Hi Johnny,

currently I have a big urgent problem.

My new tires BFG 275/60/R15 and 215/60/R15
doesn't fit on the original Mangusta wheels.
The expert of the tire workshop says, that the wheels are made only for tires with tubes.
He refuses to mount the tires!

I read in the forum, that many Mangusta owner uses this tires. How did they solve this problem?

What to hell should I do?
Christian, go to another tire shop. Unless he can give you some valid reason. I cannot see any my car has no tubes and it even used to have a very eArly 7 1/2 magnsium m rim too. 8MA1244 has those BFGs. There should be no problem.
Your tire guy is worried about magnesium wheels being porous, so he tries to spec tubes. IMHO, if your wheels are so porous they won't hold air with tubeless tires, catastrophic wheel failure from cracking is not far behind whether there are tubes inside or not.
Magnesium castings, also known as 'compressed corrosion' can be TIG-weld-repaired if not too porous, then stress-relieved in your wife's kitchen. The magic temp is only 275F degrees for 3 hours followed by VERY slow overnight cooling.
WE wrap the hot wheels in a blanket, put them back in the hot oven, then simply turn it off until morning. Have any needed welding done BEFORE stress-relieving, as weld heat will contribute to internal stresses in the wheels. 275F will cause the protective aluminum paint on all Campys to turn tan, requiring repainting as a last step. I recommend doing this every 15-20 years on ALL magnesium wheels, which have been known to spontaneously crack while stored without tires on a shelf in your basement...
Hi Mike,

Wheels were produced and if you look back you'll see a car or two with them on. We made the wheel and produced a special version with a different bowl centre for the Mangusta in 8, 9 and 10 x 15". We have sold out of this version but may produce more if the demand is there.


Originally posted by Group 4 Wheels:
Hi All,

I can make the Group 4 Pantera wheel, in magnesium as well but I need an original front and rear to draw up. Who's got them to lend? Willing to offer the lender a set at a discounted price.



I thought you were working with Patrick Hals in Belgium on this?

Hi All,

Long time...

I've been asked by a few interested parties about the availability of these wheels. As PAG wheels are soon to be available again, now made in Italy, I'm looking at having some more Goose versions machined. Wheels will come with centre badge. Any interested parties, please e-mail me at info@group4wheels.com


I guess the Mangusta market is limited, maybe you hit the bulk of buyers first time around.

I visit this thread to check on the prospect of Group 4 wheels (as the username would suggest) but it sounds as though that is all being left to Patrick Hals. A bit of healthy competition never hurt in my opinion.

Changing wheels sizes and tires on the Mangusta is not an easy task.

Everyone should keep in mind that the smaller the rear tire gets >IN DIAMETER< THE LOWER THE CAR GETS TO GROUND.

Cranking the body up on the coil-overs results in a big gap over the rear tire to wheel-opening. 17, 18 and 19 inch tires are smaller than 15 inch tires.

Fifteen inch tires are larger in diameter than wide sizes for larger diameter wheels. People tend to not understand this.

I find that the 275X15X60 series on the stock 8 inch REAR rim works well. There is a larger tire that will fit, a 295 and a 305 but the tire volume starts to overcome the wheel and they will look a little strange.

The 275 will give you a good spacing around the wheel opening if you set the car to about 4 1/4 inches.

The appearance is optimal and I think that is the limit for safe driving.

The 275s are proportional for the cars period and a little spacing out for wider tread if you want to risk the rear bearings would add value to the appearance.

I think that fitting two sizes, one for show and one for driving must be compensated with rear height adjustment using the coil-overs or with small diameter tire sizes you will be very low at the bell-housing, like 3 inches to ground.

A 225X15X60 series for the front works well in appearance as well as ride and handling, the tire patch matching the front weight well compared to the rear as stated above.


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