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The turn signals and flasher are working but the light in the tach is not.  It looks like I have the Very Early wiring according to SOBill's diagram.  I currently suspect that the flasher's Orange wire mechanism is not working.  I think it provides a ground to make the light flash in the dash when the turn signal is on.  Your insight on this appreciated.



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You were just one click away when you were  on Mike Dailys website. Look at the conversion number one and the conversion number two. It allows you to replace the four pin with a readily available and readily replaceable three pin.

conversion number two adds a relay to retain the dash mounted signal indicator light

I retained the indicator light but did not add an additional relay. I used 3M diaper tap connectors to the appropriate wires coming out of the flasher harness. This required the use of two diode‘s, rewiring the two prong bulb holder, and a proper ground for which I repurposed the OEM orange relay wire, simply grounding it to the OEM relay panel - my reasoning being that grounding was the original purpose of the orange wire, anyhow 😉

Those four pin flashers are very difficult to locate. Very rarely have I seen any and they seem to range around $150-$200 each



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Steve, think your picture is the correct thing. (if you open it up it is full of electronic). The plug you can check if it ihas connection on ALL 4 terminal, hence 4 pin flasher and socket will work is a (old) standard in europe

And yes the flascher internal connect the pin to ground. R is going to fuse = + bat. If I am correct this pin going to thhe buld is  just an internal "duplicate" connetion to the "output" pin going the the adequate light bulbs left or right. -So doubble check from any + bat  and a needle in the orange wire for contact as input for a volt meterOR just a spare bulb..set either flash light on /ignion on..etc..and you fence the real problem in. WELL it also tells you if the tach bulb is broken.

I had some problems in "flashing" neither right nor left. Did buy a new now fully electronic flasher - guess same as yours above -  from Hella ( Have it a home currently skiing). My issue was the broken "hazard" switch in the middle of the diagram above, as one internal contact was broken (BMW 2002 part 100€)

So there are cheap flascher from Hella or Bosch. (< 10 USD plus ship ..sorry my wife just left to FL) .get you the part number Wednesday--- if yours is not working.

Mat...from the ski slopes.

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I received the Wherle flasher today.  The only issue with it is that it pulses positive to the orange wire instead of grounding.  This requires a minor wiring change to the indicator light in the tach.  The red wire (positive) gets disconnected and capped off and is replaced with a ground wire.  The one I received even says Made in Italy.

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