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MANY years back I got a SS exhaust by Wilkinson (new, second hand).

The shop rebuilding 5177 called to say the driver side is not fitting, interference with gas tank shield and engine mount. (info second hand from Techs through Manager)

My response was it was OK to hammer tubes.   I thought I read this has been seen before and forcing tubes would make acceptable.

Is that so OR is there something else?

Dear JFB,

         I have had driver's side header primary interference by the motor mount and gas tank on two sets of GTS headers over the years.   On the first set, I discovered years later that the BFH approach was used to obtain suboptimal fitment.  With the recent second set, I was smarter and checked with an exhaust expert.  His method is to heat the area of interference with an oxyacetylene torch to orange hot and while the steel is relatively soft, then apply a round (various diameters available) to the problem area followed by judicious whacks with a BFH.

         The common BFH method applied to cold steel, in my experience, results in a mechanical reduction of ugly appearance.  The oxyacetylene BFH and round tool combined with a BFH produces a better esthetic result.

           Obviously, not many people will observe such things given the location of the corrections on the primary tubes.   Also, my headers were not stainless steel, which may be a important point.   It is good to know your options.

                 Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

I have recently installed two sets of Wilkinson's stainless exhaust and was able to get them into the cars without massaging the header tubes.  Instead I used an air file to slightly shave the motor mount and also slightly relocated gas tank shroud.  Wilkinson said the he header tube should not touch the shroud and that the smallest of gaps is sufficient.

I've actually "lost" the specs I provided for the grind.   I think G Pence changed to specs in post.   I do not have any output expectaion values.

The restro shop ia suppose to have keep the paper work from the grinder.

That vid is sopposedly the first crank and no tuning done yet, I am interested in idle and vacuum

bore and stroke are still 351

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I got up nerve to make the 7 hour RT.

only had a few minutes to look /talk.   I did check the clutch effort.   while doable, it could slide me accross the dynamat

After being refurbished by ""ferrari shop" the wheel look great, EXCEPT the color is slightly darker.


And today they sent pics with doors and hoods on.   I hope the engine screen will clear a factory air cleaner



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