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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Clutch Fluid Leak

I have a clutch reservoir leak somehow and its in the front boot right where my finger is in the picture. I fill it up, it leaks right out after driving it for around 200 mile but I have no idea how it gets to that spot and I can't find the leak. Any ideas? This is an awesome forum. You all are incredibly helpful. Thanks!Read More...
Last Reply By lf-tp2511 · First Unread Post
I recently replaced the clutch and pressure plate (from PI Motorsports) and have done my best to adjust everything according to the various posts and readjusted over and over. It just seems like the clutch doesn't disengage far enough, even with the pedal to the floor. Maybe I need a long throw slave cylinder? Iam running "Redline Full Synthetic Lightweight / Shockproof" gear oil but still need to shift somewhat slowly or I get some slight gear interference (just slight, nothing major). It's...Read More...
Last Reply By marlinjack · First Unread Post
I was planning to change a Holley 650DP with a vacuum secondary carb but I have been advised against it by my mechanic and also by some muscle car guys. They all say that a VS carb is not going to be as responsive as a MS carb even at part throttle and I will feel the difference right away and not going to like it. The 650DP on my car is very responsive but its too rich and I am tired of smelling raw fuel every time I park the car in garage after a drive especially on a hot day. Is VS carb...Read More...
Last Reply By stevebuchanan · First Unread Post

Another Goose in Belgium (8MA820) for sale

This car has some interesting timeline features... they say it's a 1969 but it has the floor mounted Ebrake, the ignition on the column, a WTF A/C system, dash switches up high, a claimed 289 w/ 302 stamped on the engine and 4 headlights... take a look at the bellhousing... no mount for the smog pump or alternator... doesn't appear to be sawed off either... It's on a live auction now: it's also listed on Dyler for $236k...Read More...
Last Reply By denisc · First Unread Post

No power

A few months back I left my ignition in the accessories position overnight and discovered the car was dead; no lights, no power at the ignition, nothing. The battery has 12 volts. Thinking I had fried my ignition switch I replaced it, but that was not the problem. How does the power flow to the ignition switch and what should I test to track the issue? Thanks.Read More...
Last Reply By jb1490 · First Unread Post
I am in the process of replacing the positive battery terminal and found an additional wire coming into the terminal. It is heavy gauge and perhaps 1/4" diameter. It has red insulation and is inside a black protective sleeve. I am trying to figure out if the factory changed the wiring harness in 74 and placed the battery charge wire at the terminal instead of at the starter solenoid in the engine bay. None of my previous Panteras had this setup but they are 71 and 72. The wire in question is...Read More...
Last Reply By stevebuchanan · First Unread Post

Blinkers turn signals take a while to work.

My turn signals sometimes work straight away, but more often not , My car only gets used once or twice a month. Last few trips it`s taken 40 mins of driving then, the signals work. The hazards work straight away. So am I looking at a connection issue at the steering wheel stork end ?Read More...
Last Reply By Kiwi1972Pantera · First Unread Post

Holman Moody Cleveland

The story I am told about my 74 is that the engine was pulled when new and sent to Holman Moody for performance upgrade. I am trying to find the best way to find out. Wondering if HM held records today from what happened from the past. Going to try and contact them but was wondering if they would have makes the block in some special way.Read More...
Last Reply By lf-tp2511 · First Unread Post
I'm working on the concept of converting from Weber 48ida's to Weber look-a-like throttle bodies. I want to use my existing Motorcraft electronic distributor and just swap them out probably using a FAST EZ EFI controller. I've run into a snag with the lack of an ignition signal to the FAST. Some of you have already gone in this direction and obviously must have solved this issue. At the moment I am stumped. What have you done to fix this? I'm interested in hearing if you will share. Thanks...Read More...
Last Reply By buttondoor · First Unread Post

Mechanic Needed in Appleton, WI

My friend in the Appleton WI area needs a mechanic for his Pantera. It is a fairly minor problem with a ZF leak. The black side cover needs the gasket and seal replaced. The process is detailed in the link below. The transaxle is in the car but it is the side that is readily unbolted (the side with the castle nuts). Please let me know if you know someone in the area that can help. Thank you. More...

Listing my '73 on BaT

Hi guys, Firstly I wanted to thank this forum and the Pantera community for being so helpful and welcoming. A better group of folks I've never met. I've submitted it to BaT so removing it as a for sale item here, per their rules. After 9 months of ownership and over $25K of improvements the car is now the way I want it. And now I've decided it's time to find it a new home. I feel like the car is too nice to enjoy. I worry about it whenever I drive it, and I feel like I can't park it anywhere...Read More...
Last Reply By Panheadchuck · First Unread Post

Live help, speak to a Pantera Specialist

Live help, the only Dealer in the entire world with a help hotline! 305-322-9108 All calls returned same day. Pantera Parts/Sales/Service. World class restorations including interior, paint/body, mechanical, dyno, electrical sorting, updating, parts selection, we restore from basket cases to full blown show cars or just a nice driver quality for everyday use. Call anytime: 305-322-9108 visit websight Recently finished original paint chrome bumper w/15k one owner since new: ...Read More...
Last Reply By Mike A · First Unread Post

OEM Literature For Sale

I previously owned a 1973 Pantera L, number 4902, that I bought new from the Lincoln Mercury Dealer in Clearwater, Florida. I recently came across several pieces of literature associated with that purchase and figured someone who currently owns a Pantera could appreciate having them as part of your collection, rather than they continue to take up space in my closet. Items include: Pantera Technical Shop Manual, white vinyl 3-ring binder (excellent condition except for some print bleed...Read More...
Last Reply By ACE73L · First Unread Post