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I love the wing🤫😎! I am trying not too bc I’m getting push back from most of my friends….the white is stunning with it😬… considering 2 blue stripes down the center as well; one thick and one thin. Thoughts!? TIA (it’s Velcro holding the wing on)



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Put the wing if you like it, doesn't matter what others say, it wasn't their 'hard earned' that paid for your car! Comes time to sell, if someone doesn't like it simply remove & blend, then clear the deck. Done. Sell it for 800 bucks that'll pay for the paint work and leave some $ left over.

...I think the Delta Wing Looks Great on Your Pantera!!

When in the Desert The Wing made a Excellent GoPro Camera Mount during the entire road trip. Camera 'Angles' that can not be duplicated without it. Fantastic!

My Pantera was Given to Kialle Quvale, from the DeTomaso Factory. 'They' installed the Wing.

The Wing Stays! Everyone who has admired My Pantera, Digs the Wing. Always wanting to take Photos.

My Opinion is The Delta Wing looks Marvelous, it separates your Machine from All The Rest!



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Just to go on record, I am not jealous of any wing on any Pantera.

but I do suspect that there are many who are jealous of my flat deck, tastefully modified narrow body car. 😁😁  


bottom line folks, as has been standard for decades in our DeTomaso community, it is your car and you get to do what you want to do  

for those that do have wings on their car, I am somewhat reassured by knowing wings can be removed by future owners.

Finally, I challenge anybody to provide a Tom Tjaarda sketch/drawing of a Pantera sporting a wing. 🧐🧐🧐



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I'm not writing this as a veiled way of voicing my opinion; just pointing out that in regard to spoilers there are other aspects to consider besides appearance.

Ideally front/rear traction should never diminish and should remain balanced at all speeds. Compared to cars with engines in the front, mid-engine cars require less aerodynamic lift to lighten the front end to the point of creating vague steering. Pointy nosed cars, like the Pantera, make this even worse. Consider the three following scenarios:

(1) Without any spoilers: front traction decreases as speed increases. The car understeers more and more with speed, directional control diminishes. This continues until the car takes flight. Dangerous.

(2) A large front spoiler (air dam) that creates down force, like the GT5 front spoiler, used alone: Front traction would increase as speed increases. The car would pivot around the front tires in turns. There's no force gluing the rear end down. Oversteer is exaggerated.  

(3) A large rear spoiler (delta wing) that creates down force, used alone: As speed increases front traction decreases and rear traction increases. The front end is light, it understeers. The rear end being "glued-down" doesn't help the understeer, it may make the front end lighter, worsening understeer.

My advice is to "zero-out" frontal lift, all Panteras can benefit from this. The Pantera "needs" a small front spoiler that lessens the amount of air flowing beneath the car to "zero-out" lift. The further forward it is mounted the better; it makes the nose more blunt, less pointy; it prevents air from getting under the nose.

When it comes to big "down force generating" spoilers, balance front & rear down forces. A large rear spoiler, like the delta wing, should have a companion front spoiler ... and vice versa.

PS - Bill (LPB) it's great to hear from you. You've been silent for a long time. I hope all is well.


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I haven't driven very many Panteras other than my own. I did get to drive a Pantera with the large GT5S type rear spoiler on a windy day once. When there were cross winds, I could feel the car being pushed around side to side! This was at speeds below 60 mph and I am sure would have been worse at higher speeds.  I am not sure about how much actual down force a large rear wing actually puts on a Pantera, but I don't believe it would be very much. A Pantera does need an air dam on the front to prevent lift at speeds above 120 mph. If a person just wants a big wing on the back of their car to make it look more modern, then it is your car.

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