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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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Before I buy new, looking to see if anyone has any of these parts for my '72 Pre-L. 1) 1 front amber side marker 2) An original metal radio delete plate. One with chrome sides and panther. 3) Wilkinson's steering wheel quick disconnect with the black center T script. ( I called and he has none in stock) 4) Euro front grill T emblem. I know it's not orginal to my car, but like the look. 5) Good dome light Thanks, JBRead More...
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For Sale: Fiberglass hood skin

I have a fiberglass hood skin that I got from Ted Mitchell / Vader Racing years ago along with some other items. I hesitate to even list it, I wouldn't expect it to have much value. No hood structure, just a skin. However, I'm listing it at 50.00 plus shipping and packaging, just to make it worth the trip to the store. If there is any interest at this price, let me know. thank youRead More...
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About thirty years ago I had my engine rebuilt and among other things, the CAM shown on the attached specs was installed. The car runs awesome with Webers, but I have long forgotten just how to describe this cam in lay terms and much less in technical terms. Can someone please fill this old timer in on what hes running in his motor. Thank youRead More...
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285/50R15 Pirelli Cinturato P7

Hi I'm sorry if i am spamming this comment a little but i would like to try to rallyu as much support as possible so i don't want anyone that might be interested to miss it. i have made a De Tomaso Pantera web page https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/classic-car-tyres/de-tomaso/pantera.html#combinations=&page=3 please let me know if you see any mistakes. Any pictures you have that might make it better please send them over. Importantly if you want a set of the 285/50R15 P7 tyres please use...Read More...
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Pirelli P7 Tire Re-Issues (15 inch OEM wheels)

George P
Pirelli is currently celebrating its heritage, what this means for us is that they are more willing to re-issue P7 tires. Re-issues of classic tires are "reproductions" in appearance and size, but they are constructed using modern rubber compounds and modern construction techniques. They "look" like the classic tire they are emulating in sidewall design and tread pattern, but they are thoroughly modern in terms of performance. A specific size of tire can only be re-issued if the tire model...Read More...
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Sticky #6: Magnesium Wheel Reconditioning

Hi. Glad to see there is a Pantera forum. Forums are most excellent. I am writing to ask for some advice. I recently purchased a good used set of 15 X 7 Pantera wheels to use on the track with my '65 Mustang. I'd like to clean them up. Is it ok to sand blast them or should I use different media? Thanks in advance... SteveRead More...
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Sticky #8: Size options when upgrading tires and/or wheels

This is my first post here as I just aquired my father's 1972 Pre-L (#2725) after his death. Now on to my question. I've basically given up on 15" tires and have decided to move on to Campi Clones as the car has maintained it's "stock" appearance and I would like to continue that look. Question: Which tire-wheel combo will keep that 4" clearance that I love so much? I read this article over at pantera international on wheels, tires, and stance, but could find no solid conclusions. ...Read More...
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I Am Seeking Photos of Push Button Panteras to Help My Restoration

Dear friends, I start with the restauration of 1060 . Please help me a litte bit. My car is very rusty and many details are not original. Please if there is someone who have photos from his restauration , please post it. Verry importent is the front, the seat belt area, sidemarkers, side panels/ one side is 90degree to the floor the other about 45degree at my car/ Batterie tray ,... Thanks for your help PeterRead More...
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can anyone tell me what the cam specs are for a stock 72 Pantera. I assume them to all be the same in any given year. I bought this car 40 years ago and it came with Webers and one of about 15 DeTomaso Weber manifolds produced. The motor was rebuilt to be raced but never saw the track. The cam was changed, but I'd like to compare specs. The car runs fantastic. Thank you, TomRead More...
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ZF side mounts??

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to find a set of the stock, cast aluminum ZF side mounts for use on 2511. I am now seeking a second pair of the side mounts for a fellow owner who is traveling a path similar to mine. If anybody has stock side mounts available please let me know. Thanks, LarryRead More...
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Mangusta 8MA1088 - What are the casting numbers of the original block and heads

I'm posting from Japan I and my friend are working for the restoration of mangusta owned by my friend. We are wondering what the original engine for his mangusta is. It has the following casted number. VIN is 8MA1088 engine block casted C5AE-6015E cylinder head casted C8OE/302/68 with kidney shaped chamber water pump casted C8OE/D piston rod casted C8OE-A We have little information about mangusta. Other friend said the cylinder head is for the 302 engine different from current installed...Read More...
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Seeking advice regarding Mangusta heater hose routing and materials.

Following the mantra "2 steps forward, 1 step back", I went ahead and pulled the dash AND heater back out of 1010 today to re-address some upholstery issues which I'll post separately. Anyway, that exposed my original heater hose solution (see below) that is visually hidden when things are assembled. Functionally this solution is probably OK - a mix of Pep Boys 1/2" hose bits with some aluminum tube - but it could certainly be cleaner and fit better too. Presumably the original hose would...Read More...
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New pantera project with BMW V8 power

Hello I have not posted here since 2008 when my first Pantera was done. But now i have a new project. This spring i got a Pantera from Sweden. some body shop had rust repaired and painted it in 1986, since then it has been stored with all parts in boxes. The work they have done on the car is very poor so i have to do it again!Read More...
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video blog - Pantera #3075 motor rebuild

Forum: Videos
So got back from our trip across the country (US) about 6 months ago and decided to video log (vlog) the re-assembly of my car. I've put the first episode up as I'm trying to "catch up" to where we are today. I didn't have a lot of footage initially so there is some voiceover and slideshow in the first two episodes, but going into the future episodes there will be more videologging style on the channel. I've got some friends with some really nice projects so hopefully incorporate their...Read More...
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Large Lot of Pantera Parts For Sale - See Pictures - NAME YOUR PRICE, Final Chance Before Scrap

Final lot of Pantera Parts removed from our 1973 Detomaso Pantera GTS Euro Spec before we sold it! All items are Name your Price + Shipping. No Bidding Battles, First come first serve, Aware of value so be reasonable. Lot price for all items can be arranged!Read More...
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I have searched the forum and can not find where anyone has tried to DIY Rebuilt/Repair OE trunk shocks I assume Corte Cosso ES 9995447K43 / 40mm shocks are original. Mine are in very nice condition cosmetically but one shock sticks. I realize there are a Upgrades, less $$, hassle free, less dangerous (I know I could put an eye out LOL) and possibly more reliable options- Glutton for punishment I guess. Anyone ever attempted this? Possibly first hand insight? Parts sources? Thanks in advance...Read More...
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