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Good evening,

I just finished the Wilwood SACC brake upgrade as well as added the Wilwood MC and proportioning valve. 

Just curious if anyone has installed the Wilwood MC and if they used the .250" nylon spacers in kit?  I talked to Scott at SACC and he said no one has mentioned any issues.  I'm not having an issue but there are only 1-2 threads engaged when using the spacers.  Wilwood says to use the spacers, but this isn't a Pantera only MC so looking for advice.

My thought is that the spacer will limit the plunger travel in the MC bore but maybe I'm wrong about that? 

The brakes are working but just seems odd to only have 1-2 threads of engagement.





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Hi John -

I have the same SACC Master and Proportioning valve setup as you do, although my brake booster was modified to be able to directly mount the master cylinder, instead of using the aluminum block spacer that many cars use to reconfigure the MC mounting bolt pattern.

Anyway - I had to use the plastic spacers to get the right alignment on the hardlines from the MC to the proportioning valve.

I have about 2 threads protruding from the nuts.

I am don't have the same configuration as you do, but it seems to me the problem is that the bolts on your spacer are shorter than what are protruding from my booster.

Would it be possible to get new (longer) studs to mount in the spacer block?  Two threads doesn't seem like enough engagement....  You wouldn't want that MC to come loose in a hard stop.

Rocky (a.k.a. Chuck)

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