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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar

George P
March 2019 The world of pop music lost a legend this weekend. We all knew the time was near. I'm numb at the moment … or not willing to admit anything worse. We're all hurting. He was bigger than life. He is survived by his wife Lana, his son Jimmy, Whitey their dog, and his many friends and associates. Special mention is deserved for Ron Eglit, one of the original Del Tones, and Dick's life long bass player and friend. My heart and sympathy goes out to each and every one. Debbie and I had...Read More...
So yesterday I resolved my temp guage issue which was a bad ground because I painted the rear plate of the ZF and deceided to jack up the car and add freon to the a/c system. The car was idling for quite a while why I was doing this. I went to go for a drive to test the a/c and the car would not roll freely. I thought the rear emergency brake were the issue but I believe it was heat transfer from the radiator heating up the brake master causing line pressure. Has anyone experienced this and...Read More...
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( Pre L ) I was cleaning up my parking brake parts and the plastic parking brake housing outer coating didn't like being bent around much,, (it fell apart like a cheap suit) The inner cable is in great condition (I pulled it out of the housing and inspected it) as is all the hardware.. Pantera specific kits seem to come complete and a little pricy for my needs It would seem that it is a pretty universal part except for the large diameter, just cut to length. Any ideas for a suitable source?Read More...
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Seeking advice regarding how to trouble shoot a temperature gauge that doesn't work.

Hi everyone, Need a bit of assistance from all you great Pantera experts answering so many difficult questions. Btw - thanks for always being so helpful to all in here. :-) Now to my question - where I need help. I got a Pantera 1974, mostly stock, very few modifications (done from before I bought it), only real big difference is engine has been rebuilded and added MSD box. Again done before I bought it. I've got the problem the temperature gauge is always at "zero" or better said, at lowest...Read More...
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For those of you who have pulled and replaced engines... In your experience what is better for pulling an engine out of a Pantera, a hydraulic crane type hoist or an overhead gantry type? I presume the gantry is better but wasn't sure. Is there a significant difference?Read More...
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Pantera #5341 - New Owner Seeks Background History and Stories About the Car

Hey all- I just purchased my first Pantera this year. It’s been on my bucket list for ever and now it sits in my garage. I would love to gather as much info on the car as possible. Sometimes the stories are better than the car 😉 According to the Marti Report and info I’ve gathered from the previous owner, it’s been a CA car all it’s life. Sold new in San Diego. 1973L - Chassis #5341 Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIARead More...
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I am not close to ready to do this to my car, but I was reading some old threads (which were closed for replies - thus this new thread) on this topic. The older threads seemed to (mostly) reach the conclusion that the dipping path was leaden with treacherous potential side effects that could ruin a restoration years later as un-neutralized acid creeped out, ruining paint jobs, or bare metal that could not be reached with new paint rusted. I am curious if this is still the case. It seems to...Read More...
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Information sought concerning the OEM vacuum hose routing for a '73 Pantera engine.

I have been tasked to reassemble a 1973 Pantera. The owner wants it to original spec. Does anyone have a diagram for this? The closest I can find is a Boss 429 or Boss 302. They are close (I think) but not correct and don't include the anti overheat plumbing of the Pantera. Any help is greatly appreciated.Read More...
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Has anyone done a good video on how to replace the parking brake delrin (plastic white) pieces on rear of 72 Pantera's? The new piece does not look at all like what is currently mounted. My drivers side is broken. I so want to get the brakes functional so I can finally drive it.Read More...
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Pantera wanted... Private sale...

A friend of mine is looking for a car. If you have been considering selling your car, please pm me and we can chat. He is a serious buyer with cash waiting. I am certain he has the cash because he keeps showing it to me trying to buy my car with it. He is interested in a nice quiet sale for a well sorted car, and travel is an option for the right car. Interested in an updated performance car but will consider all. Please pm me for a friendly chat about your car. Thanks, Paul...Read More...
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For Sale 1973 Pantera, only 8500 miles

Up for sale is a 73L with 8500 Miles. I bought this car in June from a collector in Northern California. He bought 8 years earlier out of an estate in Tennessee. The car was stored and never driven since 1989.The car comes with spare,tool kit,owners manual. Pretty much stock except manifold,carb,headers. The car has been sitting many years so plan on tuneup,fluid change,etc. I’m happy to answer any questions to any serious buyer. Mike Mayberry. 818 424-2694..$79,900..Read More...
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