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Hi Sam,

We used the same motor mount locations, and to do this, we made an aluminum plate that mounts to the frame, and then used the stock LS motor mounts.

We purchased the stock computer & wiring system for the LS and put the computer in the rear by the transaxle. We are actually going to redo our engine compartment and put the fuse box and the computer where the solenoid is.

Here are all the pictures from our motor swap...

Photobucket Pictures

Thanks for your interest!!
It sounds awesome. It doesn't have as much of the
resonance sound that the Cleveland had but it still has some. The Cleveland
had a more traditional old school hot rod kind of sound where the LS376 has
a more modern, fast reving, mean kind of sound. It idles fairly smooth
compared to the Cleveland. Here is a video clip where you can hear the motor
a bit at minute 2:20...
I still am fascinated by this swap. If I did not have a perfectly, newly rebuilt 351C I would strongly consider this swap.

I have so much $$$$$$ in my car (and its not done) that I just can't justify another outlay of money this large - even with the selling of my 351C parts, etc.

However, I was just thinking of how cool a LS motor would sound with 180's?
My plan is to eventually transplant an LS engine into my Pantera or another project Pantera. I drive my Pantera every day and the LS swap eliminates many power plant issues associated w/an old school cleveland. for example, crappy fuel issues, double pinned dist gear shear, fuel milage, throttle cables, cooling issues, MSD failure, clutch replacement, etc... Kennedy has an adapter and I think Kennedy said it takes an off the shelf clutch for a Camaro. Search you tube for "LS cam shaft"... They sound pretty darn good w/a mild cam. I love the old school power plant but driving it every day makes it tough. Ten gallons of gas is about forty bucks, that won't last me long...
The LS has arrived !

The LS swap is gaining steam. I know of 4 cars that are either putting an LS in now or in the very near future.

The fit is INCREDIBLE. The HP per Dollar ratio is also great. The LS376 has a carburetor-ed version that is 515HP. With the weight savings and the great HP numbers the car really comes alive.
What was the most difficult issue to resolve for this swap??... Also, was the intake a straight forward remove/rotate 180/install??... Thanks...

I needed to make an adapter to point the water neck down but it was actually pretty easy to make if you have access to a lathe.

To rotate the intake 180 you have to remove the valley cover and machine off the boss that is used for the oil pressure sending unit. After the boss is machined off and plugged the intake can be rotated.
Originally posted by ehpantera:
Just to put some of the Vett's in their place, I just returned from the Sandhill Open Road Challenge and in the 1 mile Shootout my Pantera 150.4; 157.3; and 158 mph. Thats pretty close to a 2011 vett's runs of 159.5; 159.5; and 161.4. I'm not complaining. This was also my first time at the drags.

I saw this on Hot Rod TV last night...very cool!
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