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Thanks for the comments - that's motivating. And I need motivation as there's still a long way to go.

In all honesty I look forward to finishing the metalwork. For me this is hobby - I'am not a professional metal worker. However, with a lot of attention to detail, patience, A LOT of time and a few of the right tools it can be done to a fairly high standard. Also, having a friend that can fabricate the more complex metal pieces (outer rocker and inner B-posts) helps too.

Like David fx has with his project XXXX, I'm beginning to form a vision for this car as well, allthough it's a lot more traditional and not so creative. Stay tuned for that.
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I love to see threads like this. It empowers more people to try things. When they can visualize what is done, they are more likely to try something themselves even if on a smaller scale.

In every project it is only as hard as the hardest task. The difficulty is keeping perspective of the task.

I find that most people can do even some of the most difficult task; they just don't know it. "Will" and "interest" are of the most important required skills.

I find if I beet my head against the project long enough there is little one cannot do; but only if the will to do so exist.
Push, I know I've said it before it this thread, but gotta say again... "impressive work man".

For the record, I totally agree with Comp's remarks. For me it's always worked, visualize and do. Worst that can happen is the need to re-do. Sometimes I wished I had visualized longer..or even sought out more advise first. But threads like this are great to share.
Anders, I basically only use a welder (MIG/MAG and gas-welding) and a metal bender, heat and a number of different handtools. As I said, for the very difficult fabrication that need an English wheel or other advanced equipment, I turn to a friend. However, the pantera is for the most part not too complicated to make parts for.

Got a Little Work in over the weekend.
Removed the lower front a-arm mount for repair, it had been replaced at an earlier time and had to be re-adjusted for the correct chassis measurements.


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