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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Seatbelt selections

I came to the point of installing the old seatbelts in 6997 and I was surprised to find an innovative new weight saving measure not yet previously mentioned on this forum to date - lightweight shaved head bolts! Pure innovation ! Not quite sure how they will go under impact loading though. Now while some may call me picky ,I therefore decided to ask the forum for the current recommended current best belt selection for the rebuild. I was thinking three point but am open to all suggestions. It...Read More...
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The Arizona Pantera Owners Club of America (AZ POCA) has coordinated a Track Day at the Inde Motorsports Ranch. Link to: Inde Motorsports Ranch (Wilcox, AZ) The event is open to all Panteras - we would like as many of our cars as possible. The cost to run your car on the track is extremely reasonable ($150/day per car). Lunch at the track will be provided at additional expense per person. The Inde Track is challenging, but extremely upscale, well run, and very safe. The AZ members have run...Read More...
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1974 GTS $179,500. There's a reason we're the largest DeTomaso selling Dealer in the world. We consistently set world record prices time and time again. Rolling right off the back of our 1972 chrome bumper sale at $149,500.00, and black GT5-S @ $279k plus sales tax! Nobody in the world sets records like this, probably never will. 3 high dollar sales in a 30 day period. Over 600 grand in 3 sales. As an aside, on multiple occasions in the past, buyers will fly in from Europe to see a...Read More...
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Fire Extinguisher Recommendations

Being a new Pantera Owner I'm still trying to wrap my head around the thought that : "it would be advisable to carry an Extinguisher on board" and the scary thoughts that come to mind. Can anyone recommend an Extinguisher that is compact as I just cannot bring myself to Drill Holes in the Interior to mount one near the driver's seat Thanks as alwaysRead More...
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Fuel Injection Featured

I was at home and bored so I figured I would do a write up on electronic fuel injection available today as well as some comparisons to older systems. Having run a performance shop with chassis dyno for several years I have had the pleasure/displeasure of installing and tuning several brands and eras of ECU's. This is 100% based on MY experiences with the units I have worked with. There will always be differences in opinion. Im sure everyone hears the quote "benefits of fuel injection". For...Read More...
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The Egyptian Survivor #6960

Most probably the most original Pantera in Egypt. #6960 Has a beautiful long tale to tell. Owned by my good friend A. Barakat who is it's 3rd owner from new. #6960 was bought from the De Tomaso showroom in Rome in 1973/74. First owner was (Military attachee/CIA?) in the American embassy. He shipped it with him to Casablanca, Morocco when assigned to North Africa. After which he drove it to Egypt (4500km) Across North Africa along the Mediterranean with one wooden leg! Around 1976 he was...Read More...
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Pantera kits/replicas

hey everybody! i just joined your site today and wanted to let everyone know that I have molds to build fiberglass Pantera body panels. I have experience with corvettes but always loved Panteras! go to you tube, type in : 777HBL17 it's the grey one, this one is not stretched, but you can see how it looks. i have the molds from this build! everybody want more info reply back with questions. I have read a few post on here guys wanting a kit/replica on a tube chassis to use for racing. I...Read More...
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PushButton #1035 Facebook

Hi , a week ago there was a 1971 Push button ( #1035) for sale on Facebook, it has the red/black GTS look and texas wheels .does any of you know how en where it's ended ? SimonRead More...

Pantera shocks

Can anyone use these? They were on my car when I got it and have lots of primer over spray on them. They appear to be fully functional but I don't know because I never drove the car with these in place. Please make me an offer I just want them out of my garage. Same goes for the brace.Read More...

Mangusta Steer Wheel for sale????

Now I know this a real long long shot but does anyone have an original steering wheel for sale? My car came without an original wheel so I have nothing at all. I know MR Fiat sells them and that is an option but an original would be preferred (not least because I'm in UK and old parts aren't hit with massive taxes to import). I'm not concerned about the condition (as long as that is reflected in price) - even consider just the metal parts on their own, enough people here who can restore the...Read More...