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Take them out together. Dismount, but don't diconnect the A/C condenser in the rear and move it to the side. Dismount the clutch slave cylinder from the trans and move it to the side. Diconnect the axles, headers, mounts (I did mine from the engine block, don't forget the tranny mounts), wires and hoses. Of course, drain coolant first. You will have more room to move it around if you remove the carb, and if at all possible, the distributor. At least remove the cap from the distributor, because if it hits the rear window, it can break the window!

Good luck!

I would like to add a thought to the advise already given.

I removed my engine together with the transaxle and feel it is the best way to go.

I also removed the distributor and carb.
I had to drain the coolant and remove the coolant hoses. Seeing that I went that far, to make things even easier in the removal, I removed the water pump and alternator.

I pulled mine out together with the heads off. I had lots of room. I ran a chain off the second from the rear head bolts, and acheived a near perfect balance. Yes you do need to have the rear deck lid off and you should pull the distributor out too. Nice to know about the rear decklid pins. I want to go out and pull them now!!
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