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Hi everyone. My name is Tom, and I recently came across a transaxle. I know next to nothing about them except what I've found in some preliminary Google searching, but I do know that they are from the panteras. It is a ZF 5DS-25-2 transaxle. I've posted pictures of all the tags, stamps, numbers, etc... That I could find on it. Thank you all! I am asking 7K obo (once again this number comes from google searches of what previous ones have sold for). 71677716787167971680716847168571690716917169271711717127171371714


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  • 71677
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  • 71680
  • 71684
  • 71685
  • 71690
  • 71691
  • 71692
  • 71711
  • 71712
  • 71713
  • 71714
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So that's an earlier serial number ZF, but my ZF from a '73 "L" Model has the exact same markings and the exact same (standard Pantera) ZF Gear Ratios. 

My ZF serial number is 6784, yours is 2689, so I would guess it's from a much earlier car (but after the transition to the -2 ZFs).










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