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I have a spare (old style) tach adapter. The ~new ones are smaller in comparison. I bought this from a local speed store as a spare.
This one may have been installed once.

The old style are in a larger box, about 3/4 the size of the MSD 6A(L) control box.

If you want, I'd sell you this one.
What did your last one cost you ?

Lastpushbutton...Please pass on what you learn from MSD.
I use an 8920 as well. I heard a "click" one day and the tach went dead. I drove it for a couple of years before I determined it was the 8920 and not the tach that went bad. (was told by several "authorities" that it would be the tach, not the 8920)
I now have an extra working tach if someone needs one!
Anyway the new 8920 has worked fine, but (here it comes) since I mounted it behind the DASH!! you can see how the chance of a flameout might concern me!!!
Sure would like to know if there is a safety issue and what precautions I might take.
Thanks, Mooso.
I rewired my ignition system last fall in my '74. The car came with an older model MSD 6 and a billet distributor. The older models did not accept a rev limiter, so I sent it to MSD. For $35 they upgraded it to a 6T. I bought the Soft Touch Rev Limiter and the 8920 Tach Adapter. Mounted everything to an aluminum plate (including a new coil, and my starter solenoid and voltage regulator), and mounted that to the original firewall bracket. It's neat, organized, accessible, and so far HASN'T CAUGHT FIRE!
Originally posted by GR8 KAT:
Where did you mount them, on the firewall close to the coil? I've placed my tach adapter & 6AL behind the passenger seat away from environmental effects... I'd hate to give my wife hot pants Red Face

That's where mine have been mounted for the past couple of years... So far so good. Sounds like perhaps there was a bad batch of adapters, that shouldn't be normal behavior and I hadn't heard of it happening before...
I had the 8920 adapter mounted on the right rear inner fender. clost to the radiator over/tank. Sounds like mine is not the only one to burn. I would definatly not want it to cuase a fire! MSD has failed me @ the online help. I paid $49. If you got one that will work. I PayPal your account.
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