I am selling my car #4981

Its an all original great driving car!

Call Warren if interested  480 5708762

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More pictures on the Registry Website.

This car if amazingly documented with paperwork including the original window sticker, warranty card, manuals, receipts and more.


Wow that car is drop dead gorgeous. I've always done well with yellow. Probably sold a couple hundred in that color. I remember having an original paint yellow I bought out of Pittsburgh, was a late '74 with only 8000 original, & the guy that bought it said paint it RED. I said NO this car is a late '74 original paint, mint! He said no pbm. If you don't want to do itI'll find someone that will! DAMN. Turned my stomach to bust it apart :-(

As of late, silver is the most popular, selling best. We're doing them in silver now.

Love your car! Shark

Thanks Sharkey!

You are correct car is gorgeous inside and out and drives amazing!

Someone is going to get a nice car.

Please spread the word. It's only original once as they say.






Hi all 

I've been asked if I can help with transport. I am located in Scottsdale Az not from Reliable Carriers.  Car can be transported easily to new owners.

Car is ready to be driven and enjoyed!


Hi Sharkey

All I can say is that I have had several knowledgeable people look at car including Mike Drew and say "this looks like original paint".  I hope that helps and please free to reach out and ask any further questions


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I was under the impression the single pod dash didn’t start being used until just prior to 5200. I know for sure 5165 didn’t have one. Black bezels on gauges too. Perhaps it was converted to the late dash? It’s not too hard to tell because the mounting brackets are different. Pretty common conversion. 

My understanding  is single pod dashes and vin#s are not a hard and fast rule!

In Italy they often mixed these things in production.  Sometimes later cars had earlier items and visa versa for later cars.  Les Grey and I have had this discussion multiple times  😀


After hearing about a 3 pedal 360 with low miles on this site I checked it out on bringatrailer.com. I liked the color inside & out and the auction was at $80k which wasn't bad for a serviced 19k 360. I spoke with the owner a bit on here and kept an eye on the auction today. When I registered it asked for my credit card which was red flag #1 and as I read the fine print I saw they add a 5% buyers fee up to $5,000 for your purchase. With 4200 360's being sold in the US & Retail for the car currently being $82100 I was out. Have others on here paid fees to purchase Ferrari's before?

BaT is an auction site, there is nothing screwy about it, it has a very reasonable (IMO) 5% (max $5,000) buyers fee and $99 to list sellers fee. I find it crazy that the people who are buying and selling cars at BJ and other major auction houses are complaining about a 5% buyers fee! It's disclosed up front and you bid accordingly, you just don't get plied with drinks to help loosen up your wallet!

I agree

$99 dollars sellers fee is a good deal!

Buyers are the ones who get hit with fees. So if anyone is interested in my car buy directly and avoid the 5% fee!



That being said, why not just use ebay, or maybe you already have. Same price to list, much much larger saturation + buyer pays nothing to ebay in buyers fees [which may or may not be an issue, I for one wouldn't care  about the 5 G's if I were buying a high dollar Countach or Boxer which I couldn't find elsewhere] that BAT avenue would work for me. Additionally, at any given time such as now as we speak, there are twenty Pantera for sale on ebay...V.S. none on BAT. So where would you shop? How 'bout here:

Hemmings. HMN gives you 6 months for 99.00, also goes all over the world. Theres 45 of them for sale there as we speak!


Valid points 

And to be honest my car is probably the most original , lowest mileage car  and the fairest priced than the others on Ebay!  😀

Not sure. Original paint 7220 is unbelieveable. 

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Yes for $115k!

Plus painted blue water tanks and who knows what else!

Mine is a great deal st 79k my friend.

With warranty card, window sticker, manuals,  service history great for the collector to drive and enjoy my friend

Check item number on ebay shown above.

Doesn't get much better than VIN 7220 produced June '74 carrying original paint. According to Ford production records this car is 1 or 2 from the ~last~. 

1974 model year (July 1973 – June 1974) chassis 5900 – 7222: 1323

According to Ford production records this car is one or two from last.

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