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OK, loooong time since some updates on this project.

After deciding to run the Gr4 car in the Danish Hillclimp series, and getting confirmation that it is in fact possible to classify the car in the Competition (B) Class for modified cars, I seem to have found some motivation to try and move the project along.

We did go through the engine - just to make sure everything is fine. So everything was inspected cleaned and found fine and put back together.

We replaced the main and rods bearings (some trick Elliot Coated parts from Yates), Cometic gaskets and vacuum seals and the crank was polished (just as a precaution). But everything were looking good.

Also had Scott at Eatmon Race Engines design a new cam for it, that moves the powerband somewhat down - i.e. with a max power around 8300 rpm but with a  stronger more usable midrange. Still a pretty aggressive cam with a duration of 266/270 at .050. Power is reduced to around 750 hp.

The RYRE D3 heads had the titanium valves replaced,  installed new PSI valve spings to match the cam and was vacuum tested.

Just need to degree the cam (the cam has 102/103 centerline) and the engine is all ready.


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