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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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My car has a stumble when accelerating off of idle. It is most pronounced when the engine is still warming up and mostly goes away when the engine is hot. It has a Holley 750 vacuum secondary carb. The 351C engine has an Edelbrock Torker intake manifold, a hydraulic roller cam, 1970 closed chamber heads, and dished pistons. I read an article about this at Holley's website and they sort of suggest a larger nozzle for the accelerator pump. Your suggestions to remedy this issue are appreciated.Read More...
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Coyote build is looking good and thanks to all helping!

Thought I’d share some pics of the current progress that I have had with my 9yo son. A big thanks to Corey Price for helping me on multiple levels with the build. Pantera Performance has been helpful as well providing CV joints (soon) and a wealth of knowledge; Quellas are so nice to talk to regarding specifics. Been waiting on a Holley HP tuner for 2+mths… hoping for end of this month🤞🏼Read More...
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Two new seats for 71-74 Pantera's

I have two new seats without the seat tracks for sale. They are located in Kansas City. They are from Hall Pantera and are still in the boxes they were purchased in. A fellow Pantera friend of mine owns them and he is storing in my garage due to an upcoming move. He wants $1200 for them both. Shipping on the buyer. Dm me and I will get you pictures of them if you have some interests. Let me know, I want them gone................LOL MikeRead More...
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Inherited '71 Pantera - Looking for advice on valuation and selling

Hey Pantera people, Hopefully this is the right forum for this sort of question. My father passed away about 3 years ago and I inherited his 1971 Pantera (as well as a 1937 Buick Century). The Century has more sentimental value to me and is more "practical" for my living situation so I'm looking to sell the Pantera but I'm finding it difficult to place a value on it and also I don't know the best way to sell a valuable car like this so any advice you might have would be much appreciated! The...Read More...
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Front Trunk Dropped or Relocated Battery Box

I'm strongly considering relocating my battery to the dropped location between the steering rack supports. I've read every post I can find but I'm looking for some feedback from those that have done this before I cut the hole. I purchased a box from someone who had it sitting around for a long time. After some measuring I found that it will not fit in my '74. I think it is a Hall box as it looks like pictures that have been posted elsewhere on the forum. That box measures 12-1/2" long by...Read More...
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Windshields wiper motor wiring diagram

A few years ago I pulled the wiper motor for a cleaning and greasing but did not photograph the connections, nor did I bother to install it immediately so now I can't remember what wires goes where. Do any of you have a diagram, and better yet a photo that shows what I need. Thank you. We do go out and drive our cars regularly but only got caught once in rain.Read More...
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Wilwood MC Question

Good evening, I just finished the Wilwood SACC brake upgrade as well as added the Wilwood MC and proportioning valve. Just curious if anyone has installed the Wilwood MC and if they used the .250" nylon spacers in kit? I talked to Scott at SACC and he said no one has mentioned any issues. I'm not having an issue but there are only 1-2 threads engaged when using the spacers. Wilwood says to use the spacers, but this isn't a Pantera only MC so looking for advice. My thought is that the spacer...Read More...
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Pantera Si Front Sway Bar - Very Impressive

I am working on a Pantera Si chassis and could not help but notice the increased diameter of the front sway bar on the car. The stock front sway bar on most of our cars are 7/8". I got out a micrometer and measured the diameter on the SI at 1.2". It looks like DeTomaso was getting serious about suspension on what turned out be one of his final models. The control arms on the Si are significantly longer and much improved as well.Read More...
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#2551 finally on the road

Good evening, I may have posted in the wrong forum but here goes. The car is about 80% complete, on the road and seems to be reliable for the moment. I made it to the Good Guys show in Scottsdale last month though the car is far from done. Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice along the way. Hopefully I've addressed most of the common issues before getting it on the road. Thanks again, JohnRead More...
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Driving 5177

I would like to take some detail pics and try doing vids, BUT the temptation to just DRIVE overcomes. 5177 is now stored in a different building rather than the shed it stayed in 20+ years. I added a centering line and delineators to help keep me straight. open the rollup and fire it up, walk the exit to ensure it is clear back off the concrete pad and into the yard. did show, but I have to angle due to transition and spoiler draggging. down the long dusty path to the paved road. head into...Read More...
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Tyre deliveries

We will be receiving a new delivery of the 345/35 R15 P7 on the 12 of December. i beleive we will get the 285/40-15 P7 early January. However if you need a set, i recomend buying them as soon as you can. i think there will be a big rush on the 345 when they come in as they have been out of stock for a while. Apologies for all this taking so long. Production has been a nghtmare over the last few years. Oh yes we still...Read More...
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...I thought a few of you may find this interesting. I had these Spinners for a few months waiting for me to find the time to machine the adapters in my garage shop. They are the Best made. Solid! You look at the cheap ones, and the backs are hollow and thin. These are made by 'American Racing'. The machining was accurate to the .001" and the fit is absolute. The Internal shoulder keeps the threaded bung in place and it is 'Lock-Tighted' in . The entire assembly presses in from the rear and...Read More...
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7146 Coming back tomorrow!

After being in storage for 22 years, 7146 will be back on the road tomorrow. My years of crawling around under cars are behind me, so I took it to the local Italian car specialist who has gone through it thoroughly. This is a late 74 US GTS that is in pretty original condition. The Yellow Gold paint was redone, thankfully IMHO by a P/O 25 years(?) ago but is still in presentable condition. They installed welded flares at the same time. I'm going to enjoy it for a while before deciding what,...Read More...
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