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I'm thinking about selling my 72 Pre-L I bouht a year ago.

I've put a lot of work into this car, making it into a solid, reliable hotrod. When I say "hotrod", I mean the car has a stroked Cleveland to 408, Roller everything, TWM injection, EFI, runs on PI wheels with wide tires (335x35x17 rears) and many go-fast mods.

Car has many mods for track use, modified suspension, adjustable shocks, frame braces front and rear, it is very happy on the street or the track.

Body is stock, in nice condition, no rust, new rubber everywhere,doors, hood, decklid, Vader windows, lowered seats, many mods and improvements made to the car over time.
I've recently spent quite a bit of money getting the car into running shape. It has a racing engine that makes north of 600 HP, and has superb oil pressure, and no cooling issues (fluidyne radiator and fans, 180 thermostat).

This car has been around for a while, many know about this car, please research, I suggest a PPI, I will be completely transparent about everything I know about the car.

As it sits now, I drive it weekly, it runs perfectly (although could use a tune-runs rich) and it's a head turner. Fast as hell too.

Gearbox is perfect, extra tall 5th, wired ring gear, the works, smooth as butter.

Interior is very nice. Extra (accurate) gauges added.

I'm pricing the car where I think it's worth, the engine is a monster with lots of exotic parts with huge power.

It's a great driver, not perfect, but perfect for a number of options. Great for a restoration, great for a drive and enjoy it, great for a track day/autocross car too.

Please PM me or email me at for pics or more information.

$73,000 or best offer.

I'm looking into getting an airplane, possibly changing hobbies, so I thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone bites.

Please PM me or contact me via email for motr pics and info and I'd be happy to give my phone number to talk about the car.

Here's a link to a vid my friend was nice enough to help me with.

Mike simon


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Noooo! Say it isn't so! You just got your car dialed in. Enjoy it a little longer, then sell when you complete your pilot's license.

I guess it's not too different from every house I've owned... as soon as we finish remodeling and landscaping everything, it's time to move and buy another fixer-upper. My wife says "no more!"

Good luck on your sale!
Actually I don't expect to sell it at this price, so don't worry, I'll probably own it for a long time.

I DO move from hobby to hobby.

I used to fly model powered radio controlled planes. Then got into slope soaring RC sailplanes.

Then i got into racing offroad RC cars, (in 05 I was ranked 20th in the US, won the "King of California race in 1/4 scale 3 or 4 years ago, and got 5th at the Nationals the same year.

In between that I got into composites, and making molded model (and real) sailplanes. My friends and I hold the world speed record for ALL model aircraft, with SAILPLANES. Unpowered gliders.
Check Youtube for "dynamic Soaring world record", and watch the slower vids. The WR sits now at 505mph! Watch the 300-400mph videos because the FAST, record breaking vids of 450-500, you can't see them they're going so fast. Crank up the sound too! My God, Dynamic Soaring is amazing. These gliders, which used to weigh maybe 5 or 6 pounds, now weigh 65 pounds, and are locked into 100G circles!

After too many close calls, I switched hobbies and bought a Porsche and went racing. after a few years I sold that and got a regular car (a hotrodded BMW twin turbo 135i), then I put a turbo on a new Subaru BRZ, but realized I really wanted to buy my dream car, a Pantera.

Now I've done that, I AM HAPPY, but I have gone through quite a bit with this car to get it perfect, and I'm loving owning and driving it, but now I've been recently bitten by the flying bug.
I figure I'll throw it out there at a high price (which it IS worth) and if someone bites, great. If not, I win! I own a Pantera!

In a month or 2 I'm starting my flying lessons. I don't expect to sell the Pantera, after I get my license I might get more aggressive about selling it.
I CAN drive my Pantera to my plane, when I get one.

Depending n what tickles my fancy, I may have to decide on keeping just one toy.

This is WAY down the road though, I have my work to finish, then I need to get my pilot's license, find out whether I can get my full private pilot's license or be limited to Light Sport, which would have a bearing on what plane I ended up buying.

Tomorrow, I'm flying with my Dad in his Ercoupe to Livermore for an air show. Should be fun. Leaving at 8, we'll be back around noon to one.

Originally posted by ItalFord:
So why cant you drive your pantera to the local airport to visit your plane? Its that simple.
Hey Mike - I love it!

Now if only I could convince someone that US75K is a worthwhile spend which on your car it is.

Would love to see more photo's of it (and I'm being lazy and not going looking to see if you already have them up somewhere here).

Hopefully you can keep it AND get the plane - best of both worlds.


I'm enjoting the car profusely. It IS worth every bit of 75, but to the right person. If one looks it's obvious there's Panteras priced from low to high.

I'm not really wanting to sell the car, so I priced it at the high range of what it's worth. "Dangling the hook" if you will.

