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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Mangusta Shifter Adjustment

I've noticed that if I don't push all the way to the right going from 3rd into 4th it will go from 3rd back into 2nd even though the shifter is in the gate for 4th. I'm sure it's just an adjustment, but thought it best to get advice and suggestions before I begin blindly wrenching. Is there anything I should check FIRST? Is this common on Mangusta's? Thanks in advance MHRead More...
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V8 Hybrid Meet - Zurich Switzerland (I wish I could go!)

<From the Jensen Owner's Club Board> On August 15th 2020 the Swiss club will be organizing a meet for the V8 Hybrids, the location is near Zurich. Mike Koch has been in touch with the Swiss clubs of the relevant marques, as well as with owners of cars where there is no club. Additionally we have members who are in the Iso Rivolta club, have Cobras, Facel Vegas, Tigers etc. so I'm hoping there will be quite a few cars attending. Anyone interested in joining or helping organize the...Read More...
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Hello, I am considering purchasing the MSD Atomic fuel injection kit which has a feature to run the radiator fans and control ignition timing as it is self tuning. My concern is that it requires a coolant temp sensor before the thermostat and the only one I know of is in the block for the temp sensor. It also requires welding a bung for O2 sensor in one of the headers. Does anyone have any experience with the Atomic FI and or have a secondary coolant temp sensor location suggestion?Read More...
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Seeking assistance in identifying wheels for Group 4 Pantera

It’s finally time for my Pantera to go in for her full restoration and part of that process is installation of the weld on fender flares. Iam trying to determine who makes these wheels for the Pantera as these are the ones I want to put on the car. Does anyone know who makes these wheels?Read More...
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For those of you with experience installing an ignition trigger wheel on the crank, I need some advice on how to align my pulleys. The trigger wheel is on a 3/4" (approximate) spacer to clear the water pump so my stock crank pulley is about 3/4" too far forward. Also wondering where you mounted the pick-up as mounting space is limited... Thanks for your help, JohnRead More...
For those of you going wide, I've got a set of crazy offset Giovanni Cliff Wheels with like new Michelin Pilot Sports mounted. These are 3 piece forged wheels custom built for my project. They are strong and have stood up well to only 300 miles. No nics or dings. They cost $8k four years ago. I've recently changed my suspension and had to build new wheels. They are in CA and need to go. Make an offer 514-892-9925 Fronts: 245/35ZR19 Rears: 345/30ZR20 DavidRead More...
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1972 Pantera for sale in Canada

Hi fellow members I have decided to sell my Pantera 4453. I have had it for a few years now and I havent driven it at all in the last two years. Rebuilt motor, FAST EFI, Fiero seats, Quad headlights, new tires and wheels, Headers and exhaust, pretty much everything is new. I still have the original tail lights, seats and exhaust system. I am asking $95000CDN. ThanksRead More...

Esakoff Pantera at UMC

Forum: Videos
All, Many of you will remember Gregg Esakoff and his Pantera that were regulars at the PCNC Speed Trial track events. Looks like he recently made it out to the Utah Motorsports Campus and he has posted an eight minute in-car video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/zg80k7FHeMM Follow along with the multiple on-screen data displays and enjoy. Larry Sent from me using a magic, handheld electronic gizmo.Read More...
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Weber 48IDA on a Cleveland

Dear friends, my weber engine needs more power. I have a standart 351c block with a flat tappet cam with about .06 lift on a ported closed 4v heads. Heads use crane roller rockers . So first of all , the mixture is much to rich. It runs now at about 11:1 at 3500rpm @ about 100miles per hour ( le mans gear ratio) 150 main 200 air F11 emulsion tube and only 38 Venturis. So my plane is to switch the venturis to 42 or 44 mm to increase top end power. Car runs only 250 km/h Gps locked. When it is...Read More...
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1974 Pantera For Sale Northern California

Hi I am located in Tucson AZ and I am trying to help out an older man located North of San Francisco who has very little knowledge of using the internet. He has a 1974 Pantera with 60K miles, is good condition, runs and I believe stored in a garage. Not sure exactly what price he wants for it. Anyone up in that area please call Roberto at 707-560-5322. Has a French accent.Read More...
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Malibu Autobahn Drives

Last Sunday, I took my Pantera out to the Malibu Autobahn show and drive for the second time. (First was in December). It's a great Sunday morning activity starting with the meet (car show and staging area) followed by a 90 minute drive through the beautiful back roads of Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo out to Pacific Coast Highway and back to Zuma Beach for a follow up car show. This past Sunday, over 300 cars showed up with mostly exotics including many Lambos,...Read More...
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...POCA Magazines, Newsletters For Sale. From MJs' Personal Collection. All in Very good condition, No Dogged Corners. No writing in them. List: 'Profiles': 1988- Winter 1998- No. 4 2001- No. 1, 2, 3, 4 2002- No. 1, 2, 3, 4 Newsletters: 18 Publications from March 2001 to August 2003 I am throwing these in with the Deal for Free. $100. Plus ShippingRead More...
...I Offer here a First chance to Own My 'Complete' Collection (From Over Seven Years, Mailed to Me), with Maybe 1 or 2 copies missing. You tell me, from the following list. Being sold as a bundle of ALL 25. I will NOT Separate...Excepting for the one Magazine of 'Winter 2002 #113', known as the 'Kill Bill' David Carredine Mangusta' edition. Silver and Grey, with David and His Mangusta on the cover. This is a known Collectors piece and will go for $100. Shipping FREE. ALL of the 25 Mags are...Read More...
Team, my engine still is missing the oil dip stick set up, is cumbersome via the bulk head. I have the original part so length no issue. The question is where does the oil dip stick pipe goes through? Could not find a picture from my extensive stack. 1) is it UNDER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank, which requires more bends, and space is very sparse 2) is it OVER the Water pipe going to the swivel tank. From the bends of the original pipe it looks as if it was there. Can someone...Read More...
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Fuel pressure ok?

Ugh, been getting a bit of hesitation & rough running & some backfire on my 427 Fontana Fuel Injected car. I see in 2011 I replaced both fuel filters due to hesitation under load, but I didn't take note of the reading on the fuel pressure gauge reading before (rookie!). Today I had the wife stand in the back by the fumes while I ran it and she sees it is reading about 40 on idle and maintains at 40 with steady increase of the gas pedal which I see from some google searching is pretty...Read More...
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