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as for the MAYBE leakes . . . I requested those gates shrink fits instead  of clamps.   sure hope it is not those!    Another possibility is the heater control valve.   there was a butting of heads with the first manager and they are now having to make changes.

Funny you mentioned hair.    for the past decades, I've just got a #2 buzz cut  (better with hard hat and latter just less effort).   But for the past few months I have decided to just let it grow,   trouble is, no longer red.  

GLOCK!   HLL NO.   I aint no gangster.    Italian Berettas, old school metal frames.

I did not replace the instrument Christmas tree.   But I have request a couple of gauge redundant & diverse idiot lights   (coolant temp and oil pressure).   I think the Holley Sniper EFI display will have those indications also.   I sort of wished I request adding clock (but wrist watch will have to do for now}

I hope they have not lost that ebony shifter knob.


many years back, a Wilkerson SS system was listed here for less than an hour as I snatched it.

It was for an "L" as the mufflers and tips seemed to hang low.    So while I got a "deal" originally, it had to be made to fit better.  At that time I was not thinking about going with the small SS bumperretttes

the header tubes were left as is, just a little hammer work for clearing motor mounts

I visited the shop when they first cranked and one could talk while it was idling.   I am hoping it will be relatively quite

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I thought I recognized those tail pipes.  Those SS headers and mufflers are on two of my cars.  I think their sound is approiate for Panteras.  The tail pipes were re-angled for both of my cars because they have small chrome bumpers.  It looks like they put a little more angle on yours, more like a 71, and it looks good.

Here is a photo of original exhaust on a 71 Pushbutton.

I should also mention that your exhaust system is high performance with large diameter tubing and improved baffling throughout the system.


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For the last YEAR, it has been two weeks from ready to deliver!

Asking for a punch list gets a silence over the phone.

my punch list of things I believe.

install interior trim / carpet.   I was told by unreliable source the dash was now in,   been two weeks and no photo to prove.   the two pod dash will have old covering.   there will be mod to move wiper & washer toggles to the gauge section.

mount the two chrome mustang type mirrors.    These were purchased a couple years back.

mount the front spoiler.

the gills and side glass

last invoice had note to purchase another master cylinder, havent heard anything about that.

I requested trunk liner to be mod'ed to provide AC condensor to vent to rear window opening.   Owner actually agreed with this about month ago, but has not been mentioned.

the muffler and exhaust tips were also my request and again the Owner agreed it would be worth the effort (for looks)  Invoice and pic thursday show that is DONE.

I was hoping to have made the Long Island Pantera Club's exibition at Norfolk Navy yard but gave up on that happening.

a couple months back, the Owner and I talked about getting me back to shop "two weeks" before they trailer it back.   But no mention since.   Also have not come up with a good way to do so.   He jokingly offerd to fly his new plane and pick me up (I didn't fair well when I had to fly comercial so I wouldn't want to try small plane).   Four years ago, when this started, my plan was to hitch a ride to pick it up and take off on trip through Smokey Mts and "Tail of the Dragon"

doesn't seem to be a lot to do, but when you wait to you are installing to order needed pieces, no telling how long.

I've been think about a new post / article "How a professional restoration made me hate the day I bought a Pantera".   I can only hope the realiblity and driveabilty will be as good as claimed (can't use promised)

another concern is getting the take off / spare parts back.

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So far, the only “color” on 5177 is the Koni’s (orange) and the block & air cleaner (blue).   My instruction book actually called for those to be shades of grey, but I let that slip by.

I have the blue / white deTomaso flag for the front grill, but thinking, is there the rectangular badge to fit that bezel with just the branding iron on black.    I have seen several branding irons, but would prefer the badge & bezel.

Previous post, I was asking about the wheel centers and surprisingly the Shop found some black w branding iron!

Hey Joe I have the Wilkinson GTS mufflers.

You cant talk next to the car rear when its idling but they are not bad inside the car. No issue when driving - great sound.

The  Wilkinson GTS rear pipe measured in at 2.5 inches diameter  and the header offtakes at 2 inches diameter.

The eyeball joint between the headers and exhaust assembly is a fantastic addition. My car previously had a full 2.5 inch header collector and a modified rear exhaust set up on a fixed flange. It was pretty well impossible to get the twin exhausts straight and level and miss all of the suspension interference and rub points. Consequently I had two or three suspension rub holes  in the old exhaust when it was pulled . With this setup you can get it pretty well spot on and clear everything using the standard mounts.