I'm getting my pilot's license soon, and plan on getting an airplane.

Due to my health conditions, I may not be able to pass medical, which would put me in the "light Sport" category, where there is no medical required, just a drivers license.
You are then limited to 2 place only plans, can't fly faster than 120 (not sure if it's knots or MPH), no retracts, and the plane has to stall at a certain slow speed, and a few other regulations.

In the Light Sport (LSA) category, there are some VERY sexy planes, that easily pass all the requiremnts for LSA, and then, if nobody's looking, and a different prop were possibly installed, the plane might accidentally go over 200 (which sounds like a LOT of fun!).

Here's one plane that is very alluring to me.

This one too, aerobatics is not out of the question.

One of those planes might involve my parting with my P-car, but this is all WAY down the road.

Now, if someone comes along and offers me the 73 I'm asking, I'd probably take it. Should have probably priced it higher.

Honestly if someone came today and offered me my asking price, I'm not sure if i'd part with it (right now) I've put so much work into it.

It was built well, and has HUGE power, it's so much fun!

I am just going to let the future happen. I've got flying lessons, lots of things going before I really seriously consider selling the car.

There's also other Panteras I have salivated over, things could go sideways instead of forward, time will tell.

I'll post more pics soon.
Price changed now to "best offer". Of course, low ballers will be simply told "no".

This car is a very special car, modified, but not beyond putting back to 100% stock with some work.

It is however presently a very fast, well modified car for street/track use, in good completely rust free condition.

One COULD put it back to stock if collecting, but I can say that 600-plus HP with suspension to match is addicting!
Hey Mike,

I'm not looking to buy your car, I've got one. I mean no offense here, but some of your postings confuse me.

Originally posted by mike the snake:

I'm not really wanting to sell the car, so I priced it at the high range of what it's worth. "Dangling the hook" if you will.

Honestly if someone came today and offered me my asking price, I'm not sure if i'd part with it

...lots of things going before I really seriously consider selling the car.

Stating that you've priced it at the high end of it's value sounds like you've overpriced it intentionally. Adding that you're unsure if you'd even sell it at that price, would discourage me from even asking about it. Furthermore, the other comments sound as if you aren't that serious about selling it.

Originally posted by mike the snake:
Price changed now to "best offer".

"Best Offer" makes it seem as if you're getting anxious to SELL NOW. ??

I DO wish you luck with the sale. I'm just saying that it's sort of confusing, the way you wrote things.
Ok, to clarify then, if someone offered me a reasonable offer near my asking price, I'd let the car go.

I do admit I'm not too hot to sell the car, so I priced it at what I think it's really fully worth, not a "get rid of it quick" sale price.

I now have said I'd take best offer, with the normal "no lowballers" caveat, which means the same thing.

I AM torn, but I want to fly planes now, and I realize it might take a while to sell my car, but I'm not going to give it away, especially after everything I've gone through with it, and the extra money I've spent on it getting it to, actually, where I thought it was when I bought it. I didn't foresee the future events that transpired after I bought the car, but I spent a lot of time and money, fixed all the issues, and now the car is a good running, modded, high powered hotrod Pantera, and worth every penny of what I'm asking.
I also plan to sell with full transparency, and fully disclose everything I know, and what has happened to whoever buys it regarding the engine, the series of events that occured, what I think should be done, what has already been done, everything.

It's a great car, and priced accordingly IMO in today's market. There's always going to be ones for more, and for less, I'm asking what I'm asking, and willing to budge a little.

I didn't mean to confuse anyone, my goal was to just let everyone know the price is not "FIRM".

I'm going flying, whether I sell the car or not. If I CAN sell the car it opens many doors as to what planes I can shop for. I figured I'd get an early start on advertising, as I have no way of knowing how long, or if, it will sell at all.

Down the road, if I keep the car, then "Plan A" goes into effect, and in a year and I pull the motor and rebuild/refurbish. While that's going on, the car will go to my buddy's auto body shop and made flawless, and I'll probably keep it or sell it for much much more.

Sorry for being kind of bipolar with my ad. It's a big deal for me. There's many directions my future can go, but now that I've decided to get my pilot's license and buy an airplane, I decided to put the ads up, at the "full, actual, I'm not in a hurry to sell it price". If someone comes along and makes a good enough offer, I WILL let the car go. The car is a very special car (as all Panteras are), and I hope the right person comes along and buys it.

If it doesn't sell, I still win, I have my dream car, I'll be finishing the final touches on it in the future, and I'll shop for less expensive airplanes.
Well, I've found about 20 potential planes that I'd buy in a heartbeat, so I'm willing to accept offers quite a bit lower than my asking price.

