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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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“ some say, I know two facts about DeTomaso Pantera Powersteering - and both are wrong” (I’m sure a few of you know where this came from… Lol) i’m using my C7 Corvette (which will be substituted by the Pantera) as a daily driver, getting groceries running errands, bringing children to school and picking them up! Now, for all of you who do the same “job” you know how packed the parking lot at the grocery store can be or all the perfect driving parents (soccer moms ) at the school just try to...Read More...
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While I’m there I should…. “The can of worms”

Like you all have experienced, you are working on a specific project and the door panel is off, or the seat is out… you know there is something else that is staring you in the face.. 😳 it’s asking for your attention! So suck it up and do it… I suck a lot up… today I posted finishing the fresh air intake for the cabin and looking at the post it seems like … well, he puts a hose on today.. but as a working day goes, you come across a lot of things that 😳🤓🥹🥸🫣 look at you and ask to be...Read More...
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Mark your calendars now for 26 - 29 September 2024 (I am including travel days) for our 3rd Annual event at Inde Motorsports Ranch! Last year we had a great turnout from POCA Members all over the USA. It was an awesome event, and this one will be even bigger and better! Track day on the best track in Arizona Hospitality events including a dinner (hosted by the track) Wine Tasting Drive to historic Tombstone, AZ Super Awesome Fun Plan to bring out your car for a full day of "on-track" time.Read More...
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Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model

I have been threatening to do a write-up on my build for a while. I see all these great threads, for example the ones by Rob B., Kirk Evans, and and others detailing extensive, very high quality work being done to their cars. My skills are not as tremendous, but I have the help and assistance of a an expert Pantera enthusiast and Hot Rodder (Wade - 4280 / Mark IV) and the resources of this board. My project started as a new motor build, with upgraded performance goals. I wanted to "freshen...Read More...
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I made progress on the MAP sensor and IAC (idle air control) valve plumbing on my 8 stack EFI. The new Holley Terminator X ECU that the car is getting requires MAP and IAC, and they want them to be plumbed separately. The upper set of lines in the second photo are IAC and are cut to length. The lower set of lines are MAP and are equal length. Hence the bird nest underneath. There's no connection between MAP and IAC in the junction block. The brass hose fitting for IAC will connect to the...Read More...

I need assistance with shipping from Europe

I need assistance with shipping a high-end bicycle frame from Europe to California. I was hoping to find a member in France, Germany, or possibly England that would be willing to help. I've only been able to locate this particular bicycle frame in Europe and due to manufacture restrictions, the retailers are not able to ship to the US. I have confirmation from one retailer that they will ship to France or Germany. There is a retailer in England that has the frame as well and I can inquire if...Read More...
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The Best Unforgettable Quotes

...Here's a few of My Favorites. I'll start this off with these... "NO Sword Cuts as Deep, as the Ingratitude of a Thankless Child!" "When You Pay Peanuts...You end up Hiring a Bunch of Monkeys" "Those who drive slower than You, are Idiots...Those who drive Faster are Maniacs" "Those who Live in Glass Houses...Shouldn't Throw Stones!" 'Let He (She) who is with-out Sin, Cast the First Stone" "How do You Expect Your Dream to come True...When You don't Even Have a Dream?" "Far better to be...Read More...
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Gotti wheels

I have a set of Gotti 3 piece wheels for sale. I believe they are 8" and 10", but I can dig them out for measurement and get better photos if anyone is interested. No centers. The tires are at least 20 years old and are, in my opinion, NOT roadworthy. They are in CT. I can strap them to a pallet and put them on a truck for shipping at your expense upon receipt of payment. I'll be putting them on eBay sometime in the next week or 2 if no one here wants them. 1,300 Contact me at 203 417 3178...Read More...

Door Lock Hardware - Cross Ref or Supplier?

In search of a square replacement plastic clip / attachment for the door lock connector…. Mine was sheared off where the ball presses in. It goes on the small knob on the lock cylinder body and the thin threaded connection shaft. Anyone have a source, or possible a spare they would sell me? Thanks RockyRead More...
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Goose 8MA642 Refurb and Repaint

Switched to this thread from previous "Production Data" thread. The plan is to refurb both the exterior and the motor of 69 Goose 8MA642 (wouldn't call it a restoration). Will include pulling majority of components and have them cleaned/hot tanked/painted/chromed/etc or replaced if necessary, and replacing cam/lifters/pushrods to better accommodate Boss 302 with IDA Webers performance. Headers may be a bridge too far since the frame mod for the motor leaves very little room to route headers...Read More...
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Shock absorber (coilover) recommendations, anyone?

Hello, everyone, My #1579 needs new shock absorbers and springs on the rear axle. At the moment, the original shock absorbers, which are over 50 years old, are apparently still fitted. I can only find adjustable coilover kits online. As far as I know, however, all adjustable suspension components require registration in Germany. As I would like to go ahead with this: Does anyone have a tip for a non-adjustable replacement? Cheers! TimRead More...
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I have been working my way through the drive train of my 74 Euro Pantera and have resolved a lot of issues. In the 1990's I think the engine was built to a high end street racer spec and then driven like it was stolen. There are a lot of really nice parts and workmanship inside the engine. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which parts are still good and which parts are trashed. While working on my other GTS clone Pantera I noticed how tight the brand new timing chain was. Then it dawned on...Read More...
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Warning- Hall Armrest Screw Holder

Pantera 3rd&Last
Many years ago I upgraded my power window motors. While doing this I replaced the cracked nylon arm rest attachments for the armrest screws. Hall offered (and still does) what I thought was a much improved design. It is a plate that you attach to the door. It uses a bolt instead of a screw. Seemed like an improvement .... But unfortunately the part that the bolt screws into is just pressed on to the plate.When you go to remove the bolt it will not come out. The nut attachment that is pressed...Read More...
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