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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at a car show near their home in San Jose, California. Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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1971 Courtesy Rocker Switch

All: My courtesy rocker switch never worked and I never cared. Finally pulled it out. Have verified wiring is correct and jumping with separate switch confirms both courtesy dome light and door lights work correctly. Question: is the rocker switch supposed to be an "on-off" switch with off being doors and on being courtesy? My switch seems to be centered in the middle and toggles both left and right. Neither position yields connectivity when tested with a meter. Before I pull the center pin...Read More...
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Carburetor Schematic

Where can I find a diagram or schematic detailing the carburetor linkages for a stock 1974 Pantera? I bought chassis number 6504 five years ago and am just now putting it together. The previous owner had it in his barn for 13 years and it sat in my shop for 5 years waiting... Now it's time. I finished painting in it's original orange in June. Now I'm putting the pieces together. Just wondering how Ford/Detomaso originally designed the carb attachment. I have the cable, spring and an...Read More...
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1972 De Tomaso Pantera $79,999 #2917 (Danville, IL)

Found this ad on Facebook Marketplace. (Not my car.) "This car has been in my collection for over 30 years. I saw this on the showroom floor at the Lincoln mercury dealer in my hometown when I was a kid. Has just over 52,000 miles. Restoration was performed shortly after I purchased in early 90s. Excellent condition overall. AC does not work. Headliner needs replaced. Best car on the market,anywhere near this price. $79,999" (1) Marketplace - 1972 De Tomaso Pantera | Facebook Richard O.Read More...
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Need help from an Australian member

George P
. I need copies of the engine specification pages from the Ford workshop manual, for the XC, XD, or XE Falcon ... one, two, or all. I have the engine manual for the XB Falcon. Scanned pages, JPEG or PDF, would be OK. I'm also willing to buy the entire engine manual or set of manuals. If you can help, please PM me. Thanks -GRead More...
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Mangusta wanted

I am new to this chat and had a Mangusta my dad gave me which I sold many years ago to support my family. Now 2022 I’m close to retirement and looking for that car or another to buy. Want a running car to go to car shows occasionally. Any suggestions where to find one? Please keep me in mind the next few years if you should consider selling your Mangusta Utica NYRead More...
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~8ma800 Mangusta at Beverly Hills car club

$135k... automatic trans, safety straps to keep the driver from falling thru the floor, but no door to keep them from falling out...looks like it bounced twice....but all in all, probably does have a future as a complete car... Anybody know the car? Lee More...
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I'm looking for the engine bay double cross brace like Precision ProFormance used to sell with their rigidity kit. Over the years I think I bought 3 of those kits from Bobby, but now that he's gone not sure if any one has one they want to get rid of or knows of someone making one like thatRead More...
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Four POCA/Pantera Club of Northern California members entered the August 7th Mini Nats Ford Fest 2022 car show staged behind those huge start/finish grandstands in the paddock below - Paul Fahndrick with his red '73 L, Ron Southern with his yellow/black '73 L, Mike Drew with his '72 pre L, and... Tom Leonard with his '06 Ford GT, which drew a lot of attention all day, even while surrounded with a veritable plethora of Cobras. Not one of the quiver was an original/authentic/7 figure$/CSX#...Read More...
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Monterey Motorsports Reunion Trackside BBQ

Monterey Car Week is fast approaching... All Pantera people and fellow gearheads are invited to my annual trackside BBQ at Laguna Seca immediately following the races on Saturday, 8/20. If you'd like to relax and visit with Pantera friends and fellow gearheads after a full day at the races or sitting in the sun at Concorso Italiano, come by and relax with a cold drink, chicken, tri-tip, and other good eats. Or if you prefer, you could spend an hour sitting in traffic trying to get back to...Read More...


Can you guys post pics of your interiors with Dynamat, where you applied it, where you didn’t and why? I used a company called second skin, I got there damplifier pro (Dynamat like) I also go MLV and foam (luxury liner Pro) I’m taking the interior down to metal to use the sound deadner, not sure if the MLV and foam is going to work here or if I should just use carpet jute.. a Neoghbor is doing the new carpet.. any picturers and suggestions would be appreciated.. DanRead More...
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. Here' a teaser picture of this year's trophies. An explanation for the newer members. The Concorso has an awards program based on "originality", each marque has first second and third. The first place of each marque competes for best of show. Pantera International has an awards program too, where customs, drivers, unique cars, can be awarded as well. The trophies in the picture are for the Pantera International awards program. I think our trophies are better than the Concorso's. Each year...Read More...
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What fits what? - calling all nerds

Hi Team i wonder if you might clarify something for me. as we have now managed to get the 285/50R15 Pirelli P7 made again which were OE on the 79-84 cars, i'm wondering what else they will fit? The 285/50R15 P7 can fit on a 8"-10" rim and the 225/50R15 P7 can do 6" - 8" In my mind your earlier cars can still get 185/70VR15 XWX and 215/70VR15 XWX, so why mess with those. You have the perfect option. But then the 1972 - 1978 cars are in a bit of a tangle, There isnt really the perfect tyres...Read More...
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Pantera Group 4 race car

My friend Wally’s Group 4 Pantera was sold to Dennis Collins. Dennis Collins was Richard Rawling’s friend and partner on Gas Monkey Garage. He also purchased Wally’s 1974 Pantera and his T Bird as well. My friend Gary handled the transaction and did a great job talking about the car’s history. He is a great driver and did a lot of track events with this car. There was also a great write up about this car in POCA. More...
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9.2 Deck ITB intake

Hi All, Ideally I’m looking for one of Kelly C’s 9.2 deck intakes that will suit a Windsor SVO block. I’ve spoken to Kelly and maybe there’s a chance of piecing together a new one but it’s a long shot so thought I’d see if anyone has one they would sell? Of if anyone has anything that would suit I’m open to ideas! Looking forward to hearing from you! Regards, ChrisRead More...
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Mangusta rubber parts

Finding good-fitting rubber parts for the Mangusta seems to remain a hit/miss project for everyone (especially for the rear!!) so thought I'd post at least one find that appears like a good replacement. My original engine cover bumpers were mostly destroyed on removal b/c of corrosion on the M5 threads, and there is nothing to 'grab' except the rubber portions, which quickly tear. These new bumpers have an appropriate 19mm OD, and will need trimming to length (all cars will probably be a bit...Read More...
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