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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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George P
The barefoot American model pictured below is perched upon a Serenissima racing prototype circa 1968. There is of course a De Tomaso connection; a story that intertwines the republic of Venice, De Tomaso, Count Giovanni Volpi, the Ferrari Palace Revolt of 1961, ATS, Scuderia Serenissima, Tom Tjaarda, Mangustas and Panteras. Interested? I'm not going to take the time to compose a story and post pictures if nobody is interested. So if you're curious … let me know.Read More...
I have a brake pedal that seems to be depressing further than it used too. There are no external leaks and the reservoir is still full? I think my "original" booster is leaking vacuum. Braking action is still good. Can anyone help me confirm/troubleshoot? Can you direct me to a vendor for a plug and play replacement? Thanks, TomRead More...
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Subsequent to the '17 Pantera Homecoming, Ford Motor and Great Lakes Pantera is hosting another event. New for 2019 is the I can Drive 55 event. Scheduled is a car show at the Ford Romeo Engine Plant, Tour of the facility to see the 5.2 Shelby Engine be hand built and the 6.2 regular assembly line, dinner with keynote Ford execs and access to the Romeo Test Track. I realize the time may be bad but it was the only date available for the track.Read More...
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A Legend Reborn: De Tomaso Returns with a New Pantera

George P
ITV's first press release arrived via email today. A LEGEND REBORN. DE TOMASO RETURNS FOR ITS 60 TH ANNIVERSARY. Dear De Tomaso Enthusiasts, We are pleased to announce that one of the greatest untold stories in automotive history, the legendary marque that is De Tomaso, is officially coming back for its 60 th anniversary. Founded in 1959 by racer and visionary Alejandro De Tomaso, the marque is widely recognized for its most successful model, the Pantera, and its famous partnership with...Read More...
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I plan on running 8 stack E.F.I. on my car and I'm looking for opinions on what is the current state of the art available today. Holley seems like the way to go for ECU but I'm not sure who makes the best Manifold and throttle bodies. I'm looking at Borla, Inglese, and Hillborn but are there others I should consider? Do any of these companies cast their own manifolds...if not then who does? How do you determine throttle body size? The engine is a 408 cleveland with iron 4v heads, it made 500...Read More...
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Question regarding setting ride height with adjustable shocks; AND regarding the Koni 30 series shock adjusters.

It looks like there are many ways to measure. The consensus on this forum is to measure a suspension component to the ground. However, all over the internet, it's to measure the top of the wheel well to ground, or maybe the center of the tire to top of the wheel well, so is this a personnel preference, or is it dictated by the car maker? On the same subject, those using the Koni 30 series. How did you hold the threaded tube still while turning the nut. This seems like a very poor design as...Read More...
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Is there a "quick & easy " way to test the voltage regulator? Last night I was working on the back up lights and measured 16.5 volts to the input of the switch while the car was running. Measured the voltage at the battery, and it was also 16.5 volts while running. When the front fans turned on, the voltage dropped to 13.3. An I looking at a bad regulator or alternator? Thanks! GeorgeRead More...
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Match Game variant with Unknown1468

Here is a variant on the Match Game: I received photos for a Pantera, with an unknown VIN. See: http://www.provamo.com/Members/Registry/RegistryImages/Unknown1468/Unknown1468.asp I searched cars in France, and scrolling down the list of Push-Buttons I reviewed the photos of Red Push-Buttons, that could be likely matches. Two were 1045, and 1161. (more ?) This unknown could be either of these, or another car in the registry, or even a Push-Button ~new to the registry. Some photos are 10 or...Read More...
All, I again have available for Goose owners, the proper paper air intake tubing for the connection of the Goose air cleaner to the rear air intakes! See picture. Also, I have the defroster tubing for the dash. If you missed the last batch I had, you missed the lower prices....even with the drop of the Euro to the dollar...the price went up by 30% by the supplier. These were shipped from Europe, which is also factored into the pricing. I could not locate this proper tubing any where in the...Read More...
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Video Blog - Pantera #3075 motor rebuild

Forum: Videos
So got back from our trip across the country (US) about 6 months ago and decided to video log (vlog) the re-assembly of my car. I've put the first episode up as I'm trying to "catch up" to where we are today. I didn't have a lot of footage initially so there is some voiceover and slideshow in the first two episodes, but going into the future episodes there will be more videologging style on the channel. I've got some friends with some really nice projects so hopefully incorporate their...Read More...
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