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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Garage/Shop Expansion- Need Engineer/Architect in CA!

Hey all! Trying to expand my storage/shop area and ran into a snag with the county.....current building has no permit! DOH! Seller strikes again from the grave....probably pushing up thistles....! Lies....all lies...!!! ;) I need a CA registered engineer or architect that can help with a letter of structural determination, that I can submit with my permit app. Building is brand name, still in business manufacturer, but I have no plans. About 30 years or so old, still in GREAT shape. Wish my...Read More...
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F/S, "DeTomaso - The Official Racing History” by Philippe Olczyk

The most comprehensive collection published of de Tomaso racing photos. Now out of print. Outer cover shows some minor shelf-wear on lower edge. Otherwise in excellent, 'as new', condition. Offering here first for $139.00 including shipping *within* the USA via USPS. If interested after ~2 weeks, please look for it on ebay (w/extra $ for shipping). More pics here: More...

Auger Delrin Shift Knob for sale

I have an extra black Delrin shift knob for sale. It is new and in perfect condition as received from Auger. It is designed to in effect shorten the throw of the stock shift lever. It does. It shortens the throw by around 2-1/2". It also lowers the height of the knob location and does make the shift lever look somewhat like a joystick. $50 and $10 USPS shipping within the Continental US. I'll ship it anywhere but expect delays and increased shipping costs which I'll need to have quoted...Read More...
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Wheel Studs

Greetings! I thought I had seen posts on this subject for the GOose in the past, but apparently, I didn't........OR the search function is a bit tossed...... Does anyone have info on replacement studs for front and rear studs on a Goose? They are different due to hub and rotor thickness........ I know my car had a couple replaced......but that was decades previous abuser..... Have someone looking......and would like to help! Ciao 2021!Read More...
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Help with dash/heater fan not working

Out of the blue, my heater fan stopped working. The light in the speedometer comes on, and I checked the connections to the switch behind the dash, and the fuses as well. All good there. My radiator fans still turn on when they're supposed to as well. This was of course a week after I got my overheating issue taken care of and everything on the car working wonderfully. Any advice before I have to take the whole dash apart to replace the actual heater fan unit?Read More...
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Seat brackets

S. Kolbe
Hello, I want to reinstall my original seats in S/N #4503 (Sept 72 build date)... While I have both original seats in excellent condition. I dont have the original seat brackets / adjusters... The bolt spacing on my seats are 12-3/4" center to center... My question; How many different seat brackets were made for the Pantera? So far I've come across a "short" set with 13-3/4 bolt spacing... And a set of 17-5/8" "long" seat brackets that have 16-3/4" bolt spacing...Read More...
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Radiator dilema

After 4 years my Fluidyne radiator bailed out on me leaking severely. Fluid always was clean but I'm not ruling out electrolysis. Now trying to decide if I should have the oem radiator from my 74 Pantera recored to put a copper radiator back in the system or to go for another aluminum radiator in the system. Seriously considering the Pantera radiator made by Superior Radiator here in Michigan. Thoughts, comment and opinions.Read More...
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Ideas for mounting front number plates

This may be the triumph of optimism over reality but 6997 is getting closer to getting back on the road. In the last 35 years the car has never had a front number plate , but it has been in cold storage for the last 30 of these . Things have tightened up just a little around the neighborhood these 30 years. At one point in that not so recent past you could just paint the number on a piece of tin and nail it to the back. Not so now with the automatic number plate recognition scanning in our...Read More...
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Block Heater Inlet

I noticed the small tube in the manifold for the heater hose is rusting away. I have seen a couple of posts on the board that the tube is pressed in. Can this tube be removed with the engine intact, and in the car, and if so, is there any additional access provided by removing the water pump? Thanks, ShashiRead More...
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OK, here is the link to Mecham's auction set for mid Jan (7th-16th). I think this has been hashed previously......??? SO it's back..... Sales doc pics show what appears to be a very stock GOose with a new logo slapped on the grill and given to the photog....... What I do NOT see, are any pictures backing up ANY of the claims that Shelby had anything to do with the Boss 302, the side scoops and stripes, and...Read More...
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