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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Please some help & clarification is for a friend's Windsor Engine (my Pantera Cleveland has hydro roller, all setup a virgine state runing strong) What is not clear to me is the question on ZERO Lash adjustment: 1) at WHAT state of the lifter virgine i.e NO OIL inside or soaked/or in use in the car does the adjustment rule apply. I understand there is a spring inside the lifter so I guess it does not make "ANY" ??? difference if virgine i.e. no oil or adjusting on an active engine 2)...Read More...
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Fuel Injection Featured

I was at home and bored so I figured I would do a write up on electronic fuel injection available today as well as some comparisons to older systems. Having run a performance shop with chassis dyno for several years I have had the pleasure/displeasure of installing and tuning several brands and eras of ECU's. This is 100% based on MY experiences with the units I have worked with. There will always be differences in opinion. Im sure everyone hears the quote "benefits of fuel injection". For...Read More...
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Brake hose length needed asap!

Anyone know the above? Our car has a mismatch of hoses, and I'm trying to source the original herringbone style hose. I've found a stockist of some nice NOS hoses for various British cars, but they are all too short. I'm not sure if the ones on our car are too long, and with a bit of tweaking I can get the correct pattern ones to fit.Read More...
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Wanted To Buy Headers for Cleveland 4V heads

Hello, I recently removed the headers from my 351C and realized that the flanges seem to be for a 2V head. The flange ports are smaller than the exhaust ports on my 4V heads and its causing carbon to build up in the engine. I am looking buy a set of headers to replace these undersized ones, the primary tubes on my current pipes are 1.75" This is going on a replica Lola T70 and the engine bay has quite a bit of room to work with. The engine is a closed chamber 4V (no dot) that was bought from...Read More...
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AC working and running ice cold!

Just wanted to give a big thanks to the guys at PI Motorsports for getting my AC all hooked up and working like a champ (was thinking about Vintage Air, but ended up just keeping it stock). Stuck in 405 traffic for more than an hour on the way home and it was so cold I couldn't even run it all the time. Temp gauge barely cracked 200 when I was sitting in dead stop traffic for a solid 5 min, but that's it. Money well spent knowing I can drive the car anywhere anytime and be comfortable and...Read More...
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Hello, I have been trying to get an answer on the following question for a year now and sent e-mails out to many people. Many Thanks to Rusty with "The Carburetor Doctor" for his nice response and especially to Mike ("King" on this Forum) who even removed the aircleaner on his Pantera and sent me photos of his 4300D. Unfortunately all this didn´t answer my question. On the 4300D Carburetor there is a plastic T-piece. On the 90° connection the tube for the hot-air-choke is connected (points...Read More...

I put a Farrari slaver cylinder in. The Adjusting nut does nothing where ever I put it. My 1972 Pantera was working and will drive the car, But, When I give Full throttle it slip. Slips under power but will drive car Normally. ???

I put a Farrari slave cylinder in my 1972 Pantera. The car drives Normally, But when I step on it, the clutch Slips. Been doing that all summer. Now, When I put it in Any Gear, It wont engage at all. I dont see the clutch turning, Just the Preassure plate. P.S. The Nut on the Slave cylinder, does nothing, no matter where I put it. It bottoms out against the cylinder.. is the rod on the cylinder too short?. Allowing the Clutch just to touch the flywheel enouygh to drive it. But, not enough...Read More...
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OK, here is the link to Mecham's auction set for mid Jan (7th-16th). I think this has been hashed previously......??? SO it's back..... Sales doc pics show what appears to be a very stock GOose with a new logo slapped on the grill and given to the photog....... What I do NOT see, are any pictures backing up ANY of the claims that Shelby had anything to do with the Boss 302, the side scoops and stripes, and...Read More...
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Malibu Country Mart Cars and Coffee

Forum: Videos
Yesterday, Riley and I took our Panteras to Malibu Country Mart Cars and Coffee and met some friends there. That afternoon I received this video of us pulling in at about 8am and some kind words. Occasionally, we see another one or two Panteras but most of the time, it's just us. We always get a great deal of attention. After the video starts and opens with the red Ferrari, we're right afterwards. (99) Lamborghini Diablo SV Wakes Up Malibu! (×2 Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari Dino, LB Huracan,...Read More...
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Clean out continues! Here is a set of three new hoses, of which you only will need two.....but I do not recall which of the smaller 90's is needed, so you get them both for the same price...... $35. Trim to fit. Nominal shipping depending on where you live...... Hopefully I can fit them in a flat rate padded envelope.....for best local shipping rates. International should garner regular first class shipping up to 4lbs. Hose on the left runs from water pump inlet to one of the under car...Read More...

Points and Condenser

Who still uses points and condensers? I have never been an electronic ignition guy and especially now since item like Pertronix are all made in China. I have NOS points but not a NOS condenser. 2nd Q does anyone know what NOS condensers I need to buy? I believe it was #12300 but all i see are #12300-A? what Micro Farad's were they?Read More...
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Cooling, cooling, cooling

I just purchased a Pantera. I know they have trouble cooling. Need a little advice. This car has a radiator from MAP in Florida. Suppose to be a high flow efficient radiator. Anyone know anything about them? It has the original fans that were rebuilt but I'm having cooling issues. What to do..... ThanksRead More...
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Pictures of Member's Other Cars Featured

George P
This topic was suggested by Gary Walker (comp2). Its a way for members to learn a bit about each other, and gives you guys a chance to show-off your other vehicles. All community members are encouraged to contribute and add pictures of the non-De Tomaso vehicles (including motorcycles) you proudly own.Read More...
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Make Stock Rear A-Arms Adjustable

Start by cutting off the bushing holders as shown. I used a recipro saw, and belt belt sander to shape the angle. Then.......... I would suggest tack welding these on first to make sure everything lines up cleanly, if you get the angle wrong the rod ends won't fit right in the bushing holders and you may need to knock them off and sharpen or lessen the angle. Again, belt sander works well for this. Get these or equivalent. Must be HIGH MISALIGNMENT Now you need spacers to fit between the...Read More...
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Switch order

Hi, I am having trouble understanding which switch does what in what order on the dash panel. Here is what I think but please correct me if I'm wrong. Headlight switch left= off center= parking lights and gauge lights right= headlights Courtesy switch left= off center= map lights right= dome light What are people using the aux switch for? Thanks ChrisRead More...
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