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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Seeking feedback regarding new mufflers and their effect on EXHAUST DRONE

I have had Pantera mufflers on my Mangusta / Corvette since 1972. Displacement is 350CI with 2.25" header pipe. They came off of a car that was being worked on at Ford R & D in Dearborn. They were fine for about 35,000 miles and then I started to get the dreaded "drone" between 18 and 2,200 RPM where most of my driving is. I have a new set of what is available from Hall Pantera. I am worried about the return of the "drone" when I put them on. Has anyone had that problem when putting a...Read More...
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How much vacuum should my Pantera's engine have at idle?

I have a aggressive solid liter flat tapper cam. Unfortunately don’t know any details. 750 Holley on top of single plane tall ram intake. Set valve lash and idle vacuum is around 7”. Was higher when lash was loose (about 008 too loose). Seems like vacuum is too low but I cannot find any vacuum leaks. Does 7” seem ok? Thanks David Finley #3659Read More...
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Seeking a source for two bearings for a Dash 1 gearbox

Hi, for a ZF 5 DS-25/1 I am looking for two bearings as indicated on the drawing (231, 232). Any input where to find theses two bearings or modern bearings, which can replace them, is highly appreciated. Or does anyone know for sure whether these bearings can be replaced by the corresponding bearings from the /2 gearbox? Thanks, guys!Read More...
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(2) BMW M1 ZF Transaxles

Not mine, helping a friend. He has two ZF units that were originally for a BMW M1. One unit is new old stock and never installed. The other was used in a prototype/concept vehicle and modified for a hydraulic clutch set up. Included is a box of extra gears and misc bits. $14K for everything. If interested PM me and I can forward his contact info. Thanks.Read More...


One of the things I love about # 1791 is that it seems to have received upgrades at each change of ownership. Not being in touch with the last PO I am discovering and learning the car on my own. So far it's been fun and to me part of the Collector Car Experience. The last upgrade was the installation of the FAST ( Fuel Air Spark Technology ) FXI 2.0 EFI with all the Wilson manifold and ECU wizardry that comes with an aftermarket EFI conversion. The Pantera starts effortlessly and the Engine...Read More...
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Pantera Mufflers for sale - $500

I have a pair of hard to find Pantera mufflers for sale. They are the second-style 1971 (and really early 1972) mufflers. Overall appear to be in very good shape. They have what look like Hall Pantera chrome slip-over tips installed on top of the original tips, so I have no idea what the original chrome looks like. I can deliver to Monterey this weekend if you buy them and are coming to Car Week. Let me know. I was planning to gut them and turn them into stock-appearing performance mufflers...Read More...
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Heater Valve

I'm currently working on this 1972 Pantera. The previous guy who worked on it did some very creative fab work or lack there off. I'm trying to fix this mess. The heater valve was taken out because it wasn't working right. Now it's by passed and I have no clue what it looked like before. I did get a new valve from Hall Pantera but I don't know if I am missing any other parts. The cable gets tightened with the clamp on the valve and the wire end goes onto the pin on the valve. Is there a clip...Read More...
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Old Spanish Trail with Pantera

...I have been planning this Roadtrip for Years. Take the Pantera to the Deserts and Photograph and Video, ALL. The Hottest Place On Earth, the Hottest Time of the Year. A video camera both 'In Cockpit' And One Mounted on the Rear Wing, right then left. There is some drone video. Some in cockpit video, shows the Gauges, and Rear-View CCTV Camera Monitor, was Very Handy. Marlin was Crazy Enough to Pull This Off! Faith in the Pantera and his Maintenance. The Desert was 118F Degrees at Emigrant...Read More...
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Young Potential Pantera Owner Questions

Hi guys, I'm Darius, 24 and based in the UK. I'm midway through restomodding a 1971 Corvette Stingray I bought off Ebay USA earlier this year and have been thinking about a second car for my collection. I've been in love with the styling of the Pantera since I was a young child and really like the idea of owning one in the next 6 to 12 months. My budget would be around £70,000. Now, I LOVE the styling of the GT5 but they are way out of my budget so will have to settle for a conversion. I...Read More...
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Can I remove and grease the shaft & bushings on the lower rear A-Arms without removing the whole suspension? That's pretty much the whole question... Can I support the suspension, and get the shaft out to check & grease it without total rear suspension disassembly? Thanks - RockyRead More...
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I understand that a De Tomaso Pantera GT5 was a Yokohama Trophy winner at Silverstone this year. According to the articles below, it won the the Supercar Legends Car of the Show. Does anyone know whose car this was? If anyone attended, please post photos. https://www.historicracingnews.com/Article/Final-Silverstone-Classic-Awards-Confirmed/2703 https://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/Cheshire/Runcorn/WA7/News/Local-News/324216-Everyone-is-a-winner-at-the-Silverstone-ClassicRead More...
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