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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Hello I live in France near the city of TOURS, and I own a DE TOMASO PANTERA L from 1974. I am currently in the process of restoration and I would like some help, advice on how to define the European version bumperette fixing holes location. Do you have any advice to define the location of these holes at the front and rear of the car. Thank for your support WILLYRead More...
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Restoring ’71 Pre-L

I have long watched and read posts here, and even owned and previously had restored another ‘71 Pantera. My first car was returned to stock, and ultimately sold on due to an offer I couldn’t refuse. After missing that car, I decided to start anew ...sort of. This project was in the custody of PIM, in Orange, CA. It was missing its motor, but hands its original trans. Most parts were there, but were covered in several repaints. Jerry at PIM rebuilt me a 351 Cleveland of early Pantera origin,...Read More...
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Fuel Injection Featured

I was at home and bored so I figured I would do a write up on electronic fuel injection available today as well as some comparisons to older systems. Having run a performance shop with chassis dyno for several years I have had the pleasure/displeasure of installing and tuning several brands and eras of ECU's. This is 100% based on MY experiences with the units I have worked with. There will always be differences in opinion. Im sure everyone hears the quote "benefits of fuel injection". For...Read More...
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Suddenly no spark

The car ran very well at an outing, I parked it and the next weekend it would not start. There was a hint that one cylinder might have fired before it went totally dead. The distributor and coil are about three years old. I have Webers blocking easy access to the distributor. Where would you start the investigation of the problem? I'm hoping for a miracle. Thank you, TomRead More...
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Locked Up Rear Passenger Wheel

hello Brother (and Sister) Pantera Owners- I have a super tight, all but locked up rear wheel on the passenger side. And, the E brake is super tight and inoperable. I'm sure these two issues are related. What should I be looking for and doing to disassemble the systems and get everything working as designed. I have only inspected, not started tearing into this repair. Thanks in advance!Read More...
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jacking block

hello- some time ago there was a post by Mike Dailey or jacking block by Ed Nauman- I am thinking to have a set made- does anyone have the dimensions? Thank youRead More...

Clutch adjustment instruction

FWIW, here’s a summary of how to adjust the clutch on the Pantera. Being used to automatic transmissions for decades, it was a new and complicated world that opened up to me when I bought a Pantera with a hydraulic clutch and especially how to adjust it. Having bought all the literature I soon found inconsistencies. I’ve read many sources including the Instruction Manual, the TSB, PanteraPlace and others. And they were quite different. I think now I finally understand how to do it, and if it...Read More...
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Some time ago I replaced the rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings. They didn't need to be replaced but I was looking for something to fix. I know, don't fix it if it ain't broke. The problem is that the squeak like an old jalopy once they warm up. Without removing them I've tried penetrating oil but that hasn't helped a great deal. Have you had a similar problem? How did you fix it?Read More...
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Mangusta on Chasing Classic Cars- Find the Errors!

I'm surprised that no one has chimed in on this one......episode aired tonite..... I was aware that it was coming to a boob toob near us soon...couldn't find it...but my son called earlier today to tell me he saw a commercial for it....checked DVR and it was already flagged for recording! (First runs only!) I had sold Carrini's F40 biz a couple of things for this car last year sometime and was told that an episode on the car would be forthcoming. I also had noticed a Goose up on a lift in...Read More...
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