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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Many Parts from my 71 Pantera

Hello everyone. sorry i have been out of touch for some time. i have numerous parts for sale from my 71 Pantera. trying to clean out the garage for move. Some items are front hood, Rear Deck "flat style", Brake calipers front and rear, Drilled rotors, Brake booster w/master cyl assy. A/C comp bracket. A/C condenser w/ hoses and receiver dryer. original aluminum gas tank with factory fiberglass wrapping. Stock fender flares removed for wide body kit. 3V ported single plane intake (Super Nice)...Read More...
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Mystery wire group

Gents As I crawl into the tail end of my electrical rebuild I have a decreasing number of item to connect. I have been left with this small group of harness bundled wires - light blue , grey and black. I have gone through the wire schematic and cannot see such a combination occurring where they are located, under the dash. Any bright ideas would be greatly appreciated.Read More...
Last Reply By Percy · First Unread Post
I joined the registry when I bought my car last year, sent pictures and an update email, new owner info, etc... but there's been no update. I'm trying to look up a another car in the registry, and can't access it because it says I haven't shared. Can someone else who has access look up a VIN for me please? PM me, thanks.Read More...
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C6 transmission dipstick lenght.

Can someone with a Deauville/Longchamp check the length of their C6 transmission dipstick for me? There is a Ford part# on there as well, that would help as well. Mine didn't have one and the replacement I got from a breaker isn't correct I believe. The number on it suggest late 80's Ford so likely for an AOD I guess. I think it is too long, 56 cm from the bottom of the rubber seal to the very tip. which would mean a low fluid level and at least a partial explanation for the poor pick and...Read More...
Last Reply By simon · First Unread Post
Our cars have a nicely adjustable limiter for the brake pedal return. The red arrow in the photo points to it. It keeps slop out of the brake pedal and optimally positions it for its next use. The gas pedal also has a limiter for both full throttle and no gas. Yet the clutch pedal seems to be on its own. There is no return limiter and thus the clutch pedal has a small amount of slop before engaging with hydraulic pressure. And this is after a full rebuild of the clutch effort reduction...Read More...
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#3528 - 1972 Pre-L (FOR SALE) in Calgary, Alberta

I am looking for a new home for #3528 as we have decided to sell our Calgary house and move to Kelowna full time this summer. I'll post a full write up of my Cat and all the love I have put into her over the past 13 years, but I wanted to put the word out that she is for sale. I chronicled a lot of my work on the car's blog: More to come, include sale price, over the coming days. This is a well known Pantera with no issues and a ton of great memories.Read More...
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2818 Restoration

I've had a year to get to know my car, work out a few gremlins and get some needed for the restoration. I want to do as much of the work as I can myself, so doing it in stages. I'm starting with the front suspension, as everything was still original. So far it's looking really good underneath the thick undercoating. What fun it is getting that off! Parts out for powdercoating now. Hopefully all back together in a few weeks, then on to the rear. JohnRead More...
Last Reply By ufo-low · First Unread Post
Good morning all, Does anyone know the type of thread on the 1973 detomaso pantera stop switches. It's not 1/8 unf, it's not M10, what else? Or does someone have a reference from Hella or another manufacturer? I ask this question because I would like to find a contactor on the European market for more convenience. Thank you in advance for your answers FrancisRead More...
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Garage/Shop Expansion- Need Engineer/Architect in CA!

Hey all! Trying to expand my storage/shop area and ran into a snag with the county.....current building has no permit! DOH! Seller strikes again from the grave....probably pushing up thistles....! Lies....all lies...!!! ;) I need a CA registered engineer or architect that can help with a letter of structural determination, that I can submit with my permit app. Building is brand name, still in business manufacturer, but I have no plans. About 30 years or so old, still in GREAT shape. Wish my...Read More...
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Wanted: Detomaso Valve Covers

I am looking for a set of Detomaso cast valve covers. I went to order from Hall, but it doesn't look like they have any left and the new Ansen versions only have a stick on label instead of the lettering being cast. I would be interested in the raw or the black crinkle finish. Thanks!Read More...
Last Reply By peterh · First Unread Post

#3528 - 1972 Pre-L (FOR SALE) in Calgary, Alberta

Hello fellow Hosers. I have decided to part with my beloved Cat: #3528 For Sale in Calgary I've met many of you along the way and my #1 goal is to find a great new home for her. Let me know if there are any interested buyers north of the border. Seems to be a lot of interest from the US right out of the gate ... Cheers, EARead More...
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1972 Pantera for sale in Canada

Hi fellow members I have decided to sell my Pantera 4453. I have had it for a few years now and I havent driven it at all in the last two years. Rebuilt motor, FAST EFI, Fiero seats, Quad headlights, new tires and wheels, Headers and exhaust, pretty much everything is new. I still have the original tail lights, seats and exhaust system. I am asking $95000CDN. ThanksRead More...
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Upgraded Alt/Old Amp gauge

I upgraded my alternator to a 100 amp from PI Motorsports. If my connections are all good am I still able to run my factory amp gauge or do I need to upgrade? I already know that when the wires are not secured properly they can be fire hazards, but if done properly can the stock gauge handle an upgraded alt? ThanksRead More...
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The time has (finally) come ...

I bought # 5972 on 3/22/17. The vehicle was given a complete body/paint overhaul 20 years prior and was stored in a climate controlled garage until the date of my purchase. The prior owner planned to make this a show car. He spent a ton of money on upgraded parts and when the car returned from the body/paint shop he installed the new suspension, brakes and tires. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards he went thru a divorce and was forced to sell the car to his friend who lived in New Orleans. 20...Read More...
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Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model

I have been threatening to do a write-up on my build for a while. I see all these great threads, for example the ones by Rob B., Kirk Evans, and and others detailing extensive, very high quality work being done to their cars. My skills are not as tremendous, but I have the help and assistance of a an expert Pantera enthusiast and Hot Rodder (Wade - 4280 / Mark IV) and the resources of this board. My project started as a new motor build, with upgraded performance goals. I wanted to "freshen...Read More...
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