I'm not one to wait around when I want something. Between work, and personal issues, I'm wanting to speed things up, even to the point of selling my car for less than I want to.

Make an offer, I might just say YES! lol.
You might also get more action if you dropped "the snake" from your ID Big Grin. I mean, really, would you buy a used car from a guy who calls himself "the snake"? I wouldn't!

As long as I'm giving unrequested advice, why stop there? I've always looked at owning an airplane like owning a boat (AKA a hole in the water into which you pour money); something that costs a lot to own, is used very little, and has very little practical value. Maybe you've already considered this but joining a flying club or just renting someones plane might make more sense. Back in the day, that's what some of my friends did.
You just described owning a Pantera!

I have this affliction of needing at least one big money wasting toy, and wasting money on it.

I'm SUPER good at it.

I'm not buying anything yet. Taking my first flying lesson on Friday.

I just know, whether I buy a hotrod plane, or a low and slow airplane, I'm only really going to be able to keep one big toy.
I'm also guilty of being impulsive, and anxious, hence my getting a little more aggressive in trying to sell my car.

Regarding my name, it's my racing nickname. I've had it since 1985, and when I'm rich and famous, they'll refer to me like they do Don "the Snake" Prudhome. Until then, it's just a user name, I mean, look at some of the other names people use even here. "snake" isn't that horrible.

Plus, anyone seriously considering my car I would think would be reading up everything online about it, and it's all attached to my "mikethesnake" name, so it should make it easier for people to research the car I would think. The info , and a simple call or email to me will answer any questions and show I'm serious, and that I'm not some joker, and anyone buying my car should research everything they can find out about it anyways.

Presently it's running perfectly, with stellar oil pressure, insane power, superb handling, and just PERFECT for any prospective shopper.

I want to sell my car with total transparency. The good, and the bad, everything. I think changing my call name now would look shady, like I'm trying to hide something. Plus, it's my racing nickname. I'm proud of it.

In the 1/4 scale radio controlled car world, my name was feared greatly, at least up here in Norcal. A couple years ago I was California Champion in 1/4 scale offroad, got 5th at the Nationals a couple years ago. I was nationally ranked 20th in the US in 05 in 1/8 scale Pro Truggy, I've earned my name.

Even if the car doesn't sell, or sell right away, it doesn't affect any of my immediate plans. Being stuck with a sick a$$ Pantera isn't that bad of a situation.

I will just have to let the future happen. That's all I can do.
Snow White made a special cameo appearance at a car show in Petaluma today. Some great pics were taken.

As Snow White and I were leaving, we spared the crowd with my normal exit, I waited til I was around the corner to "light them up". I have to say, Huge, insane power is very fun and intoxicating, and fun to use (responsibly of course-no tree wraps) it was a fun day!

Ron (Panttera) is one COOL guy, along with being a famous race car driver, he's also just cool to hang with.

We also met another Pantera owner and we think we talked him into joining the forum! His red car was stunning.

Stay tuned!
I'm VERY motivated to sell Snow White. When I make a life change, like I did when I bought SW, money wasn't the issue, getting what I wanted was the issue.

I am willing to entertain offers a lot lower than anyone thinks, so come on! Make an offer!

I'm perfectly happy to keep her, but I've decided to go flying and buy an airplane.

I've got my life to get on with.

I'm willing to take lower offers than I think people think I am willing to accept. Think key words like "great deal, or I stole it, or I paid way less than I thought I would have thought". I'm willing to take a loss here.
I paid 65, and have another 3-5 into getting her running perfectly, so when I say I'm willing to take a loss, it's from that point.

The car is worth every bit of what I'm asking. I did get an offer, but sadly, it was a bit too low. Thanks anyways.

The worst I can do is say "no".
Having narrowly missed being scammed, Snow White is Still for sale!

She was never in danger, just my pride, and a seldom used bank account with $25 in it. That ordeal has passed.

Therefore, I am still trying to sell Snow White so I can buy the airplane of my dreams.

If she doesn't sell, then I'll be buying a lower priced plane in a couple months after I've received my pilot's license.

I'm lowering the price as well. Contact me if interested.


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Yeah that's the old ad. That ad was for a car with a ticking time bomb of an engine, no electrical working, and a host of other issues that I didn't bother to check when buying it. That's on me for being impulsive, and not checking everything before buying the car, although I DID research the seller and the car, asked around, and everyone said go for it, but it sure bit me in the butt.

Today, the car is dialed in. Just got done from an hour long drive, MAN this car has power! It is so much fun to drive! It is truly fun to be in 2nd gear, and just punch it and break the tires loose, get it a little sideways, and let off, just to show what you got. This guy in a 370Z was blown away. At the next stop he just said WOW MAN!

Cool Stuff. I DO love Snow White. I'm fine if she doesn't sell.
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