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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Jomar #1135 Stud Girdles for Sale!

I'm changing over to Yella Terra pedestal mount rocker arms, so I no longer need these stud girdles. They will include the taller poly-locks as well. $100.00, plus shipping: (also available: cam, lifters, pushrods, rocker arms....inquire if interested)Read More...

Taller 5th gear question

I am thinking on either changing ping/pinion to a ex. 3.77 OR an "overdrive" 5th gear. My goals are mainly to get the rpm lower at cruising speed and also a higher topspeed. I have tried to email RBT, but it comes back as not able to email them. Any thoughts or suggestions on where to get the parts? Are RBT still in business or does anyone have a better way to contact them? Price difference for a 5th gear and ring/pinion? Thoughts? Rgds JesperRead More...
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1973 Pantera For Sale - $72,500

1973 DeTomaso Pantera in excellent condition for sale by Panteras By Wilkinson. The car starts, runs, shifts, and drives great. Everything works including the air conditioning. The wheels are by Boyd Coddington. Clean title and current California registration. VIN is THPNNP05526. Mileage is 80,561. The following work has just been completed: - New paint - New GTS exhaust system in stainless steel (headers, tailpipes, and mufflers) - New coil over shock absorbers - New flush mounted...Read More...
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Undercoating a Pantera

Hello All. I've read the website Pantera Place's information and procedure for applying a fresh coat of undercoating to the wheel wells and underbody. Since then I've also read and watched videos touting undercoatings using everything from Truck Bed Spray Liner to Rubberized Coatings for the under side of vehicles. Does anyone know what was used by the Factory or what is the best of today's offerings, Thanks in advance.Read More...
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I met a guy at Barrett-Jackson, selling his "original" Pantera (S/N 3008). He obtained the car is 1980 from the first owner. With all his "original" stuff - he got this glove. He said that Ford packed these gloves in every new Pantera sold - it was used when you pull the spare out, so you don't get your hand dirty. I have never heard of this, but I told him I would check it out, and get back to him. OBTW... His car sold last night for $102K (112K with Buyer's Commission). RockyRead More...
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Adjustable upper rear a-arms

Here is a pair of adjustable upper rear a-arms for sale. The heim joints are in good shape. The only caveat with these is the extra square tube that was used to connect to a road race style sway bar. The square tube could be cut off. If interested, please make me an offer. ThanksRead More...

Pantera beats Aston DB9 in braking performance

In cooperation with the Graz University of Technology the structure of classic car accidents as well as the causes and consequences of accidents were analysed in detail. In this context a comparison of the brake delays for selected vintage cars and newer vehicles was carried out. Great outcome for the Pantera :-) The brake deceleration measurements for the Pantera (9.92 m/s2) is almost as good as with modern cars. Unfortunately in German only, but have a look at the tables pages 179 to 182.Read More...
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dead electrics bump

have been slowly working my way through the fact my car died an electrical death suddenly wo warning no smoking gun i have power into and out of my ammeter no power to fuse panel (panytera electronic) upgrade or to ignition ignition appears to be after market the black ammeter wire disappears into the bundle behind the conslo any ideas? is there a fuse on the ammeter wire?Read More...
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Hey, Looking for info from anyone using the CHI 3v heads in their Clevelands. I have an issue in my rebuild where the pushrods are hitting the base of the guide plates at lift which is causing the pushrod ball end to slightly start to come out of the rocker arm pockets. My engine builder says this is a problem :( I am using Comp Cam roller cam, COMP Cams Ultra-Gold Aluminum Rockers and CompCam-4804 guideplates.. CHI told me they use Manley 3/8" stepped guide plates #42156-8 . Lots of build...Read More...
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Cylinder heads

A friend of mine is up to start an engine rebuild (351C) and he is looking for advise/"recomondation" about cylinder heads. We booth have AFD heads on our engines but it seems that it is difficult to get in contact with them, they do not respond to email. So if you guys have any information about other brands that are of good quality he would appreciate it. AndersRead More...


Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so I hope I am following proper etiquette. I have just finished a complete custom build on my 73 and I will be listing a lot of original parts in the weeks and months to come. Today I would like to offer my ZF -2 for sale. This tranny is brand new rebuilt by Don Byers I also installed the cable shift offered by SACC. Don completely went through the ZF and installed a taller 5th gear. This tranny can be switched back to linkage shift if...Read More...
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