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I have started to rebuild my 351C 4V and i have run into a problem.

The thing is that i accidently damaged one of the seals and while looking around for a new pack of seals i read that i have to machine the valve guides with a special tool... Now if i managed to get 10 of the seals in there i assume that this has already been done or what ?

There is no evidence to machining though ?

As always there´s only lousy information on the matter online so i need an experts knowledege here.

What should i do ? Help !

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I believe that it was freshwater that they flushed the deck with.. they were walking around with hoses when i drove on to the deck..

I insisted on going "flat-on" and not on the 45deg ramp and get stuck on top Wink

Isn't there anyone that have used the teflon seals that could give me some hints on the installation procedure.. how large the diameter of the valve-towers should be etc. The thing the puzzels me is that the towers are conical and i have a hard time believing that the seals will stay in place to long. however when i tried installing a rubber seal i couldn't get the inner spring in place so.. the teflons have to do it. douh ! sucks not knowing what to do and i have already trashed a cam so this is my 2nd rebuild would very much like to avoid a no3.

Cheers !

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Hi Roland !

Here's a picture of how my "valve-towers" look.
I doesn't look like they have been machined.?

The strange thing is that i am able to install the crane teflon seals anyway.?!

Someone that can tell by the picture if there has been any machine work done to the heads ?

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