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I purchased 03922 in April this year so I am new to the family and I have lots of questions.

A previous owner installed stainless plumbing and reservoir. I’m curious to understand how often should I check the reservoir in order to maintain fluid levels?  Also, if there are any peculiarities or warning signs that I should look out for?

Sincere appreciation and humble gratitude in advance for any knowledge or experience that you can share.


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Congrates and welcome.

Interesting that checking coolant level was the reason for a technical service bulliten.   the reason being repeatedly checking at the supply (swirl) tank resulted in poor sealing of the pressure cap.   the recomendation was to check at the expansion (overfill) tank.

if you have the access hole, I use a wooden "ruler" to measure the level ie a true dip stick.


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If you’re driving your car, like most of us, where a trip out in the Pantera is a special event…. I would check it before every time I go out, just so that I can build a mental picture of what it’s doing.

I would do the same for the oil, brake fluid, and clutch fluid. I would check the level in the ZF fairly regularly as well.

Everyone of these cars is somewhat different.

Once you get a good feel that your coolant (and other fluid) levels are stable, then you don’t have to worry as much about it.

Millions of these engines ran in station wagons…  They generally worked pretty good.

These are good cars, but you’re going to have to make sure your’s was treated well.

Good luck with it – not sure that I helped very much, but those are my suggestions…  I check my fluid levels the night before every drive, but I don’t really ever expect to find anything amiss…


PS.  Post up a picture for us. Everybody wants to see your car!

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Thank you so much to both of you. The information you provided is exactly what I was looking for. In today’s world this is an amazing website. So much camaraderie and willingness to support those of us who don’t know yet what these cars are all about. Thank you so much!

posted a couple of videos of my car I hope they work out. The ignition went out after I created the second video, the first video was after I got a new carb installed (quick fuel 750 double) and a new MSD 6ALN ignition box. Car is nice and choppy now just the way I like it!


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Thanks John. These cars are nothing less than euphoric to drive. I wanted one since I was 12. The experience is more than what I anticipated. However, since these were intended to provide that level of driving experience, I understand that the cost is that they require a whole different level of attention in comparison with a contemporary car. Not a complaint but moreover a realization.

These are truly a driver’s car.

Thanks again,


to determine the maximun "normal" coolant level;

with car cold, I fill expansion tank to the top.   put a container to catch the over fill, crank and let car get hot.   i expect about a quart to blow out.

when the car is cold, use wooden ruler to check for the normal coolant level prior to a drive.

once normal is established, there should not be anymore blow out.   coming back from a drive I slide a container under to verify.

A good sealing pressure cap is a MUST to mitigate boiling

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"Assuming" the car was bled properly to begin with, when cold, open the pressure tank cap (carefully) and note coolant level.  It should be right at the top.  If not, fill it to the top.  Cap the pressure tank ensuring the cap seats properly.  Then check the overflow tank.  I run mine at 1/3 full.  Assuming no leaks in the system which you can smell thanks to antifreeze smell or see from dropping on the ground, you are good to go.  I don't check mine but about 2 or 3 times a year.  It's a PITA to get into the tanks and I have never seen it drop.  I also know mine has been bled and I don't have any leaks.  There is no need to check it every time you drive the car.  Same with oil.  Again, this assumes you know your motor and know it does not blow oil or have some massive leak.  Buy yourself two large drip pans from O'Reilly.  Best investment for $30.  Put one across the back to cover the ZF which drips and the other up from it to cover the motor and coolant tube area.  In this way, you can check on anything that drips all the time plus save your garage floor.

A sign the car was not bled is it overheats.  What temp is the car running at and what are the specifics on radiator, fans, thermostat, rad. cap pressure spec, etc.?

Welcome to the madness!

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