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My Goose is motorized with a Boss 302 engine.
It’s time for me to overhaul the engine.
The goal is to reach the 350/400 HP performance range allowing strong street performances, racing is not the target.

So far, the engine is equipped with :

-Ford Motorsport cylinder heads with Intake valve 1.94 (third size on four) & 1.60 exhaust valve (maximum size for 302)
-Compcams rocker arms & roller lifters (NHRA)
-Manley connecting rods

What would be the ideal camshaft for the best power/street performance compromise ?
What would be the best US dealer to get the part ?

My mechanic is thinking to a 230°- 512° for a 2200-6000 rpm range to get from Lunati or Compcams (NHRA).
Could we get more than 230° keeping at the same time an homogoneous rpm range for street performance only regarding the size of the valves ?

On the top of that, I'm desesperately looking for a steering wheel (the one with wood & leather), would greatly apreciate any clue to get one.

Thank you for your supporting answers

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Hi Laurent,

This doesn't answer your question, but since I see that you are near Paris, do you know Stephane Burgeron? He's restoring an early-model Pantera and lives outside of Paris... He's ordering all kinds of parts from the US and could be a helpful contact if you need to talk to someone local...

I could get his phone number if you don't have it...

The item that distinguishes a "Boss" 302 engine from its 302 Windsor brethren are its canted-valve Cleveland cylinder heads. The heads you are using on your 302 engine are not Cleveland cylinder heads, it is therefore mis-leading to refer to it as a "Boss" 302. The block may very well be sourced from a "Boss" 302, but the cylindr head distinction is an important one. The valve reliefs in the pistons, the connecting rod lengths & the piston's wrist pin height are totally different between the Boss 302 & 302 Windsor motors.

On the subject of camshafts: a camshaft custom ground by someone who understands the peculiarities of your engine will always perform better than a generic off-the-shelf camshaft. I have no contacts to recommend in France. My best recommendation in the US is Mark McKeown of MME Racing, telephone (301) 246-9225.


Be prepared to answer alot of questions about your car.

Good luck, best wishes & Happy New Year.

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Originally posted by Noodia:

Actually, I live in Paris downtown and I'd really apreciate to get in touch with Stephane.
Could you send him a message ?


HI again Laurent,

I looked in your profile but don't see your e-mail address anywhere... If you don't mind, send me an e-mail at I remember seeing your post on the DeTomaso Forum, but didn't save the message so I don't have your e-mail address.

We'll talk more off-line... Merci, et a bientot
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