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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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cut wire identification

I removed the engine from my early 1971 Pantera to do some repairs and upgrades. The person before me installed a MSD6A. A tach adapter was never installed and there are 3 cut wires left dangling. One is blue, one is blue with a black spiral stripe and the other one is white or yellow. I have my tach and speedo removed and at the shop getting serviced. I was just wondering if these are the wires that go to the MSD and coil? My AC was also disconnected and I need to know which wire goes to...Read More...
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Idler pulley

My idler pulley (front of engine - Crank to Jackshaft) has begun to squeal a bit lately... a bit of White Lithium Grease calms it down for awhile, but I think the bearing in it is going out. Is this a standard Ford part or can I replace the bearing in it? Thanks in Advance MHRead More...
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Any sources for Sanden 508 for R12? Or any rotary R12 compressors?

My York compressor is leaking oil and I just spent $300 plus on refilling the system with R12. Assuming the magic gas hasn't bored a hole in the ozone layer above my house, my choices are: Rebuild the York Find a Sanden R12 compressor Convert to 134 (my last option) Thoughts?Read More...
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Brake Pedal to Floor

This is a tough one. The brakes were fair, but pedal travel too long, and not to my liking so I decided to change some components. Afterwards, I have not been able to build any pressure at all. What I've done: 1. Changed master cylinder three times with different types, each time bench bled. 2. Replaced Booster with new. 3. Removed the shuttle valve from distribution block. 4. Removed the proportioning valve, installed T. 5. New bleeder screws, and yes Teflon taped. 6. Checked push rod...Read More...
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AC compressor pulley

Firstly, sorry for the constant spamming with questions. I seem to be constantly needing information! I’m on to restoring the AC pump and am getting stickers made. It seems to of been rebuilt at some point, the numbers cast on the side lead to the Tecumseh HG500 (identity plate removed 😔) but the pulley is a different brand - Baruffaldi. Is this normal? Looking at other HG500 it doesn’t have this fitted. Image attached.Read More...
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Building a Gr4 replica

Here's the rebuild story of a 1972 euro GTS project I purchased in 2013. The car is a July 1972 car. Sold by Claude Dubois in Belgium to Mr. Dambois in Liege but not much more is known about its early whereabouts except for a few funny stories Claude Dubois told me. The car then turned up in 1974 when it won the “6 heures of Visé” in the hands of Chavan-Falla. Then, apparently it was crashed at a hill-climb event and more or less totaled. As will be evident in this rebuild thread, the...Read More...
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Coil location, heater valve bracket location

Morning all, just mocking up the engine bay insulation. Unsure of how the coil was originally mounted? I've highlighted 2 holes in the body in blue where I think it's mounted, looking like it would have to face downwards? The hole marked in red is where it was fitted. Also, I've got the heater valve bracket fitted on the LH, near the expansion tank. I've noticed on photos from Leea, and another car that the bracket is on the RH. I've rivets where it could be mounted, and the cut out on the...Read More...
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Steering phenomenon (mechanical resistance)

Hi everyone, I think I need help again. My Pantera has a very weird steering problem. When I turn the steering wheel I have a higher resistance sometimes. It is not always at the same spot or angle, I can "muscle" through it. It happens when the car is on a lift too. I replaced the rack and one u-Joint, seems a bit better but could be my imagination. I suspected the spring behind the blinker plastic thing, but I can't see anything wrong. Let me know if you have any suggestions? Thanks, GeorgRead More...
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Obsessing about thermostats and bypass

Talking to an expert on the 351 Cleveland who asked if I had the right thermostat in my engine. (me: "huh?"). So I did some research. My engine is using a PRW water pump: And has a Balkamp BK 8251007 thermostat. My question is: Is that the right thermostat? And should I be running a brass bypass?Read More...
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What do I do with all the take-off stuff that came with my car?

The PO of my car spent a lot of money replacing things and kept most of what he removed and gave them to me. Now I have to store them until I eventually sell the car (not that that seems possible to me). The question, I guess, is will they add value when/if I sell the car or should I just sell them now. Of note (all from 40K mile car): Headers and original exhaust Stock intake manifold with original carb Stock distributor original seat belts original steering wheel (auto body shop taped it...Read More...
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Getting exhausted and going tips up

I recently purchased a set of the ANSA exhaust and manifold extractor assembly from Wilkinson's. To be clear up front , the product I received was a quality product and I have absolutely no criticism of it. I was very happy with it and the orbit extractor connections were a delight when adjusting the alignment. Wilkinsons asked me if I wanted straight pipes or tips up. I always liked the look of the tips up exhaust so at that point went tips up. In more ways than one. The package arrived and...Read More...

I think my head gasket is installed wrong

10 days into ownership and trying to track down constant radiator cap leaking. Two new caps and still leaking. After shutting the car down I get gurgling noises and the upper heater hose moves around on its own. Doing research it sounds like the head gasket might be in backwards. Assuming it is, can you pull the heads with the engine in the car? That doesn't sound like fun but neither does pulling the engine. The engine was built 900 miles ago by a local old timer engine builder who has had...Read More...
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