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SAAC Wilwood 6 Piston front calipers and rear 4 piston calipers, using stock Pantera rotors, with parking brake calipers. Reuse stock brake master and booster.

Can anyone comment on an installed system?

Was the installation successful?

Does the upgrade work well?

Would you recommend this brake upgrade?

Any negatives?

Thanks for any info!

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I went with the SACCC 4 Piston Front and Bake Kit and Rotor upgrade.  It was a major job due to having to remove the rear uprights for the rotor upgrade.

If you are using your factory rotors, then I would think the install would be easy.  I don't know the details on the 6-piston setup but guessing the rears would be similar to the kit I used.   

Scott was good with tech support and I recommend calling him directly for fastest service. 

My system works well but I changed everything including the brake MC and had the booster rebuilt as well. 


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