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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Turn signal issues

All of a sudden when I use the turn signal left or right all 4 lights flash on and off. Thought it was the hazard switch. Disconnected the hazard switch and jumped the red and yellow wires on the harness side. Put in a new 3 LED blinker and still does it. Only thing left is the turn signal assembly. Could this fail and cause all four lights to flash? Anybody had this or has an idea what could be causing this. Thanks, TomRead More...
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Air filter modification

I really like the look of the Holly Dog Bone air filter commonly used on modified Pantera’s . The problem with them is they were designed for small block applications. I came up with the idea of making a filter union so you can double up the airfilter for more air. I had them 3D printed and work and look like a hot dam.Read More...
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Engine swap

I have an almost TOTALLY original GT5S. Only thing not original is the pain. I want to build an engine that is bad a**. I am planning on all new components so I can pull the original numbers matching motor and crate it up for the future the owner who may be a purist. My question, is this smart with a car like this, (13,231) original miles on this car. I have batted this back and forth and have a guy who specialized a few years back building Cleveland engines so I know his abilities. I would...Read More...
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Can the effort reduction kit be replaced with the pedal box in the car. My car has the factory installed kit and there is a little slop in the pivots. Looking up under the dash it seems possible if the shaft that the gas pedal and bell crank pivot on will slide out. Does anyone know if that shaft slips out or of it is pressed in? Before I go to the trouble of trying to get it apart I’d like to know if it’s possible. I tried prying on it a little but it didn’t move. SteveRead More...
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WTB rear uprights

Hello people, looking for 2 rear uprights that fit a early Pantera (PB). I assume there is little difference till 1975? Mine has had one side of the brake caliper mounting ears cut off and because I'm installing the IPSCO hand brake calipers I need both of them. Any condition as long as they have the pair of ears. Thanks, JochenRead More...
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Wide Band 02

Hi, I'm restarting a Pantera that has been sitting for 20 years (#1255) and am going through all the usual issues. The carb is a Holley 750 vacuum secondary and as I recall was never dialed in correctly. I'll be rebuilding the carb, but have tinkered with it a bit while I'm waiting for the rebuild kit to show up and hopefully this time with no missing parts. I see on Youtube that a lot of people are installing wide band 02 sensors and how they are using them to accurately tune their carbs.Read More...
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Late VIN Mangusta Dash switch positions

Evening / morning depending on where in the World you are. I need to turn my attention to the my dash rebuild as I fit car together, mine has been messed around with, with gauges and switches changed around and substituted. Thankfully most of the missing switches came from previous owner in a box. For background My car is a late (thought to be German finished) car, 8MA 1208. Left hand drive 4 headlight Bro model with (curiously as it’s a later car) the under dash Ayacsa A/C with the vents...Read More...
Last Reply By leea · First Unread Post
So I’ve been chasing a clunk noise for a little while. Seams to be most noticeable when taking a corner. Everything appears tight with the suspension, half shaft splines and axle shaft splines/ wheel bearings. I’m wondering if it is in my LSD of my -2. In the video I have the car in gear, the left wheel is on the ground and the right half shaft is disconnected. When I rotate the right output shaft of the zf there appears to be a lot of play or rotational backlash. I’m not sure if this is...Read More...
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Source for replica of Engine Number Plate

The engine number plate on my 1974 Pantera is looking tired and I am hoping to replace it. It seems that earlier Panteras had an aluminum plate in this location and at some point the factory changed to this style of plastic plate. Does anyone know if it is possible to get one? Also, In case you are wondering, this car is from Europe and never had an emissions plate.Read More...
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Group Buy - Engine Number Plates

My local engraving shop can make engine number plates for us. These plastic plates are for later cars. Earlier cars have an aluminum plate. Our vendors do not have the plastic plate (not sure about aluminum). Your engine number will be engraved on the plate and looks similar to the original. Your original plate was reverse stamped. If you get one of these then keep your original plate in the file folder for your car. These come without holes and this insures it will sit flat when you install...Read More...

Replacement Brake Master Cylinder Lacks A Sleeve Shaped Push-Rod Guide

My stock brake master cylinder recently failed and in order to get back on the road ASAP I ordered what I believed to be an OEM brake master cylinder replacement. The master cylinder which failed has a cylindrical metal sleeve that extends back from the cylinder which slips over the pushrod inside the booster. The new master does not have this sleeve. Is the sleeve necessary? Is one of these not a stock master cylinder? Thanks in advance for the help. EvanRead More...
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Poly Bushings Kit

Hi folks, I am trying to change my poly bushings kit with a brand new one nevertheless I can't find one available. Wilkinson doesn't carry them. PrecisionProFormance doesn't reply to emails... Hall Pantera doesn't list them on their website. Any clue ?Read More...
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4879 Restoration Australia

Hi All, In process of getting 4879 red 73 Pantera transported to Australia, I see some history on PROVAMO which is great. Buying the car from BHCC is interseting but its not my first time. Would love see some history or talk to previous Owners if possible. The car had some work done at Halls in early 2000's. Once arrived in Australia she will get a clean up and RHD conversion. Will update this page as I go.Read More...
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Gas filler neck for a ‘72 Pantera

Hi all I have really enjoyed this forum and all the information that everybody is so awesome about sharing. I just got done restoring my late model White 1972 and I absolutely love it. I wanted to contribute to the forum that has helped me so I will try to post some more helpful info/stuff ASAP. I recently tried to purchase a filler neck from Hall and figured out that it was not the correct angle(there are 2 I guess?). I had a buddy CNC the flange needed and weld it to a 1947 GMC pickup...Read More...
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