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It was great meeting a lot of faces that belonged to this forum. You guys
were even more friendly and hospitable in person than you are on this board.

I've just gotten home from Vegas with a load of parts to install. I picked
up a MSD distributor/w vacuum advance (#8350) and 6AL ignition system. Can
anyone tell me what advance curve (springs, bushings, etc.) I should be
using? I have a 1973 Cleveland with a Blue Thunder Intake, Big Bore headers
and a Holley 600 double pumper w/mechanical secondaries. The car is
basically street driven, not pushed too hard. I'm trying to get a close
base line setting.

Thanks again all for your hospitality here and in Vegas
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I thought with the #8350 "Ready to run" MSD dist., you do not need a igntion box, just a coil? Could you clarify this, this will be the next purchase for my car. In regards to setting up your advance, the dist. should have all the springs to change the curve. Also, there should be some type of graph to show the various degrees of advance with different spring rates.
The 8350 ready to run distributor will run with or without the box. I opted for the 8350 in the event that the box goes down, I'll be able to rewire and travel on the distributor itself. The distributor comes with all the springs and bushings as well as curve diagrams. I am not sure which set up suits my purpose. From what I understand 38 degrees maximum advance and all advance in before 3000 rpm.
I see now. In regards to the advance set-up, I've heard from several engine builders, you want to have the most advance as quick as you can, without having detonation. I'll keep an eye out on your progress. Good luck.
BTW, I lived in Hawaii when I was a kid, the North Shore also in Honolulu. Nice place!
I ended up running the stock installed 21 degree bushing and using the light silver and light blue springs. The chart indicates that all advance will be in by 2500 RPM. I have read that you want all advance in by your normal cruising speed, 2500 rpm is mine. I'm running about 8 degrees initial (a little less than normal since I have the vacuum advance too) and all seems to be running well, no detonation problems. I'll probably experiment advancing a bit more but all say that 37 degrees advance is the max that should be run. If you plan to install a "ready to run" MSD 8350, check out my post regarding MSD tech support in this forum. If I can be of any help, just drop me a line
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