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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Larger diameter wheels. Upgrading wheels and tires. Resizing wheels and tires. Modernizing wheels and tires. Campy clones, etc. Featured

This is my first post here as I just aquired my father's 1972 Pre-L (#2725) after his death. Now on to my question. I've basically given up on 15" tires and have decided to move on to Campi Clones as the car has maintained it's "stock" appearance and I would like to continue that look. Question: Which tire-wheel combo will keep that 4" clearance that I love so much?Read More...
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Turn Signal Wiring Question

Does anyone know what the single plug is for on the Turn Signal Switch Wiring ( white wire w/ blue stripe ) Photo in attachment It was connected to a solid purple wire in the main harness under the dash Bought a replacement switch and it does not have this extra connection Any help would be appreciated - Thank youRead More...
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Pantera Alignment - what are the recommended settings (2017)? Featured

I know this is an often discussed topic but for my feeble brain maybe I can get something EZ to grasp. I've rebuilt front and rear suspension: Pantera Performance Koni adjustable shock/spring packages, new ball joints/tie rod ends, new bearings/seals, rebuild calipers, rebuilt steering rack, poly bushings, new sway bar bushings, new BFG tires 205/60-15 front/245/60-15 rear. Powder painted A-arms. I want to have a 4 wheel alignment done (probably skip the corner balancing). This is...Read More...
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Engine cowling behind firewall? Yes or no?

Attached is a picture of the cowling on the front of my engine, I'm removing it to work on the motor. Do you all run with both the cowling AND the firewall cover? (The upholstered fiberglass part from that faces the passenger compartment) I have both on 2811, just wondering if everyone has the same or is the cowling redundant? What say you?Read More...
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Does anyone have any experience with magnesium rims vs. aluminum ones? I am looking to purchase a set of Group IV gold rims and was wondering beside magnesium being lighter, what are the pros and cons? Back in the day magnesium wheels were prone to cracking and oxidation. Is that still the case? Any informative response is greatly appreciated.Read More...
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Had my eye on Scott's power steering kit for a while, but every time I wanted to buy it, something else came up that took priority... but finally got it and installed it this weekend. I will say that it took me a lot longer than the 3 hours I think has been mentioned to install... it was more than double for me. Once I was done bending upside down and got it all installed, it worked like a charm. No longer is it annoying backing out of my garage and driveway, let alone having to maneuver in...Read More...
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Jehle Deauville, chassis #2012, in Norway

A couple weeks ago I found the Jehle Deauville, in what seemed to have been its Tomb over the last couple decades. As there seem to be very little activity around the Longchamps and Deuville around the web, I figured a "project thread" could serve a purpose. It's also nice to have a log of what has been done to the car. The car was posted on the local classifieds site (, only a few miles of where I live. Having never owned anything Italian, and hardly ever seen a De Tomaso, ofcourse...Read More...
Last Reply By simon · First Unread Post
Yesterday, on the way to a show, I was getting off the freeway and the car died coming off the offramp... started right back up and it was fine for the next mile or so to get to the show. Then on the way home, about to go on the freeway, it died... then started back up, but then died again on the freeway. Thankfully, was able to pull over to the side. I tried starting and it just felt exactly like I was out of gas even though my gauge said 3/4 full. I figured my gauge was bad so got some gas...Read More...
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Mangusta Engine Removal and Rebuild

After blowing a leaky freeze plug I've decided to pull the engine for a full rebuild, too many unknowns to chance it. I haven't found any threads on the proper sequence for pulling the engine on a goose, if there is an existing thread my apologies and a link would be much appreciated, if there isn't, any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Obviously the first task is to unbolt the spine and remove the hood "wings". Should the transaxle come out with the engine or remain in place?Read More...
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#9203 - 1982 Pantera GT5 for sale in Lille, France

#9203 is a very well known car, formerly from Montreal, Canada. Owned for many years by David Berman (who participates on this forum as David B), it was extensively upgraded and meticulously maintained to the highest standard (I can attest to this personally). The car was in perfect condition when he sold it to the new owner in France, and from the advertisement photos it does not appear to have deteriorated since then. The asking price is $250,000 Euro #9203 - Ad from GT Label in Lille,...Read More...
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Seeking feedback regarding new mufflers and their effect on EXHAUST DRONE

I have had Pantera mufflers on my Mangusta / Corvette since 1972. Displacement is 350CI with 2.25" header pipe. They came off of a car that was being worked on at Ford R & D in Dearborn. They were fine for about 35,000 miles and then I started to get the dreaded "drone" between 18 and 2,200 RPM where most of my driving is. I have a new set of what is available from Hall Pantera. I am worried about the return of the "drone" when I put them on. Has anyone had that problem when putting a...Read More...
Last Reply By johrt · First Unread Post

OEM Rear Brake Disc O.D.?

Does anyone here have an OEM, '71 to '74 unmodified rear brake rotor they could measure for me? I need to know the correct O.D. I've been able to find the spec. in a number of different places, including here, but there isn't a clear consensus. The closest seems to be 11.7" but different sources cite different dimensions. Thanks! DavidRead More...
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Mangusta hood quilt

Lucky I have mine... But Autoepoca is advertising a reproduction for the hood interior, which as I know was only used on the Spider version of the Ghibli... Price is euro 490 per meter, 1.3meters wide. At least, it may be the cheapest available for 40 years...Lee More...
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Cleveland cylinder heads are heavy and weigh nearly 65 pounds each. Installing them on an engine that is out of the car is not a big deal but installing them in the car is the opposite, at least for me. I have an installation underway and this time I am using temporary studs as guides. Marlin Jack recommends a similar setup for intake manifolds and I leveraged his idea. The temporary studs I made for cylinder heads are derived from long 1/2" bolts purchased at Home Depot. They are sawed off...Read More...
Last Reply By marlinjack · First Unread Post
I had to replace a head gasket and needed to do a better job of preparing surfaces that contact the gaskets. I could have taken the cylinder head to a shop where they could put it on their machine that essentially sands the surface but I came across a way to do the same in my garage. The block is a thick glass shelf (8" x 24") with two sheets of 80 grit sand paper attached with spray adhesive. I laid the block on the garage floor with a piece of old yoga mat in between to keep the glass from...Read More...
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Mangusta Coolant Hoses

My old coolant tube that wraps around the front of the engine was in sad shape, so I had a new one made in SS (if anyone needs one, I can refer you to the shop that did mine $218). My question is mostly about the smaller heater hoses. 898 doesn't have any "Y" pieces that I have seen on others, just a pair of shut off valves going to the heater core. Is that a design evolution or an improper modification in years past? If that is the case, is it causing a restriction or problem if the heater...Read More...
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