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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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Brake Lines

While I am replacing the calipers and rotors I have been mulling whether I should replace the hard lines. For those that completed the project was it relatively easy, or did it require removing major items (e.g. engine)? At 45 years old I am just concerned the lines can’t be in great shape but I may be projecting my wear and tear on the car as we are around the same age. I could attempt to bend them myself or buy the prebent SS kit from Summit Racing. She isn’t getting driven for the next...Read More...
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New Front Upper Ball Joints Requires A Spacer To Tighten?

Have you guys seen this before? I have been working on putting my front end back together and ran into an issue with a new upper ball joint. The castle nut on the upper ball joint, when torqued to 36 lbs, goes so far down the bolt of the ball joint that it makes the cotter pin hole useless. I have to put a spacer between castle nut and the bottom of the bolt. ThanksRead More...
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Pantera #4422 - is it a 1972 EURO import car?

Hello, I purchased a 1972 Pantera, its has a plate on the door showing the person that imported the car, and also Marti works can not pull anything from the VIN, It is a valid VIN. Is this a EURO GTS Car? Its been modified so not much is original. It has gauges in different language for systems such as fuel level, oil pressure ETC.Read More...
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Goose floor repair - Help needed

Evening / morning all, depending on where you are. I'm getting down to changing the race spec Goose back to (or rather toward) road / stock. The previous owner was 6'1" and decided to lower the floor on drivers side (only) to fit more easily with a helmet on. On a smooth as glass racetrack not much of an issue, but when I was in Sicily it bottomed out A LOT, so time to change! The help I need is guidance as to what it should look like. The passenger side (LHD car) doesn't seem to have been...Read More...
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THPNMR02811 - Time to Sell!

Hi fellow Pantera enthusiast and long time forum acquaintances. I am moving on to another chapter in my life, and am selling the very yellow, 1972, Pre-L 2811. You can find the E-Bay link here. Asking price is 89,950. Now, don't cry for me Argentina, but celebrate the opportunity to buy one of the finest Panteras in Orange County (right behind Jan's "Does 200") . This car needs nothing and has all the goodies that everyone wants: Solid body painted in Ferrari Modena Yellow (Giallo Modena)...Read More...

Vader Custom Window Regulator sets For Sale

Hello my friends, My name is Michael Millard and I am Rick Mitchell’s stepson. I am new here, but wanted to introduce myself and make everyone aware that I now build the custom window regulators for Rick and Ted Mitchell. Sadly Ted Mitchell passed away a short awhile ago. :( Rick and I sell the custom window regulator sets for $750 via PayPal. His design is plug and play with instructions detailing everything. The hardest part is getting the old heavy regulators out. Our custom regulators...Read More...
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