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You probably are going to need to have them made for you?

Finding a set of Pantera 180 headers just hanging around in someones garage is quite a stretch?

I got mine from Hall 30 years ago. I am told that they were made for Gary by Stan up at FPA headers.

It's possible that those patterns are still there at FPA and you could order a set but everytime I call up there I get Stan on the phone and he starts yelling about everything so good luck with that.

I believe that the last sets that Hall had were sold out a couple of years ago but I know that mine came directly from Stan after buying them from Hall. He had the standard iron head ports in stock but not the high port versions which are different at the flanges.

It is also worth noting that there are two bolt patterns for those heads. An early and a late.

There are a couple of people here on this forum that will build you a nice set but let me just say that they aren't $800 a set anymore.

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Are you guys looking for 180 degree or regular headers for SVO high port heads?  I have a nice set of 180 degree, but don't have the mufflers and extension pipes that go with them, but those are easy to make, especially if they exit where the A/C condenser originally went.  I also have a set of regular SVO hi port headers in 2" form, but I kinda want to hang on to those.

The entire point of the "raised ports" is to give a straighter angle to the flow.

In the case of the exhaust ports, the first direction the exhaust tube should be is up.

It is true that flow numbers on the ports are more accurate if measured with stub tubes with a minimal radius but that is because most cars won't permit that. Strait up is the ultimate.

The stock headers do not follow the shape that enhances the exhaust flow. They are rather restrictive but with the stock iron heads being worse, that doesn't matter significantly.

To use the high port exhausts in the Pantera, the first angle should be up, If not, you are just wasting their potential. 180° are your best solution to making them work as intended.

The raised exhaust ports are worth about 30-35hp all on their own BUT the better header configuration alone is worth a bunch more. Good 180's "sing". The tune they sing is amazing and completely hypnotic.

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