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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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Hi all, I am looking for some advice. I have an original set of Campagnolo Magnesium wheels on my Pantera. One of the wheels has a slow leak which I had fixed last summer by removing the tyre and then having it re-seated. Even though I thought this has solved the issue, the problem has now returned. I suspect the leak is caused by a poor seal due to corrosion. i am going to remove the tyre once again and clean up the inside of the rim, does anyone have any further experience or advice which...Read More...
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Fuel tank for sale

I sold my 72 and my 74 recently. I will miss them but had to move on. In cleaning the shop I found a batch of misc. parts to which I will put on here as a single lot to sell. The one thing I have that should be a nice item to have is a good fuel tank. I bought it for my 74 as it had an aftermarket cell but never installed. Its been years on the shelf and really not sure what its worth or any interest. If someone is interested in one let me know. I will get pics of parts to listed as soon as...Read More...
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Pre-L + GT5-S FS/Mecum/Kissimmee............

'72 pre L.......... https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-359757/1972-detomaso-pantera/ '87 GT5-S........ https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-359791/1987-detomaso-pantera-gt5-s/ And (OMG!) this Ford GT............ https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-359641/1965-ford-gt-competition-prototype-roadster/ If you plan on parking this ancestor of our Panteras next to yours, plan on bringing a few million..........Read More...
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Seeking advice in choosing between aluminum and steel flywheels for my Mangusta

I am finally getting the bits together enough to join the engine and transaxle, and load it into the back of 8MA600. Now I must choose the flywheel to be forever entombed under the hatches. I have two flywheels, each balanced to the engine. 1, a 13 pound alumium / steel Centerforce, and 2, a stock 21 pound Steel. Engine is a 347 with TW heads and Webers. I am thinking that the aluminum flywheel would be fun for about a day. With the Webers, the revving needed, the tall tall tires, and the...Read More...
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Reunion (FINALLY!)

After 4 long years, I was finally reunited with my Pantera about an hour ago. She is so beautiful! And though there are a few little things that still need sorting, the cat has come home. Sunday, she goes to French/Italian Car Show in Van Nuys, and then I'll take her back next week for the last few little details. Just happy to see her home again.Read More...
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Consecutive VINs... Who’s Got ‘Em?

After I saw Rene's / Ken's comments on 4406/4403, I thought it would be fun to hear about people who have vehicles with consecutive VINs, especially if some of the cars are unique. Of course everyone has searched ProvaMo to see cars close to them, but come have encountered them (or very close ones) in the flesh. Would love to hear those stories. This might be too hard, since I can no longer link multiple photos in a single post, but, here goes... My car, 5357:Read More...
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Which piston for 351C .020 over

I’ve started working on the original engine for my pushbutton, wanting to replace the 550+ HP stroker madness in the car currently, with a close-to original smooth running 351C. I have all the original engine parts, including the ’71 close chamber heads and the Ford aluminum D1ZX-9425-DA dual plane manifold. The block needs a 020 overbore. I'm thinking of replicating the Ford recommendation for a 365 HP 351C using the Cobra jet cam and flat-top piston in the M-code engine mentioned by George...Read More...
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I fell in love with the Pantera in 1971, back then it had a specific look. I have no interest in altering its appearance (I prefer the Pre-L appearance). I want the car to be my daily driver until my license is revoked (due to age). Like those of you who want to DRIVE your cars, I wrestle between originality and practicality. Tires and wheels are one of the big issues. I have a set of OEM wheels stacked in my storage unit. I also have Wilwood 4 piston brakes (12.19 rotors) that fit within...Read More...
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Seeking a Cam recommendation for a 393 with 4V heads

Dear friends, This time, I build a 393. Block is o2 over Diamond Flat Top Pistons Scat I beam rods Scat crank. Heads are 4v open chamber litte ported , new brass valve guides Manley Race Master valves installed. The engine is for the track and sometimes for the street. Wich cam should I use ? Want to install a roller cam. Thanks for your help in advance.Read More...
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Seeking Advice Regarding Rebuilding or Replacing A Deauville Steering Rack

I am afraid this question has been posted before but my search of the net has not produced a usable result. The steering rack in my 1972 Deauville is leaking everywhere. If possible I would like to replace it with a functional equivalent from another car. Any ideas what has worked in the past? Can the original rack be rebuilt? I am in LA - been trying to contact Steve Wilkinson for advice with no luck so far. The car's restoration is almost complete - this is the last challenge before we can...Read More...
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For Sale: 1988 Pantera GT5-S

'88 Pantera GT5-S for sale. Approximately 11,000 original miles. All aluminum 418 cubic inch 570 hp Fontana motor with Holley HP fuel injection. Sounds great. Meticulous ground up restoration that cost more than 150k by Malin Motors. Pretty much every and any part you can think of has been replaced and upgraded. Many photos available of the restoration process. Registered in California. I have California Historic Vehicle plates currently on the car. Asking 275k or best offer. Willing to...Read More...
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Paint Patterns - lower areas

I am putting together a page on how the lower area (rockers, front and rear valiance, and corners) have been painted. What was 'stock' and some owner selections... Please send me your photos of this area. If your car in the registry already has a good photo or photos of this area, let me know the number and I will include it. I will post a link when I have a few examples. ChuckRead More...
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Does the wider of the two dust boot retaining rings go on the outside (towards rotor) of the caliper or the inside (parking brake side)? The Pantera Place rebuild states "The narrow ring goes on the inside boot and the wide on the outside boot." When I took my calipers apart, the narrow dust boot retaining ring was on the outside towards the rotor and the wide retaining ring was on the inside. What way is correct? Please advise. Thanks.Read More...
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