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Since I am getting paint work done, I had some minor body improvements applied.

One of them (a tip o' the hat to Larry Finch) is to strengthen the rear lower valence panels.  It's a simple mod, but takes a little welding. 

The first picture is the fully executed mod - the second and third pictures are the tabs installed on my car.  I'm going to fabricate the support rod, and drill / tap the structure mount point myself - hoping to save about $12 on the project! 

I thought this was a good idea, and now is the time to get it done!





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(Not sure why my pictures didn't show up in aprevious post, so I deleted it...) 


Working with my buddy to keep the American Economy rolling forward.

* * I'm in the booth for paint!   Whoo-Hoo! * *

I suggested a couple minor modifications (bumpers, grills, gills, and a "old school" spoiler).... 

My body and paint guy rightly pointed out a couple items that convinced me to go in for paint...


Looking forward to the final result... 


PS>>>  PM me if you are in the Southwestern portion of the United States, are considering an update to your body, or need paint, and are interested in a recommendation to a Body and Paint shop that has DIRECT experience with multiple Panteras.... 

PSSS>>> I am digging the "old school" spoiler...

PSSSS>>> Somebody (on this board) sold me a bumper that was too short...  Discussions with Kirk Evans pointed out that fiberglass parts get smaller & smaller as they go through a mold / part duplication sequence, and you have to know what you are doing to end up with the fiberglass part to come out of the mold as the same size as the original.

I suspect the dude that sold me the front bumper knew that  it needed work to make it fit...  but he didn't tell me that.... GRRRRR....  Anyway - if he (or she) is reading this...  I hope that they feel bad for selling parts that they knew didn't fit, but pretending that they didn't know it...    But maybe they didn't know it...  Let's hope so... 


Let's hope these pictures work!  All three were taken today (5/21/2020)!

IMG_1604 [Large)IMG_1597 [Large)IMG_1599 [Large)



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Of course when you drop off your car at a shop - something is going to break.

About 30 min after I left the shop on the initial delivery, my buddy called me.... "Hey - do your lights work?  They aren't going up!"


Of course I said "YES - or they used to yesterday!"! 


Here's we we found...

IMG_1547 [Large)


Luckily I had a spare brass gear left over from my Taurus Window Motor conversion done back in 2015. 

I will tell you that getting that headlight motor plate on and off was a nightmare!  Maybe I'll write that up for a Tech Article!

All reassembled, painted, reinstalled and greased and adjusted PRIOR to painting.  NOS Limit Switches installed in prep for my Pantera Electronics headlight / motor controller install.

If I tried to do the reinstall after the paint - I am sure I would have regretted it!







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It is taking a little longer to have pictures than I predicted above, but owners are always optimistic, and quality takes time.

The windshield was installed about a week ago, and all the trim (the black underneath) is done.  It's in the final stages of paint "conditioning" and reattachment of all the "accoutrements" (handles, trim, lights, etc.)

In addition to the overall paint, I am also having the front bumper, grills, screens, and gills redone in the appropriate black color to match the bottom of the car, and my mirrors.

Great work by the Duval Body and Paint Team!


PS.  These pictures are from about a week ago.


06-02-2020 [1) [Large)06-02-2020 [2) [Large)IMG_1818 [Large)







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Getting very close to delivery.  All hardware painted and installed (bumpers, gills, grills, mirrors, spoiler).

A little buffing, a clean up, and she should be ready to hit the road.

Here's a couple of pictures, of both the paint, and some of the finish work on my fiberglass bumper, and new (old-school) spoiler.


I don't know if you recall (I sure do) - but some dude sold me a fiberglass bumper, and after I got it painted and tried to install it - it didn't fit.  It was about 2" too short across the front of the car.  Discussions with Kirk Evans indicate that fiberglass parts have a tendency to get smaller in the manufacturing process, and that there were front L bumpers circulating around that had this problem.  I guess he (the seller of my bumper) forgot to mention that.

The professionals at Duval Body and Paint split and extended the bumper, and then trimmed the back of the bumper for a near-perfect fit to the front contour lines.  The split is in the center - under the DeTomaso Logo.


IMG_2444 [Large)IMG_2447 [Large)IMG_2448 [Large)IMG_2449 [Large)IMG_2451 [Large)


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Rod - your bumper is probably right near mine in the production sequence.  Apparently the amount of "shrinkage" is related to the dimension, and so it is much more apparent in the bumper long axis than the "height" on the car.

So luckily the fitment and geometry relative to the car features doesn't change much, the bumper only needs extension....  There was precision fiberglass work needed to make the recessed emblem hole look right relative to the DeTomaso badge.  We could have gone with a flat bumper, but I liked the recessed look.

The car is done - pickup tomorrow.  Here's a final picture after cleanup.


07-07-2020 [3) (Large)



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Finished Larry's mod on the rear tail panels.

While these look more "bent" than Larry's do (and they do have about a 30* bend in them), the angle of the camera makes them look more wiggly than they are.

I made my first set of braces out of steel strap, but didn't really like how they laid in there.  So I used some steel tubing.  It worked out well.


IMG_2876 [Large)IMG_2880 [Large)



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