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 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Dale is the original owner of his 1972-1/2 Pantera L, chassis 4284, the 16th L model Pantera. He and his Pantera are shown photographed at a car show in Moorpark California.


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New pantera project with BMW V8 power

Hello I have not posted here since 2008 when my first Pantera was done. But now i have a new project. This spring i got a Pantera from Sweden. some body shop had rust repaired and painted it in 1986, since then it has been stored with all parts in boxes. The work they have done on the car is very poor so i have to do it again!Read More...
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Milestone for #1313 - Video of first drive in 30 years.

Forum: Videos
The attached video is a little underwhelming except that Pantera #1313 has not moved under its own power for 30 years or so. The car was completely disassembled when I got it six months ago and now it actually drives down the street. The video shows its actual maiden voyage since being resuscitated. The car has all new suspension bushings, steering rack, rebuilt shocks, etc and thus drove quite nicely.Read More...
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Can anyone provide information about Armin Fischer and his two companies, AHI and Sports Cars Stuttgart? Armin Fischer was a German importer of De Tomaso cars, and apparently sold a large number. It would be a valuable contribution to our knowledge of De Tomaso history if we could locate him and, ideally, obtain copies of his records.Read More...
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I got my '72 Pantera back a couple of weeks ago after 4 years of renovation and some mods, and it was running rough so I took it back to the shop and with timing and fuel injection adjustment it is running great, or so I thought. Two days in a row when the car was hot, it started sputtering and then died, and I couldn't restart it until it had cooled down for at least 30 minutes. There was plenty of cranking power but seemingly no fuel getting to the engine. Once cooled, it ran fine. I...Read More...
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Replacement Brake Master Cylinder Lacks A Sleeve Shaped Push-Rod Guide

My stock brake master cylinder recently failed and in order to get back on the road ASAP I ordered what I believed to be an OEM brake master cylinder replacement. The master cylinder which failed has a cylindrical metal sleeve that extends back from the cylinder which slips over the pushrod inside the booster. The new master does not have this sleeve. Is the sleeve necessary? Is one of these not a stock master cylinder? Thanks in advance for the help. EvanRead More...
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Dear forum members, I understand there may be a problem with the cast valves on the US-produced 351c and that they should be replaced (they may break and ruin your engine?!). Do anyone know if this also complies to the Australian build engines? My Longchamp (#3259) was build in 1984, engine no. 351/1366. Is there other known issues with the Australian build engines I should be aware of? I found another article on the connection rod nuts and guess I also should replace them? I want to keep...Read More...
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Mangusta Gauge Illumination (brightness)

My Goose has some pretty dim gauges at night. It has a functional rheostat, and the bulbs are reasonably bright looking at them behind the dash/gauges, but I can hardly read the gauges during night drives. I am currently running 12V 3w (fiat) bulbs. Not completely sure if this is stock and correct. I found some 6.3 V 250 MA replacement bulbs that will fit and seem brighter. Are they safe to use for long term in a Mangusta? What have some of you guys been using?Read More...
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Coming to Raleigh/Chapel Hill!!

Greetings! Unfortunately it's been a while since I've been on here. As some of you may remember, I left Indy and moved to the Bahamas for a two year a work assignment (rough life, I know). Well, the two years are coming to an end and I'm coming back to the states by the end of the year! The Primal Princess has been in storage and will be moving from Indy as well. I've missed her much! Would love to find any owners in the Raleigh area. I heard about the Morrisville C&C and hope to attend...Read More...
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Mangusta - seeking comments regarding my plans for dashboard upholstrey.

As usual I approach the issue of Mangusta originality with some trepidation. Clearly many features, parts & hardware varied throughout the model build, but many of these cars were serviced, repaired and/or modified so enthusiastically, it's often hard to know what's what. Case in point is the dash on 1010. As purchased, the top, face, and lower edge 'padding' was all covered in black vinyl, beautifully stitched and assembled, but worn and scratched in various places. In comparing the...Read More...
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Need RH door window frame

I am seeking for a friend: RH - passenger - upper door frame needed. NOT the main door frame, NOT the door skin that covers the main door frame. Just the upper steel structure that holds the vent, window tracks and to which the SS trim is attached. Believe some early cars had this welded to the door frame proper, but in the later cars it became a bolt-in section. This is a hard part to fabricate. Really need a rusted-into-the-ground chassis that has cancer-ridden doors but solid upper...Read More...
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