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You might want to talk to Autotrend EFI in NorCal ( They're installing, setting-up and dyno tuning that exact manifold right now, on a Coyote, in a Cobra. Autotrend is an EFI set-up and tuning shop that specializes in IR intakes and custom EFI wiring harnesses.

What are you using for an ECU? The Holley Dominator seems to be the current "state-of-the-art" for V8 IR applications.

I am probably going the Dominator route as my buddy has years of experience with it and I am not going 5.0L.

However, just last night I read an article of a standalone ECU for the Coyote by AEM. This is in the May 2015 issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords page 49 and goes on for 7 pages.

Seems capable being able to control the Ti-VCT, DBW TB, 200 Mhz processor, data logging at 1 KHz, think they said traction control, etc.

It uses the controls pack wiring harness for the interface.

No idea of cost, but it might be something interesting to consider.
The AEM is a good choice. It has a great feature set and with its plug and play capability it is easy. I took the training course at AEM and can say the software is not the most user friendly. You really need to find someone familiar with the software. It is aso only plug and play for the crate motor harness setup although they plan to launch one later to cover other configurations. Keep in mind that with all of these ECU's you need to prepare to spend a little extra for the little things like ignitors, relays and other incedentals.
Something else to keep in mind is that with traction control you will need a non-driven wheel speed as well as a driven wheel speed. The driven wheel speed is as easy as installing an electronic sender onto the trans. The non-driven will require a reluctor and pickup to be installed on one of the front hubs. Not entirely difficult but will take some engineering.

Holley uses a Davis Technologies module for Traction Control. It works differently than conventional traction control systems that compare non-driven wheel speed vs. driven wheel speed. The Holley (Davis) T.C. system only monitors engine RPM. It's a self learning system that figures out the rate of RPM increase in a traction vs. a no traction situation. According to Holley, the system is really only suited to drag racing applications as opposed to street and/or road racing applications.
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
Obscene! Filthy!

I like to think of it as.

"Naughty but Nice."


I decided to pump up the motor and have it Red line at 8,000 RPM so I bought a brand new crate motor with all the Bad Ass Forged internals "Boss" valve train etc.
If anyone is looking for a low mileage Mustang motor I will be selling my 20K mi. engine soon.

Originally posted by agustaboy:
OK Off to the engine tuner for a dyno run.

Well I guess this thing is really getting some attention.
At the tuners next week. Reps from Borla and Holley will be present. Apparently this thing has the 1st and newest engine management system from Holley. fingers crossed they have it all sorted out and correct.

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