Looking at the suspension clearances it is close to the maximum possible without getting contact when the suspension moves.

Just be aware when you start it up for the first time half the paint will burn off the exhaust collector painted end pipe ( which also looks like stainless underneath ) making one heck of a lot of smoke ! The shop should do it outside !

In my view a good performing high quality product that fits really well.  You don't get to say that too often.

Hi Joe

You might want to overlay the Dynamat with some Dynaliner under the carpet- the black HD foam with the adhesive backing. They offer a 3mm and 6mm thickness. The 3mm moulds easily to the floor shape. Provides a bit of underlay springiness to the carpet and stops some of the transmission from the Panteras patented Seating Heat Integration Tunnel ( you can do the initials )

Just a thought.

Shop  said car was "almost" finished and I visited to see what they were calling ready.    disappointing .

question . .   should the turn signal switch "lock" in direction or do you need to hold?   didn't recall the horn is on end of turn signal.

with proper adjusted shift linkage should you be able to "palm" the knob into gears?   right now Tech was saying forceful shifting was correct (wonder what he is using to compare as this was their first Pantera)

Gosh, I hope bending legs and twisting to get in gets better with practice.

even ny size 9 walking shoes are struggling to get on the correct pedal,


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I am sure that others will respond as well, I have an earlier car and have had a few others as well, turn signal should lock and self cancel at least on my cars it always did, all my cars you never had to force the shifter but everyone definition can be different, for the car I just finished I had RBT do the trans and you can shift it with 2 fingers. I wear a size 12 shoe and I make them work as far as getting in and out its a young persons game but when you have the opportunity to drive one or own one you fit into it. ACS

Hi John

A couple of simple checks on the stiff gear shift issue. It should be easier.

Check the gear shift trunnion mount on the left hand side of the engine near the fuel tank. Was this renewed and is it aligned ? The later trunnions have a PTFE center which slides on the shifter shaft better than the earlier brass stock ones .Make sure the shaft is moving easily and clearing the corner of the engine block in all positions.

Did the shop disassemble the gear stick mount and clean and lube the ball mount at the base of the shifter mechanism in the center console ?  That can get stiff when it has not been used. Also check the shifter gearstick shaft and make sure it is not too grooved from the gate - they can break off it it gets too deep especially with a firm shift  .

Does the firewall boot look like it is at mid rest point in neutral ? That can make the shift feel firm on either the forward or rear shifter positions on the shift as it gets overly compressed and stretched if its not centralised.

Also check if the ZF gearbox shift shaft receiver box on the top LHS of the gearbox has been cleaned internally and regreased. Old grease can certainly gum it up on the shaft and make things feel real stiff.

How was the shift into reverse? That is usually the most difficult to get working properly. DId it grate going in ?

It is a minor adjustment to resolve the turn signal hold down issue.  The turn signal cam needs to be leveled.  Your shop needs to pull the steering wheel hub  and move it on the splines so that the cam is mostly level.  They need to start with good wheel alignment and a level steering wheel.

Our ZF transaxles take some effort to shift, and they are not a quick shifting transmissions.  More so with the original -1 on early Panteras.  Our ZF's are harder to shift when cold.  Maybe try it again when the transaxle itself is hot to the touch after driving for 20 minutes or so.

The pedal box is very constricted.  I drive my Panteras with my shoes off at this time.  Some of us have sawed off the lower right corner of the brake pedal at an angle so that their shoe on the gas pedal does not collide with the brake.  The brake pedal can be shifted left by 1/2" away from the gas pedal and I began working on such today.  By Friday I can let you how much it helps.  Kirk Evans sells parts for the pedal box to make this happen.  You have to pull the pedal box to install the modification.  It shifts both pedals (clutch and brake) to the left by 1/2"

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in response, I have been extremely disappointed in the documentation ie know what was actually done, however the shift linkage was supposed to be all new ujoints and trunion.    I brougth my "take offs" back and there was aziplock bag of little ujoints!  what ever Vendor they used should give me a kickback!

while all gears including reverse just didn't feel right but first was the hardest.   I even had to roll from stop in second a couple times in my 20 minute drive

I don't suspect any wrong with actual trans axle as I recall going though the gears by hand when out.

from earlier query about trunk tub, I didn't use a tape , but mine has definally been shorten.   provides a real good veiw of block annd bell housing!   I don't have pic

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