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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Pantera Electronics- Jon Haas

After a 4-year absence from Pantera ownership it only took 1 day before I broke something on the new cat. I decided to check the function of the hazard lights forgetting how fragile these switches are regardless of limited to no use. Sure, enough just like the Pantera before it, it popped out but would not stay locked back in. I reached out to my old friend and the wizard of all things electrical for Panteras, Jon Haas of Panter Electronics. For those of you older owners you are likely...Read More...
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All, I have researched and found there are posts that say the Veglia fuel sender is zero ohms when full, and 200 ohms when empty. I have also researched and found there are posts that say the Veglia fuel sender is zero ohms when full, and 340 ohms when empty. Anyone know which is correct? Anyone sure there was not a design change somewhere during production? There are now numerous little black boxes, some as cheap as $40 and others well over $100. They all purport to allow custom calibration...Read More...
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1971 Courtesy Rocker Switch

All: My courtesy rocker switch never worked and I never cared. Finally pulled it out. Have verified wiring is correct and jumping with separate switch confirms both courtesy dome light and door lights work correctly. Question: is the rocker switch supposed to be an "on-off" switch with off being doors and on being courtesy? My switch seems to be centered in the middle and toggles both left and right. Neither position yields connectivity when tested with a meter. Before I pull the center pin...Read More...

Starter Motor

Hey fellow Pantera enthusiasts! My starter went out on my way back from a car show today (push started it, no worries). I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on what starter to go with. My '74 is pretty much bone stock, no wild engine mods, stock compression. What is the best starter to go with? Do I need to go hi-torq or do I just stick with a generic 351 Cleveland starter from one of the chain stores? BTW - I hear an audible click when I turn the key, so I suspect the solenoid is...Read More...
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Stolen - THPML04492

Sadly I have to report that my yellow Group 4 clone/tribute was stolen over the weekend from my 'secure' car park in Auckland, New Zealand. I've flooded social media with it (around 1,000 shares from my FB page) and there have been reports of it being seen in one particular location. I have a PI getting local cctv coverage. Got to say though that it's likely already in a container on its way overseas. Please keep a note of the serial number - you don't want to be accidently buying a stolen...Read More...
Last Reply By SteveS · First Unread Post
I am trying to put the screen in the engine bay and my MSD 8477 distributor is too tall. I found an old thread on this forum that talks about using a Chevy cap and rotor on the MSD 8477 to significantly reduce the height of the distributor. But there are not enough specifics in the old thread for me to understand how it is done. Does anyone have experience with changing the MSD 8477 to a Chevy cap? Here is the old thread. ...Read More...
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Hello PI Friends, I've owned this book since new and it is indeed a glorious pictoral of well-done modified Panteras. Over 300 pages of exquisite photography, fun owner intrigue, and of course the foreword by Tom Tjaarda is worth the read all by itself. Anyway, I'm whittling down my rather full library and have listed it here. Hoping a PI fan and member will choose to own it for their collection. More Pantera books to come. Thank you.Read More...
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4879 Restoration, Do you know this car?

Hi All, In process of getting 4879 red 73 Pantera transported to Australia, I see some history on PROVAMO which is great. Buying the car from BHCC is interseting but its not my first time. Would love see some history or talk to previous Owners if possible. The car had some work done at Halls in early 2000's. Once arrived in Australia she will get a clean up and RHD conversion. Will update this page as I go.Read More...
Last Reply By albanygt40 · First Unread Post
Good Day Fellow Automotive Enthusiasts, So many of you have been asking if there are plans for another Ford/Great Lakes Pantera sponsored JDRF event. Hopefully the attached information will keep your pistons humming and heart pounding until the newly announced September event. A block of rooms has been quarantined at the historic Dearborn Inn at the Ford corporate rate. New this year is the addition of Gary Patterson, President of Shelby Motors and his wife Sarah joining the event and...Read More...
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Replacement Pantera Outer Rocker Panels

As most pantera owners who have been into restoring a rusting pantera chassis know, NOS body panels are all but impossible to find, and the repros available from the vendors are of questionable quality. Especially the outer rockers available from various vendors do NOT fit well and require quite a bit of reworking to be made to fit – and, when finally made to fit, they do not have the correct shape – in particular the underside of the panels are hard to get correct as they originally curve,...Read More...
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