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Somebody should try them, and give us a report, rather than just pointing out potential problems!

They do have wide tube pipes, and are supposed to be SS, although you could run into issues adapting a 2 1/2" pipe to the stock header collectors, but if you have the Hall Pipes - that might be a good thing...

You might want to change the collectors & tailpipe to a flange clamp.


(OOPS - There I go, pointing out potential problems!)


ONE WOULD THINK....  That they built a jig from a stock Ansa system, and can bend a tailpipe to match the original curves & dimensions...


I can't find my pictures of my tailpipe fabrication, but that's what we did.


06-16-2014 [5) (Medium)06-17-2014 [1) (Medium)



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That is what I am trying to figure out.....I did talk with them....they make the whole thing..including the mufflers...nice thing it is all SS.....the only question I had after talking with them......header whole thing they told me was it is style after a GTS....I was going to scan a picture to them on my flange dimensions



I have the circuit werks exhaust. bought one of the first sets in late 2017.  nice quality, good sound, tips seem to have the right "rake" and extension length from the body.  the flanges are ok, but you will need to elongate the holes to get a little more horizontal adjustment of the tips when looking from behind. I plan to cut the flanges off my headers and the exhaust and weld on ball sockets which allow more adjustment very easily


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Thanks for the great response....I have talk with them they were very open....and honest on the flange type and what I might have to do to make them fix...I donot have the stock headers any more.

The pictures show me exactly what they look like....When talking with them , they did tell me they had sold about 20 sets....The two things I would change would be the length  of the tips(make a little choice and maybe angle a little different) and the suggestion to ball or Vclamps...I would like to be able to adjust at some I am adding Fuel O2 bungs will need to be added

I will call again tomorrow to see what can be done. Will update everyone on the feedback.....Again many thanks for the pics...they tell all....also minor adjustment would be great...notice on the picture looks like left could be tweek a little...but that is me being picky   lololol

Again they told me they copied the GTS...did not say if it was the Euro GTS system



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