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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Looking for a Pantera

Hi everyone, my name is Georg(e) and i am from Germany. So first: sorry for my bad english. I am thinking about buying a Pantera for several years now and finally decided to get one. Of course it would be best to find one here in Europe, but i imported my Dodge Charger in 2012, so if you are not in a hurry, an offer from America would be fine too. I am looking in the prize range of 75000€ (85000$) and preferably the car is quite close to original, because of the German TÜV. Thanks a lot, GeorgRead More...
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Seeking advice concerning what may have caused my Pantera's ignition to stop working

My 1973 Pantera has decided to throw another curveball at me. We installed a new Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley Sniper EFI system in the car. After some significant effort, we finally had the car idling smoothly when it just died entirely. There is no longer any power when turning the ignition. The EFI system has been wired separately, directly to the battery as directed and none of the fuses or relays on the EFI harness are bad. We are getting 12v to the harness as expected and all...Read More...
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Seeking suggestions regarding throttle cable improvements.

Replaced throttle cable after finding knots tied in it by previous master mechanic. The design of this system does not appear to me to be the best design . Plus the cable return spring tension seems awful high and that bend the cable makes before the engine bracket is way too tight. Not too satisfied.Read More...
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There were once many solid flat tappet street/strip cams for the 351C with intake duration at 0.050 in the range of 238° to 248°; literally everybody sold one. The popular Crane F246 is one such cam. This is my stab at the genre. I recently penned this camshaft for a Mustang owner. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone might be interested (if so I can provide full information). Similar cams typically have narrower lobe centers (108° to 112°), more overlap (70° to 85°), and a steeper...Read More...
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I've reworked my steering rack, getting it ready to install. I can't stop the leaks at the big end of the bellows. Everything is smooth & clean, new bellows, even put #2 permatex (non hardening) in to seal - and it still leaks. Any suggestions??Read More...
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OEM De Tomaso windshields and rubbers available via Mr. Fiat

If anyone is looking for OEM quality Detomaso Windshields and rubber gaskets please visit our website www.mrfiat.com The windshields are made in Scandinavia with sanded edges and original thickness. For concourse quality restorations. www.mrfiat.comRead More...
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Pantera # 4656: New project with BMW V8 power

Hello I have not posted here since 2008 when my first Pantera was done. But now i have a new project. This spring i got a Pantera from Sweden. some body shop had rust repaired and painted it in 1986, since then it has been stored with all parts in boxes. The work they have done on the car is very poor so i have to do it again!Read More...
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Has anyone replaced their broken turn signal? I wonder if this is a big process or not. The turn signal in my red 5S has been broken for years and just now my Group 4 turn signal broke, so its a bit annoying now with both broken. To activate the turn signal I now have to hold it in the left or right position because it will not stay in that position. Thanks.Read More...
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Sonoma Show & Shine Car Show............

Join us for Sonoma Raceway's third annual Speedway Children's Charities event. 5 Panteras were in attendance last year, and I'm sure there are lots more of us North Bay/Wine Country Panteras that should attend this year. We are planning to gather at 7:30 am Saturday in the small parking lot just to the right inside gate 1 to then enter the show and park together. https://www.sonomaraceway.com/events/sonoma-show-shine-car-show/Read More...

For Sale: Pantera #2659. A gr4 project

Hello I'm selling my Pantera car #2659 (US Title) due to personal changes. Wide flares, lot of new parts to build a gr4 car, restored body, car is in south of France 351 rebuilt engine, ZF, rebuilt suspensions (bearings, bushings, paint etc ... all new), Holley dominator intake new parts 4 Racing calipers from BGDevelopments in UK new shocks (SACC restorations) 180° racing exhaust water pump, High Torque starter, FIA roll cage 750 quickfuel mechanical MSD ignition and distributor damper 100A...Read More...
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First I want to thank all of you who I met while I was working as a field engineer traveling around the earth. I have been in 44 states in the US and 22 countries, in 37 years! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness, I have met a lot of people in the Detomaso community and not one of you would I vote "off the island"! I am not going away just disappearing for a while. I have retired, and my wife has also, so we have planned a retirement trip. We leave in a few days, we will be gone 52...Read More...
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What is the easiest way to adjust rear camber (remove shims)? ACK!

I have 1 degree full negative camber on both sides. I thought I'll just loosen the nut on the A arm fork and pry it away from the frame enough to knock one of the slotted shims out. I think about half a degree of negative would be about right? Turns out they're not slotted! Now how much of the suspension do I have to take apart to pull that fork all the way through the frame to get'em off? Further, how is one suppose to make adjustments if this has to be done each time? I guess they were...Read More...
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