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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Mangusta Top Rear Link Double HEIM solution?

Rather than cutting the outer bushing end and retro-fitting a HEIM joint, wouldn't it be a better idea to find one pre-made to replace it with and bag-n-tag the original for posterity? Something like this would seem to be a bolt-on solution: There are of course MANY other companies that make them for custom chassis builders. Thoughts? MHRead More...
Last Reply By bosswrench · First Unread Post
I have a rotary air conditioning compressor installed in my Pantera. I'd like to relocate the charging valves to the back of the car near the receiver drier and condenser to make it simpler to service the system. I haven't been able to find the valves that I need. If any of you know of a source for the valves I'd appreciate that information. Thanks.Read More...
Last Reply By lf-tp2511 · First Unread Post
Yesterday I had the oportunity to do a few laps in a Ferrari 488 GTB. It was quite amazing, but what stood out was its race preped brakes. Wow, what a differnce from my stock Pantera brakes. Those brakes could scrubb off a 100mph in a moment, over and over again. I was astounded. I wouldnt trade my Pantera for any super car, but sure would like to brake like they do. We've had forum discussions regarding Pantera brakes. Most of the available aftermarket solutions tend to be considered a...Read More...
Last Reply By husker · First Unread Post

Duraspark distributor cap Pantera

Hi all, I want to replace the distributor by a Duraspark , is there a problem to use a small cap wit male connectors ? because the space from distributor and firewall , and I want to use my original engine center cover. and witch cable set is the best to use ? dont will cross the valve covers any advice is welcome. SimonRead More...
Last Reply By simon · First Unread Post

What's the length of the Mangusta jackshaft to intake manifold studs

Hopefully this is an easy one. The shop rebuilding my engine lost the two studs that go in the middle two mounts for the jackshaft into the intake manifold. I can get the diameter and thread pitch from a regular intake bolt, but don't know the exact length. If I recall correctly, it should be +/- 3" or 4" long. The shop that lost them is willing to make me new ones, but we need to know the length. Thanks in advance, MHRead More...
Last Reply By mkeh · First Unread Post
Thanks to George P and all of the others that provided insight and technical knowledge on upgrading to a Duraspark ignition system. I purchased a NOS Duraspark I ignition module and coil, along with a rebuilt/upgraded distributor from DUI. What sounded like an easy upgrade took a lot longer than expected because we struggled with getting the distributor gear to fully engage with the camshaft. After a gear swap to the original distributor gear and setting the engine to TDC she finally dropped...Read More...
Last Reply By Dobiecat · First Unread Post
"Behold the De Tomaso Pantera: An Italian Supercar Powered by Ford" An article written by the Summit Racing Equipment editor of OnAllCylinders about my Pantera 3336 at the Grainworks Brewing Company Cars and Coffee in West Chester Ohio this summer. I thought he did a pretty decent job given we had only a short discussion about my Pantera and Panteras in general. More pictures and the article at the link: Enjoy, RonRead More...
Last Reply By rlee63a4 · First Unread Post

Difficulty locating a replacement thermostat

There was in a post a few weeks ago the photos of two thermostats, one of which had an upper passage sectionthan the other with, it seems to me, a link to a supplier. I can't find this post despite using the search function. Can anyone find this post? Thank you in advanceRead More...
Last Reply By rene4406 · First Unread Post

Delta wing weight & decklid gas spring rating

Hello Everyone, Does anyone know the weight of Fiberglass delta wing and does it necessitate the use of low pressure hatch lift support structs if the wing is removed? At the moment the lift supports are strong and hold the hatch up with the wing without any issue. I had another Pantera in past without a wing and when driven on bumpy roads sometimes the hatch would unlatch and raise up by itself. I am thinking about removing the wing from my car but don't want the same scenario again. ShahRead More...
Last Reply By panterashah · First Unread Post

Gemballa Pantera GT5S

Hello, I am not certain if some of you know about this, but there is a Gemballa GT5S Pantera here in Egypt, north Africa. Belongs to my good friend Mr. Shalaby, who has owned it for the last 18 years or so. Most probably the only Gemballa modified Pantera in existence. Otherwise there are 3 other Panteras in Egypt aswell. It was originally a 1971/2 car, sent to Gemballa in Germany, in 1998 where it under went a complete ground up restoration/modification and came back in 1999 to Egypt, a one...Read More...
Last Reply By bosswrench · First Unread Post

For Sale: Mind Train Mufflers

Used Mind Train Mufflers in fair condition taken off the car about 10 yrs ago. Both pipes have been cut and one glass pack internals are loose, other three are okay. They are loud but sound awesome. $250 for both. Pickup in Columbus Ohio area or will ship at buyer's expense.Read More...