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I little up date.

well, the local legionary Cleveland engine builder that had mine for a couple years told be to come and get the pieces as he was no longer able.   this was a real disappointment.   So I loaded up the pieces and took to the Car Builders shop (GunnerZ) about 4 hours away (Denver, NC.

given that GunnerZ location to all the NASCAR shops, I sure hope they can find an engine builder,

this was the first time I had visited GunnerZ but was impressed with organization and cleanliness.

what I gathered, there was work on all the pieces so assembly should start showing progress some.   For example the suspension is on for fitup and comes off for final painting latte

I've lost interest but the shops manager seems to be agressive at finding info and parts.   surprising though was they were waiting to get rear axle bearings due to covid related delays


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591821F7-B78A-4279-A815-6A904FA6BDE0 When it comes to building a new Cleveland patience seems to be the most valuable item on the parts list. 

 I retrieved my block and components from the first engine builder when there had been absolutely no progress after 3-4 months. 

 My second engine builder finally delivered my engine  to me after about one full year and I’m very glad I pulled a valve cover for inspection of the new roller rockers. See photo. 😳😡

 That discovery prompted me to take it to my third engine builder with instructions to completely tear down the engine and check all clearances, and reassemble.

 The third machine shop has a engine dyno along with a chassis dyno. The engine dino resulted in 454 hp with 475 foot pounds of torque. 

 Yours may also be a long journey but I hope your results are as good as mine were. 🤞🤞




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  • 591821F7-B78A-4279-A815-6A904FA6BDE0
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Assembly laziness. 

CHI 4V heads. ARP studs, Comp Cams guide plates and rocker arms. 

The ID of the guide plates was slightly larger than the diameter of the studs and thus allowed the guide plates to be adjusted for correct, or incorrect, positioning. 

I had cautioned the engine builder that guide plate alignment was often troublesome for assemblies like this and if necessary they are sometimes cut, properly positioned and then welded to retain correct alignment.

and yet he delivered the engine to me as pictured. 😡😡

The previous photo was the worst example of misalignment but not the only example.

The third shop found they were able to obtain correct alignment with judicious attention to correct alignment as allowed by the ID versus OD diameter differences. 


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