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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Veglia Tachometer digital conversion

I'm still dealing with getting my tach working properly with the Pertronix Ignitor 3 ignition module... While researching the problem in hopes of finding a solution, I ran across this semi-sorta DIY conversion... Thought it might be useful for both Mangusta & Pantera owners... MHRead More...
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Deck lid pins

I can't take credit for this mod. I got it off the PIBB right here a couple of years ago. My decklid cut into the corners of the quarters. I removed the taillights, and cut down a pair of hood pins. Just take the usual precautions. Use a drill stop to keep from going all the way through the deck surface. I would measure twice and drill once. After you locate the pins, use them as a guide to drill the deck. The underside of the decklid is a perfect X just like a triagulated brace!Read More...
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285/50-15 P7 They are actually here at last

Oo exciting news! I beleive the 285/50R15 P7 has actually been manufactured and is in transit to Longstone as we speak. All being well i think you will be very happy with the price. I am amazed that it has happened as various other projects have been put on the back burner, due to the difficulties with production capacities after factories have spent too much time closed over the last few years. It will be on here when they turn up And i...Read More...
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Single Slot Detomaso Pantera 15" wheel set. SOLD, SOLD

SOLD........A set of 15x7" and 15x8" original early Detomaso Pantera magnesium wheels. Wheels appear to be in fine shape with no physical damage. Cosmetic restoration recommended for show car looks. Missing one center emblem. Wheels held air just fine. See picture with tires before dismount. $2500 for the set of 4.... Will not separate.Read More...
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This exceptional, rare, rust free, 37500 mile 1971 DeTomaso Pantera VIN THPNLS01850 has been owned since Jan 1977. The car was purchased and licensed in Florida, then imported, safety certified and licensed in Toronto, Canada in August 1977. It was stored from 1985 until mid-2019 when it was fully refurbished (mechanically and cosmetically – underbody and exterior) over a 3 year period for road use and low additional cost risk for a buyer. The car is finished in Ferrari Rosso Corsa 322...Read More...
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WANTED: LH lower engine mount, two rear decklid hinges!

I'm looking for a LH lower engine mount, P/N 08204B. A RH mount would work as well, I could re-drill the bolt hole if necessary. I am also looking for a pair of decklid hinges, P/N 18121A. Send me a message if you can help, ThanksRead More...
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05843 Restoration

Hello again Pantera community….. it’s been a while! Nope… I didn’t fall off the earth… I‘ve been restoring a few of my daughter’s cars with her. Most notably a 1969 Boss 302 clone. Then, I built another GT40 … but now, finally pulled 05843 from the back of the barn. I’ve been concerned for years that the rust which was generally speaking minimal at the time of purchase (almost a decade ago) has continued to creep. For that reason, my focus for right now is “preservation”. And, as the current...Read More...
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My old friend Chris Darling did indeed have a massive heart attack while leaving the recent Lake Havasu Car Show in his Pantera, and hit first a parking island, then a tree (at 5-10 mph!) But after 45 minutes work by paramedics and a rapid trip to the hospital, they stabilized him enough for successful 6-hr open heart surgery. He had undiagnosed 80% cardiac blockage on one side! I'm 700 miles north so I had previously heard only sketchy reports he had NOT survived. Imagine my shock when I...Read More...
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One person ZF adjustment

All, While chasing a linkage problem, which embarrassingly turned out to be a not so tight turnbuckle jam nut (word to the wise, there) I finally fabricated something that has been on my mind for years. Following the technical manual linkage adjustment directions, I located the shift arm as instructed and then took measurements. This is what I came up with: Larry Sent from me using a magic, handheld electronic gizmo.Read More...
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The professional assembly process has begun ...

Haven't posted in a long time. Busy working on my Lotus projects but early last year I decided to spend some funds and have Pelegrini Performance Group assemble my 74 Pantera. I dropped the car and tons of parts off at PPGs shop and figured it would sit there for a while until they completed a Pantera project in front of mine. It sat in the inside storage area until recently. They moved it the the front shop area(2 Bays) one for the car and one for the parts. Their mechanic J.B. called and...Read More...
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Won’t start

Getting #2034 put back together. Drained gas tank, new fuel filter, primed fuel pump and had gas running into jug at carburetor. Reconnected lines, cranked and turned over once. On second try …nothing, and I mean NOTHING. Not a click, no buzzers, no fans, nothing. Battery is brand new (<24 hours old) and 100% charged putting out 13v. All fuses at the panel are intact (though I wouldn’t think that was the issue). No smells, no burning. Bypassed the ignition switch (granted, I’m NO...Read More...
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Is there a replacement diaphragm for the Bonaldi brake booster?

Hello everyone, This year we started an extensive restoration of Mangusta number 834. Now running I come upon a small mystery, hopefully for you guys this is a problem that will have occurred before. There is no way I can find the correct diaphragms for the bonaldi brake booster. Has anyone found parts for this, or is the only option another brake booster? any other bonaldi is basically too big for the cramped mangusta dash and pedal placement. I would like to let you know that after reading...Read More...
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New A/C Compressor - SpeedMaster 508 Style

I need to buy a new air conditioning compressor for #3648. I was looking at this A/C Compressor from Speedmaster link: Speedmaster® Air Conditioning Compressor PCE413.1001 | Buy Direct with Fast Shipping ( . Has anyone had any experience with this Speedmaster compressors? Or should I buy a Sanden or what would you suggest? Comments welcome. LarryRead More...
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