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I pulled the gauge cluster forward today and replaced my ammeter with a new voltmeter.  The car started fine before the work but now I have a problem.  Battery seems fine, motor turns over very well but no sign of ‘firing’.  Can smell fuel.  Any ideas about what I may have loosened or disconnected behind the gauge stack before I start researching?  

Car was upgraded to electronic ignition by previous owner using duraspark 2 unit. Any advice on best sequence to troubleshoot is appreciated.

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amp and vol measures are TWO different things.

AMP in IN LINE with power kables
VOLT is parallel to the "Battery"

you need to CONNECT the two THICK kabels going today to the AMP meter DIRECKTLY
- then your enegine will start as befor

for the VOLT meter besides a ground connection somewhere in the dash you need to find a Bat + somewhere / well best a direct wire from Bat+ to otherwise you get may be too low readings. The best is to use the BAT+ plus  AT THE AMP Metter today. so when you connect the two AMP kabels add a thin wire to it as VOLT + connection. That will do perfectly.. need someone to pull a spark plug connector - THEN with a towle or  glove hold the connector against any metal part at the engine while you "CRANK" it. There should be a "lightning" be seen...ZAP..ZAp..

THIS is  a HIGH VOLTAGE area so need protection on hands above.

If NO "lighting"..iginition wiring is bad - as first guess..


Thanks for all the recommendations.  Spark tested fine.  Turns out that the problem, while occurring right after voltmeter replacement, had nothing to do with the electrical side of the equation.  Front float bowl in the carb was dry so replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, blew out the lines and less than $30 later, car running just as before.  I like the new voltmeter too!  On to the next project...

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