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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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Should I keep the dual point distributor or go breakerless? If breakerless what is the reliable choice?

Okay guys I would like to seek opinions on the way to go with the ignition system. The car (9193) is all original and I wanted to keep it that way but accessing the points is a pain as is removing the distributor ( P/N D3PE-12127-PA ). I pulled it to pre-oil the engine so I took a good look at the dual points. Not good with one of the oil felts bent over and dry. From a long time ago I remember dual point distributors being a constant maintenance item. Always in need of adjustment after a...Read More...
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I am not close to ready to do this to my car, but I was reading some old threads (which were closed for replies - thus this new thread) on this topic. The older threads seemed to (mostly) reach the conclusion that the dipping path was leaden with treacherous potential side effects that could ruin a restoration years later as un-neutralized acid creeped out, ruining paint jobs, or bare metal that could not be reached with new paint rusted. I am curious if this is still the case. It seems to...Read More...
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Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model

I have been threatening to do a write-up on my build for a while. I see all these great threads, for example the ones by Rob B., Kirk Evans, and and others detailing extensive, very high quality work being done to their cars. My skills are not as tremendous, but I have the help and assistance of a an expert Pantera enthusiast and Hot Rodder (Wade - 4280 / Mark IV) and the resources of this board. My project started as a new motor build, with upgraded performance goals. I wanted to "freshen...Read More...
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What Are the Parking Brake Options with Aftermarket Brakes

A few years ago I installed (on my '73 L) one of the brake upgrade kits that utilizes Corvette rotors and calipers and uses a line lock for the parking brake since the factory park brake components don't fit. Initially all was fine, but the line lock has lost effectiveness over time so that I don't think it will pass the state safety check. Also, the local garages (Massachusetts) now sit in the car and apply the parking brake themselves to be sure you are not "faking it" when told to apply...Read More...
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Large lighted Pantera dealer sign for sale.

Hello. I have a large, lighted Pantera sign for sale. I have had this sign for about 40 years, in a box most of the time. It is in very good shape, no cracks or chips in the lenses, and the paint lettering is also very good. Still lights, probably on the original bulbs. I have included several pictures for review. I am asking $2000 or best for it. Compared to similar signs I've seen sold over the years for close to my asking price, this sign is in much better condition. The sign is located...Read More...
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1972 Race/street Pantera for sale (#3294)

It is time to give up my Pantera. It has attended many Chicago Historic Races, Pantera International meets and held many titles. I have converted back to street use with some track time. The car has been converted back to street use and is a blast to drive. This car won the Top Eliminator at the annual drag race at the Pantera convention in Los Vegas one year. The engine is from Junior Wilson’s Pantera that won the Silver State Classic two years in a row. The car also attended the Chicago...Read More...
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GT5 & GT5-S Production Numbers

I have just finished an update and consolidation of the 9000 Series Pantera Registry, and so I thought my revised calculations of GT5 and GT5-S production numbers might be of interest. GT5 The GT5 debuted at the Turin motor show in 1980. The first factory noted GT5 is, according to Matt Stone and Rob de la Rive Box, 9250. Matt and Rob state, in their book Pantera Buyers Guide, that prior GT5s were probably recorded as modified GTS units. Franz Krump has also written that the Turin motor show...Read More...
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Need the dimensions of the later Mangusta frame to body reinforcement "wings"

Myself, and perhaps a few others need to add these to the earlier cars. Any help with dimensions, would be much appreciated by all of us. At some point, this will evolve (devolve?) into a discussion of when the wings were added, and my collection of pics have them appearing very late, between high 900's and 1000Read More...
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Was the rubber coating in the front trunk applied by the factory, or a previous owner?

I'm cleaning up the front trunk before putting in new felt. It appears the car was built then the seam sealer applied, more like slopped on by the looks of it and then painted. My car also has a coat of what appear to be a rubber undercoating on top of the paint, was this a factory procedure or has it been added by someone else?Read More...
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