wanted to do something "different" and didn't mind putting $$$ into it, some state-of-the-art turbo technology, combined with EFI, could probably make it work nicely, although it sounds like opening a huge can-of-worms to me.

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