Absolutely outstanding work and many great ideas to pass on to the rest of us. Thank you for sharing. Maybe this Pantera should have a glass window in the trunk lid. You might be just the person to make it work.


you always make my day when you share the next level with a bunch of photos with us.

What an outstanding work. Hope you will also share a soundfile from the 'Awakening of the beast'



Thanks for the nice comments ! Fuel pump is Bosch 044. filter is just some random i found at local autoshop that was right size.

Marc soon


Beautiful work! I especially like the rounded wheel flares. Much more contemporary. I would do my car the same way if I had your talent.

IMG-20190202-WA0000Resized_20190124_165331I had some trouble to get the tachometer to work ! I thought it was the new engine management system that talked a different language than the tach but then i gave it to a friend that is a guru on electronics to test it! and he found this!!!? But he said its no problem to fix it   It must have been a lot of smoke and smell when that happened !


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Now i got the tachometer fixed!  But the needle still did not move! So here is a clever solution i got from the guy that sold me the engine management system that i think will work on other systems to and perhaps on the Msd.

It is just a ordinary relay with a small fix! You just put it in parallel between the +12v cable and the signal cable to tach

20190221_120724   The pieces on the paper i removed from the relay other wise they move every time with the spark signal  and are noisy!

+12v cable to tach is first connected to number 86 on relay and then to tach.

Signal cable to tach is first connected to number 85 on relay and then to tach.

It is a very simple way to get an volt peak to get the tach needle to trigger!

I think the Msd box for tach is just the same in a nicer package



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Here is another but it is just standing still its to icy to take it for a spin yet! We have had + degrees for many days now.


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20190224_131402pantera varvar

Looks amazing. Sounds even better. You must be happy to be outside at last. All you need is sunshine  

is that a mono wiper I see? Did I miss the details on this? What are you using for motor, arm and blade? 

Kim - you made my day !!!

What a Beast - its 'above beyond'

And the spitting flame is a extra on top. What a beauty. Enjoy it - you have well deserve it

Cheers Marc

Congratulations!  This is one of my favorite builds so far. Very happy for you. 


When do you start on mine?

I'm as impressed as the rest of the folks, and glad you are having such fun building this car and showing it along the way. 


Tank you all

David wiper motor and arm is from a boat ! very compact so it fits in the small space below windscreen

Kjeld color is from BMW i8 individual line code N42 lava orange

Tajon how about next Monday 

Now its some time since last update! The car is almost done now so here are some pictures of the interior 20190315_15224520190313_20161620190315_19593920190315_19595220190315_200005


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And after the dyno a friend took over for the last detailing and sealing of the paint work ! So now i just waiting to get it back from him.



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I love that car. Definitely worth all the time and hard work you put into it.  



Looking forward to seeing videos of you on the go

Now the car has been at the first car show! And everything went well! I just have to get it registered now so i can start drive !20190412_220432IMG-20190415-WA0000


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As a logistics person love the transport of your car Easy and effective

And congratulations to the awards - You well deserved them !!!




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Okay now this build tread has reach the end

The car is now completed and i got it registered last Friday and on Sunday me and my son was on the first road trip thru the archipelago here in western Finland!

 I have from the start with this project  tried to get the car as modern and comfortable to drive as possible and it came out better than i could expect!

My other Pantera is much more original in many ways but with much stronger engine and it is very brutal to drive but i really like it

But this new one i am going to use on all longer trips ! The brakes and overall handling and quietness inside is almost like a brand new car!

Here is picture from first trip




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