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Put the wing if you like it, doesn't matter what others say, it wasn't their 'hard earned' that paid for your car! Comes time to sell, if someone doesn't like it simply remove & blend, then clear the deck. Done. Sell it for 800 bucks that'll pay for the paint work and leave some $ left over.

...I think the Delta Wing Looks Great on Your Pantera!!

When in the Desert The Wing made a Excellent GoPro Camera Mount during the entire road trip. Camera 'Angles' that can not be duplicated without it. Fantastic!

My Pantera was Given to Kialle Quvale, from the DeTomaso Factory. 'They' installed the Wing.

The Wing Stays! Everyone who has admired My Pantera, Digs the Wing. Always wanting to take Photos.

My Opinion is The Delta Wing looks Marvelous, it separates your Machine from All The Rest!



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Just to go on record, I am not jealous of any wing on any Pantera.

but I do suspect that there are many who are jealous of my flat deck, tastefully modified narrow body car. 😁😁  


bottom line folks, as has been standard for decades in our DeTomaso community, it is your car and you get to do what you want to do  

for those that do have wings on their car, I am somewhat reassured by knowing wings can be removed by future owners.

Finally, I challenge anybody to provide a Tom Tjaarda sketch/drawing of a Pantera sporting a wing. 🧐🧐🧐



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