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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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I am considering adding an oil separator between the PCV valve and the vacuum port on the carb/manifold. I am interested in seeing how much oil is being pull into the manifold. I recently re-ringed the engine and thus it may not be much but it may good to know. Are any of you running this setup?Read More...
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Missing Car Import paperwork

All, I have a friend trying to import a DeTomaso from the Bonhams United Arab Emirates Auction to "de-register it from the UAE" so it can be exported from the country to the U.S. Bonhams is unable to supply such papers, and the owner is reportedly unresponsive. Anyone dealt with this recently? If you can help, I will forward your reply to the hopeful buyer, and thanks! J DeRyke (aka Bosswrench)Read More...
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I was always amazed about the gas filler located in the “early” Pantera! as I was looking for a solution I do like I came across a “Cobra” stile filler that wouldn’t look huge for the sail panel it will be mounted on / in! There are many different ways the factory fuel filler location) which wasn’t even used) looks : some have a egg shape, some have a round indentation/patched up hole with spot welds… I my case it’s a 1.5” hole that has a patch on the inside and 3 spot welds on the outside.Read More...
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Hello Everyone, I have a Holley 650 Double Pumper ( mechanical secondary} carb on my car for a long time, car runs great with instant throttle response. However, It runs too rich with unburnt fuel smell from exhaust especially at idle. My question is that if I were to switch the carb with a vacuum secondary one, will it make a difference as far as exhaust fumes are concerned ? I am willing to give up some performance for a cleaner exhaust. Any advice will be highly appreciated. ShahRead More...
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‼️UPDATED- New CHEAP headlight motors relay

UPDATED— Since I found and purchased my box of 10 relays from AliExpress, I have found they are available through more standard sources, eBay and even Amazon. most sellers will be China-based and pricing seems to greatly vary. put this into your search engine: JQX-38F relay CAUTION - these relays come in multiple voltages ratings and all look the same. Make sure any that you order are 12 V All, I have stumbled across brand new relays that are a near-perfect match for the DPDT headlight...Read More...
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Chapter 17 'Returning Fire'

...Not much to talk about here. I was fired upon, three to four times, in the entire year I Flew Helicopters in Vietnam, as Doorgunner, both on Hueys and Chinooks. I don't think I ever 'Killed' anybody. I never saw my 'Tracers' penetrate a Human Body. I didn't even see so much as a 'Muzzle Flash' from the 'Tree-Line'. What I will tell You is, a Number of Times, we would return Back to Base with our share of Bullet Holes through the Ship. When the Pilots called 'Receiving Fire', from My 'Fire...Read More...

Cabin ventilation… where does it go?

Here is the question.. there are vents to get air into to cabin.. theoretically.. warm or outside air or A/C cold.. but usually cars have a venting system that, for example you close the door let the “trapped” air escape… surely you saw vents in the rear of the doors towards the door-jam or behind the sides in the rear of the body, hidden behind the bumper… so, where is that feature on the Pantera cabin? I’m just wondering if you want to add cold air to the inside the air present in the...Read More...
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Turn signal switch Beware

I thought that I should share my experience with a replacement turn signal switch. As part of my Pantera upgrade project I did some upgrades to my electrical system, ATO fuse panel, tach adaptor, etc. My turn signal switch would not stay in the right turn position by itself, so I purchased a new replacement that I found on ebay. With everything installed, my son and I were testing all of the switch functions of the car. When testing the turn signal switch everything worked fine. Then he...Read More...


Has anyone changed the location of the horn button from the turn signal stalk to somewhere else? Looking for ideas on a location that is easy to install and use when needed while looking good and not kit-car-ish. I have a quick disconnect Momo steering wheel without an option for a horn, otherwise that would have been ideal. Any good ideas or successful relocation of the horn button out there?Read More...
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I am in the process of finishing installation of new brakes on a car and the front brakes are not releasing and drag when the car is driven. I disconnected and plugged off the front brake line at the master cylinder and the front brakes finally released while the rear brakes worked as they should. I can't tell what is causing the front brakes to retain pressure. The brake master is a DeTomaso reproduction. The pushrod between the booster and the brake master is adjusted to minimum length.Read More...
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Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model

I have been threatening to do a write-up on my build for a while. I see all these great threads, for example the ones by Rob B., Kirk Evans, and and others detailing extensive, very high quality work being done to their cars. My skills are not as tremendous, but I have the help and assistance of a an expert Pantera enthusiast and Hot Rodder (Wade - 4280 / Mark IV) and the resources of this board. My project started as a new motor build, with upgraded performance goals. I wanted to "freshen...Read More...
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8MA1010 now blue, need some measurement help!

After slow progress over MANY years, 8MA1010 finally has paint and is back home in full assembly mode I'm elated and will share details later when there's a bit more free time on hand!! Wanted to ask now tho if anyone has dimensions for the Mangusta 'chrome' headlight trim pieces (see photos), which were always missing on my car. I ASSUME they are formed from polished aluminum but maybe thin stainless instead? Per the few photos I've seen, the cross section of the trim looks like a modified...Read More...
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I decided on upgrading my brakes to the from SACC offered Wilwood conversion 6 piston with separate parking brake caliper. My main reason was that i can keep the original rims on the car…. I like the look of the 70’s balloony’s… and with the calipers in black it will not be very noticeably!Read More...
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Chapter 16 'Cobra Gunship Pilot Killed'

...5:00 AM on our Extra day, February 29th, let's make the best of it! 54 Years of 'Severe and Cronic PTSD', will not allow me to go back to sleep. I've been thinking about how to 'Properly' write this. If 'YOU', the Reader, can Not 'Handle' the reality of Death, Read NO Further! ...My Chinook was called out, one morning, to Fly Out and retrieve a Cobra Gunship, that had been shot down by Enemy Fire. It was a Long Flight, North and we made it there in the Afternoon. We found Her Half buried...Read More...
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