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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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I am getting ready to mount the seats in my Pushbutton Pantera. The car has dropped floor pans and does not yet have holes for the seat tracks. The tracks are original to the car and have been restored. Early Panteras came with short tracks and they are 14.75" long. Does anyone know where the holes should be drilled? Below are pictures of the seat/tracks followed by the dropped floor pan.Read More...
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Hello guys! Hade an issue today... After a jumpstart I forgott to disconect the cables and drove away 50-100 yards. I stoped the car when I heard the rattle behind the car and disconected them. Then when I drove a test run the ammeter was showing max load, is this normal? What would be the result if the positive and negative jumpstart cables made contact? AndersRead More...
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Personally I know for a fact every chrome bumper Pantera we've had for sale ends up in Europe. Germany is our strongest buyer. I have orders for specific cars I can't fill. Copy: In 2018 alone, about 30,000 classic cars left American ports in shipping containers, with most sailing to Europe, according to Dmitry Shibarshin, marketing director of West Coast Shipping. Read on... ...Read More...
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Where are these Manusta parts drawings from?

...Probably a question I should have asked a long time ago, I think I pulled these down from the "Mangusta International" website a decade ago...I have a total 19 of these parts drawings, all distinct from the factory parts manual that George has cleaned up and offers cheap. Besides the factory set of 39 TAVs, does anybody know of more documentation? LeeRead More...
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Hello group, this is my first post. Thank you in advance. I wanted some ideas on dual air cleaners that can connect to the side elephant ears to bring in fresh air that is filtered. can you guys share some pictures of dual air systems. Where can i find a nice looking cleaner that is ready to install? I know Spectrum makes one that is round with two outlets, I really don't care fore that look.Read More...
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One area of restoration I have not thought about has been the heating and AC. I was talking with a Muscle Car Builder and he just throw out that I would like the Vintage Air systems he installs. My gut knotted up, but I realized I don’t have a definite plan. Are there modern replacements for the system as built? What would be the things I need to know? Does someone make a complete kit?Read More...
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Last weekend was the day of Italy (June 2). To celebrate, there was a meeting of Italian cars of all times. There were several very special models as, Ferrari 330, 250GT, Lancias, Alfas, Maserati Ghilbi (Giorgetto Giugiaro), an Alfa GTA Autodelta (last survivor of 4 manufactured), and of course my 1971 Pantera. Very happy, since after a few years of restoration, won the prize for the best restored.Read More...
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Seeking advice on exhaust system replacement

One of the more questionable design choices made by a prior owner was to install jet boat style 180 degree headers and a custom exhaust on my Pantera. This is a very free flowing exhaust, but also resulted in a tremendous amount of heat being trapped under the deck lid, which also has no insulation. This is in turn having a detrimental effect on the paint of the deck lid, which will ultimately have to be repainted. The passenger side header also does a fine job of keeping the coolant and...Read More...
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