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Mangusta, Longchamp, Deauville Cars or Parts For Sale

Members advertising Mangusta, Longchamp and Deauville cars and parts for sale.

Advertisers are asked to please include pictures, pricing and contact info.

BUYERS BEWARE. A vehicle's or part's advertisement on this forum does not constitute an endorsement by Pantera International as to the condition or value of the vehicle or part, or of the seller's business probity. Nor does it constitute any verification of the accuracy of the advertiser's description of the vehicle or part. These vehicles and parts are often unknown to us.

Never purchase a vehicle without first seeing it in person or having a knowledgeable expert evaluate it on your behalf.

This forum is ONLY for "Mangusta, Longchamp and Deauville" Cars and Parts For Sale" ads. Please respect those trying to sell their cars and parts by not posting other topics in this forum. If you want to know the value of a car or if you want to discuss a certain car for sale on ebay or elsewhere, post your topic in the specific De Tomaso information forum, ownership issues forum, etc.



Longchamp parts.



Mangusta shell