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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Hello All After my heater hose failed and I had to take almost all carpets etc out of the car I also found the heater regulator valve leaking. The bend rod actuator was leaking. After taking everything apart I found in the internet a shop in Germany that sells that valve new, I bought it and it arrived today. with very little work the valve is ready to be put back into the car. Here are some pictures for who is interested. Best regards UlliRead More...
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I am starting to install heater hoses and trying to figure out routing at the front of the engine. I have seen photos of them going over and around the alternator. Do they go behind the AC compressor? The heater hose in the photo below is a temporary bypass hose that returns to the water pump. Please disregard it.Read More...
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Mangusta /Bigua

Dear Friends, I try to find out more of the History of my DeTomaso Mangusta. The Car is homologated as a DeTomaso Mangusta and have some Details wich seems to be different to later Qvale Production Cars. It have a other Trunk Interieur, no Trunk Lock , blue valve Covers, No Abs , the silver door handles, the former Owner changed the wheels to Antera Wheels and as I changed the heater core, I found some Prototype Stickers in the car. Also the Importer said that he saw that at DeTomaso for a...Read More...
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Thoughts on this swirl tank setup please...

Hi all, My overflow tank had rusted out so I bought the pair of new tanks for Hall. Just swapping them in now and I noticed that my current setup used the sensor fitting on the swirl tank to attach to a bleed hose that goes underneath and up to the radiator (not a stock radiator). The new tank doesn't have the fitting as you can see so I'm about to revert to stock it seems. Am I in for purge hell ? My radiator has a bleed valve on it but I will have to block off the other fitting that went...Read More...
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Mangusta tool kits

I did a few tool kit rolls last summer and decided I would finish the rest of the materials and supplies I had on hand. The kits I am offering are not complete but are very accurate. Version A comes with replica spark plug brush, gloves and polish rag. Version B comes with 18mm wheel wrench, replica screwdriver and mini-screwdriver kit plus spark plug brush, gloves, rag. The "A" version is available at $355 and the "B" version is $525. DenisRead More...
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Fuel pickup sender Need any new tips for install

So I am trying to get my fuel pick-up to work correctly. Its been in there for a long time and it just reads empty with the red light on. I can disconnect the wires and get the red light off. I have pulled the pickup out and it does make the gauge go from full to empty when I mover the arm. So it just not in the tank correctly for the float arm to move up and down. Do I need to (cough) bend it with trial and error to find a spot where it moves freely? Does anyone have any new tips since...Read More...
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Brake Light Switch Retrofit

It was recently brought to my attention by a fellow motorist that my car had no brake lights. So, I took it home and jumped out the wires at the switch and sure enough the lights came on. Failed brake light switch. Searching the forum, I found the general consensus was to retrofit a mechanical switch and do away with the pressure switch. There are a few examples that can be found on the forum but they lack some detail so I thought I would document what I did in case someone else considers...Read More...
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Seal belts restorable?

Hi all, I’m in the process of restoring my Pantera from 1974 after had it standing for 6-7 years since I bought it. Already got amazing help on head light problem from the forum, I what to hear if anyone have tried to restore their original seat belts? Is it possible? Would like to keep as much as possible original. Or perhaps there existing a company who restores old seat belts? Thx in advance. BR bryskeRead More...
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Lawsuit filed against new De Tomaso Automobili

All, Seems we have been here before, as the latest group trying to revive De Tomaso is now named in a lawsuit filed by their former GM/CMO Ryan Berris. Link : New Lawsuit: Revival of Ultra-Luxury Supercar Brand De Tomaso Undone by Fraudulent Scheme Larry Sent from me using a magic, handheld electronic gizmo.Read More...
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What is this Pushbutton Dash Pull (and more…)

Can anyone tell us what this dash pull-knob does on a pushbutton Pantera? It’s the one to the right of the radio. The one below it was an aftermarket mod for the antenna control switch. I thought I had seen a thread describing it, but wasn’t able to find it. Another interesting thing I noticed on this early pushbutton Pantera is that this van is stamped into the underside of the deck lid. You guys probably knew all that, but I sure didn’t…Read More...
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Engine cowling behind firewall? Yes or no?

Attached is a picture of the cowling on the front of my engine, I'm removing it to work on the motor. Do you all run with both the cowling AND the firewall cover? (The upholstered fiberglass part from that faces the passenger compartment) I have both on 2811, just wondering if everyone has the same or is the cowling redundant? What say you?Read More...
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Unusual car sighting

This morning my friend Greg (Dobiecat) and I dragged our Panteras out to a car meet, the Zuma Beach Cars and Coffee, which has now relocated to the parking lot of the Killer Shrimp restaurant in Marina Del Rey. The usual assortment of Lambos, Ferraris, McLarens, Porsches, etc. were all there but, in addition there were two Koenigseggs in attendance. It's rare to see a Koenigsegg at any car show in southern California, but two, I've never seen before.Read More...
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Group 4 Homage for sale

Geoff Peters very well executed road legal Group 4 homage is up for auction this weekend with a very realistic estimate, it would be very hard to build this quality of a car car for the money! More...

Steering column play

Working on a 9000 series car. We have a lot of slop at the lower end of the steering column, evidently a worn or missing bushing, causing both lateral and and end play. We also have the lost motion from wear at the male and female 'D' shaped telescoping section. The column is notably different (shorter) than what is in the two Ford era cars here that exhibit none of these problems. Anyone have any specific experience with the later cars?Read More...
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New Brake Lines Leaking

Hello All, I just replaced my rear calipers and brake lines. Pantera Parts Connection for the calipers and Hall Pantera for the brake lines. The calipers are leaking at the top where the brake line threads into the caliper. I noticed the OEM brake lines have a perfectly flat end on the side that goes into the caliper and the Hall Pantera lines have slight flair. From what I see it doesn't look like the brake line would fully seat inside the caliper. Any ideas? Thanks, John #2551Read More...
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