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I purchased a pair of window switches from Wylkinsona few weeks ago, apart from not being aesthetically identical to the original ones, they are of poor quality. Of the two there was one that didn't work and Wylkinson sent one back to me; the second one starts not working every time even though I have only activated it about ten times.

I learned today thanks to the WhatsApp discussion group "Pantera French Connection" that Bosch still markets switches for old BMWs which have an identical appearance to the original ones and which are of excellent quality, very solid and less resistant to the passage of current than the original ones, which increases the speed at which the windows operate; The Bosch reference is 0343302003.

I bought two for €19.50 each here:

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I’m actually surprised Wilkinson is selling OEM window switches. Since the early ‘80’s, the Bosch switches have been widely accepted as the correct replacement for the OEM switches. In fact, when I bought my Pantera in 1983, Gary Hall told me, even if your window switches work, replace them with Bosch switches ASAP because the stock ones will fail.

The last ones I purchased said "Made in Germany" on the box and had "Germany" on the back of the actual switch. I purchased them from a BMW parts house. If I recall, the Bosch switches are slightly larger than the OEM switches.  Some very minor filing of the opening is required to install them. That being said, most Panteras likely have Bosch power window switches already.

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