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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Moving on

Guys I have sold 9193. I already miss working on the car and the brute force power of that V8. I needed something a bit more civilized so I now have a beautiful 911 4S in the garage. Air bags, sun roof and a cup holder. Everything an older guy needs. Been fun hanging with you all and a big thank you for the tech help. I was completely amazed by the amount of Pantera knowledge I found here and willingness to help. Parting wisdom from forty plus years of working on machines. Keep it simple,...Read More...
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Well its been two years living in Elkhorn Nebraska now, and my wife and I are doing well adapting. Five grandchildren all within a short walk, and certainly plenty to do. I do miss our little desert home in Palmdale, Ca, that was sitting on two and half acres of land. We lived there for 38 years, but our timing to moved and WHERE we moved to, couldn't have been more perfect. Yeah, there's four season's here, and being from 3 generations of native California families, it takes some...Read More...
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Fuel pressure ok?

Ugh, been getting a bit of hesitation & rough running & some backfire on my 427 Fontana Fuel Injected car. I see in 2011 I replaced both fuel filters due to hesitation under load, but I didn't take note of the reading on the fuel pressure gauge reading before (rookie!). Today I had the wife stand in the back by the fumes while I ran it and she sees it is reading about 40 on idle and maintains at 40 with steady increase of the gas pedal which I see from some google searching is pretty...Read More...
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Wilwood parking brake caliper package

I have a Wilwood parking brake caliper kit from SACC restorations that I am not going to use. It is for stock dimension rotors and is red in color.$255.00 plus shipping. Used for three weeks and then replaced with electric parking brake. Like new. Modified actuating cable for an added $25.00. Forest eight three one 724 three seven six threeRead More...
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I am getting ready to install a P-E Headlight Motor/Bulb controller. At the same time, I am considering an upgrade to the lighting. It's a difficult decision. ON THE ONE HAND.... The low profile light offerings with the projector bulbs look pretty cool. ON THE OTHER HAND.... To install them, you have to cut up the headlight buckets, it's more work, and.... I kind of think that their good looks is only noticeable in the day - when you don't really need them to be visible. So I'm considering...Read More...
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All, This is a question for any owner that has installed the CHI 4V aluminum cylinder heads on a Cleveland in their pantera. During collision repairs I had a 404 ci stroker Cleveland built for 2511 and used the CHI 4V heads. I did not change the GTS exhaust pipes/mufflers nor the GTS headers supplied by Dennis. But something has changed and the exhaust pipe will no longer correctly mate with the header flanges. With the mufflers as close to the body as possible, there is a gap at the top of...Read More...
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Turn signal- fast blink, normal hazard

I’ve a 1973 Pantera. New to me. I’ve got a fast turn signal (both directions) but only when using turn signals, not using hazard when it blinks normally. All bulbs (1157 front and single element bulbs in back) are working (including the jewel Indicator in the tach) and I know the same flasher works the hazard and the stalk controlled indicators. The flasher itself is a stock three-prong in the driver’s footwell. what can it be? I even put a 5ohm resister across the tach jewel to increase...Read More...
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Pantera Won't Start but has fuel, spark, good timing etc. Baffled and need Advice

Hi all. I’m having a starting issue with my Pantera that has me baffled. I’ve had the car since 1992 and it’s never left me stranded. It’s been running strong and starting immediately including right before this situation. Last weekend I started a drive with a planned stop at a pet supply store near my house on my way out. So, the car started just fine at home, warmed up a bit and then drove perfectly the ½ mile to the pet supply store. I turned the car off, bought dog food and then got back...Read More...
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Team some help please. My temp. measuring point is AT THE Block/Waterpump. Not at the swivel tank. Running the car at outside app 23 C = 75F the gauge did show guessed 90 C = 194 F (is a European gauge, so one notch up over 160 F ) Anyone with experience on Temp readings for this modified location please??? TX MatthiasRead More...
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Photo Blog: 3271 Rides Again

The "New Life for 3271" post began 4 years ago. It fully documented my build, had 100 pages and 200,000 views and gathered tremendous information and response. Some of you may have noticed that all of it is gone. Long story. But it had something to do with the fully disassembled POS "project car" that I imported into Canada and paid tax on. It's back together and out kicking some butt. It's surely not finished, but enough so that I can have some fun while I work out the bugs.Read More...
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285/50R15 tyre developments

Hi there has been a development. https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/classic-car-tyres/de-tomaso/pantera.html i said it would take a long time to get the 285/50 -15 P7's made, but i didn't plan on Covid19! I have had this coment from Pirelli "285/50R15 (104Y) P7 Building proto at the moment. Final product expected towards the end of the year" This is not garunteeds because obviously there are a variety of things that could go wrong, but it is progressRead More...
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I keep seeing the information that the 5ds-25 2 transaxel limit is 450hp and/or 450 torque. Is that true? I keep seeing Pantera stating that they have 600-700 hp, so in that case are they still using the ZF? And if so are they modifing it with stronger internal parts? ThxRead More...
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Horn - won't stop beeping!

Hi all: I had a fun episode yesterday where I beeped my horn and then it wouldn't stop. I was a few minutes from the house so I just drove home (beeping all the way) and figured out which fuse governed the circuit and pulled that one. It would seem obvious that something went wrong in the turn signal stalk, but before I start taking things apart was wondering if people think a relay could go bad and get stuck in the 'on' position or if it could be something with the horn itself. Thanks! TimRead More...
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I plan on running 8 stack E.F.I. on my car and I'm looking for opinions on what is the current state of the art available today. Holley seems like the way to go for ECU but I'm not sure who makes the best Manifold and throttle bodies. I'm looking at Borla, Inglese, and Hillborn but are there others I should consider? Do any of these companies cast their own manifolds...if not then who does? How do you determine throttle body size? The engine is a 408 cleveland with iron 4v heads, it made 500...Read More...
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Pantera Aluminum Halls Wheels

I have a set of 4 Halls Pantera wheels. They were just taken off a 72 Pantera that was in Storage for years ! They are in great shape. The tires were cracked and removed. 8 1/2” x17” and 11”x 17”. All the lugs, center caps and cap removal tool are included. I even have 2 other sets of spoke colors other than the black shown. Carbon fiber and chrome ! First 500.00 bucks will buy these ! contact Larry Sears text 816-506-3003 larrysears06@yahoo.comRead More...
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