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Was hoping to put the brakes back together in order to do a function test on all the parts I've worked on so far. This is ofcourse not the correct course of action, as I have not done the calipers yet, but a lack of patiens and an urgent wish to finally drive the car gets the best of me..

Differential switch valve block looks better now. The parts from Muscelcarresearch fit as supposed.


Cleaned up and assembled the master cylinder with floats.


Still fits in the car. Made new cunifer brake lines, but will need to re-rout them when I take the engine out.


The old pipes had bubble flares on the brake master side, and single flare towards the brake switch block. As far as I am aware, the single flares are only recommende for use in low pressure system (fuel lines etc.) as they are prone to cracking in the flare, causing leaks.

Bubble flare


Single flare. I replaced these with double flares.


Now, with all brake parts back in the car, time to bleed the brakes and see if it all still works.


Or not.

Bleed screw broke off with minimal effort. Which is great.. Time to overhaul the calipers.


I tried to remove the crossover pipe in order to evacuate the fresh brake fluid, but the hose going to the wheel seem to have swollen inside to such an extent, not a single drop would reach the caliper. Upon removal of the crossover pipe however, the pressure already present in the caliper was released, which explains why this car has been less than easy to move around. The rotor now spins freely (which revealed a bad wheel bearing).


Fire is always useful.


While I do posess the parts needed to remanufacture the brake caliperes (if the bores are salvageable), I can't seem to find any good information on the wheel bearings this car uses. If anyone knows, please advice.


It's a rather interesting hub-setup, and doesn't look like the Pantera setup. Is it the same on the Longchamp? Maserati QP?


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The bearings are used on most Maseratis from the late 1960s onwards. I don't have the numbers on the outer shells and inner racers. sells them for sure.

I did replace the rear ones in the past. I gave the numbers on the inner and outer bearing to a supplier here in Amsterdam and they ordered them for me from Timken. Same story for the seals. A local supplier had them on stock.

That broken bleed screw is always painfull! One of those live and learn experiences I guess. Believe me, I have been there!

Now, when working on dodgy callipers, I always start with applying heat to the bleed screw and making shure it frees up.

I was aware that the shortcut I was pursuing probably would end up with something like this happening. All remaining pipe connections needed a bit of heat to let go. Removing the leftover bleed screw should not provide much of a problem.

Does your front hubs look similar to mine? Just want to make sure nobody has been modifying anything before I start ordering parts, and I couldn't find any decent photos of a stock Deauville or Longchamp front hub.

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