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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Replacing Rear Main Seal

Can I replace the rear main seal with the 351 C engine in the car? Is there a post that describes this procedure? I performed this task 49 years ago on my 1964 Corvette but I was significantly younger. If this is possible, what seal kit should I purchase? It seems like an opportune time to replace my 52 year old oil pump. What pump should I purchase? Thanks for your help. BruceRead More...
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Pantera Recall circa 1971

George P
Did you know there was a recall of the Panteras exported to North America circa late 1971? Ford tested the Pantera AFTER it had begun importing them, delivering them to dealerships, and putting them up for sale. They found one glaring problem, the HVAC system barely blew any air. They also found several areas where they believed improvements should be made. They implemented revisions to the Pantera in the assembly process back in Italy. The revisions consisted of wrapping the fuel tanks in...Read More...
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Can anyone tell me what the correct model water temp sending unit is? I'm finding two Standard Motor senders TS-58 and TS-24 which have different resistance values. I'm doing the 'shakedown' on my Pantera after over 10 years of working on it and yesterday put 100 miles on it. The temp gauge would rise above the 190 degree mark and then when the fans kick on the needle would go down. Everything seemed to be working as it should. Then during the last leg of my test on an open stretch the gauge...Read More...
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Factory brakes

hello currently working on a 74 pantera with 6500 original been sitting a very long time so some issues i have encountered mainly the brakes.Front brakes where semi frozen back brake i believe to be in working order.front calibers rebulit with very good pistons and slight hone on the bore.when everything was finished nothing but air in the system. so i then replaced the 50 year old master clyinder with a rebulit unit and still air thought the system, my bleeding method at first was the old...Read More...
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Like you all have experienced, you are working on a specific project and the door panel is off, or the seat is out… you know there is something else that is staring you in the face.. 😳 it’s asking for your attention! So suck it up and do it… I suck a lot up… today I posted finishing the fresh air intake for the cabin and looking at the post it seems like … well, he puts a hose on today.. but as a working day goes, you come across a lot of things that 😳🤓🥹🥸🫣 look at you and ask to be...Read More...
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Original Pantera Brake calipers, pads, rotors

FOR SALE. Original Pantera parts From my Pantera, #4460. There are lots of aftermarket parts available but if you want to keep the car original, here are original Pantera parts that are available. -Rebuilt front calipers. New seals. NOS Full pads. Never run since rebuild. -Original front rotors. Resurfaced. Never run since resurface. -Original front hubs. Glass beaded. Repainted. No studs. No bearings or races. -Refinished front dust shields. Glass beaded and painted. -Original Rear...Read More...
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72 Pre L looking for a new home

Hi friends, I’ve decided to look for a new home for 2814. I’m making room in the garage for a new ride. I bought this car in 2017, sourced from this very forum. It was a California car, with a restoration completed in 2016. The restoration included an engine rebuild, QA1 coilovers, bushings, clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, shifter, switches, steering wheel, brakes, carpets, seats, alternator, Fluidyne radiator, Spaal fans, u-joints, starter, hoses, water pipes, windshield, wiper...Read More...
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The projects going on at this point is the cooling system (thread: Cooling system - blow to suck) and this thread about the heater core…(will see about the A/C) because I know there are several things, little bits and pieces I do not anticipate at this point, but I’m sure I will need, I decided to moved the car on Friday with a flatbed truck to PIM! Alternatively I would be driving there each time getting parts or ordering them which would add a lot of time ! So, Monday I be going to work at...Read More...
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The interior on my 1972 Pantera is original… no question about! You sit down and a cloud of foam dust is exiting the seat cushion left and right where the seat back is attached…and the seat vinyl is not prepared to stretch anymore it will rip if you sit in with a spirited motion! The glue holding the vinyl on the tunnel covers covering the heater box decided to be sticky but refuses to hold anything.. somebody decided to put loudspeaker holes in the door panels and those previous mentioned...Read More...
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1973 Pantera 4666

onthejuice anyone familiar with 1973 Pantera THPNMY04666, which can be found here, Besides the 666 VIN designation I am interest in the car but the photos of the tub area look rather rough like it may be hiding rust? The rest of the car looks pretty straight. Anyone know this Pantera? ThanksRead More...
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Taming the wagging tail (lid)

This is going to be short and easy.. Just a modified copy what I saw at the Pantera meeting at PIM… @lousbby has it in his car and I thought that’s the way to go… The only difference is I only have one pin…. Trying to keep the weight down - 🤣 easy, cheap, very effective and well yes you have to drill two holes! The good thing is my pain threshold for drilling holes in the car is not that high anymore after a drilled of 1.5 inch hole in the dashboard for the fresh air supply! first,...Read More...

Cabin ventilation… where does it go?

Here is the question.. there are vents to get air into to cabin.. theoretically.. warm or outside air or A/C cold.. but usually cars have a venting system that, for example you close the door let the “trapped” air escape… surely you saw vents in the rear of the doors towards the door-jam or behind the sides in the rear of the body, hidden behind the bumper… so, where is that feature on the Pantera cabin? I’m just wondering if you want to add cold air to the inside the air present in the...Read More...
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Pantera help

Live help available 5 days a week no cc necessary. Stuck on a mechanical ill? Brakes?? electrical??? Parts availability???? We know these cars. Calls returned at the end of the day when we're off the clock.Read More...
I need to clean up these Wilwood calipers. In particular there is surface rust on the tube nut. I am at my place in Oregon and don't have my flare nut wrenches with me but I am pretty sure my wrench will not fit into the cavity on the caliper. Are there special wrenches for this task?Read More...
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This is a Pantera project that I received in February this year. It is a 1972 Pre L that is setup as a GTS. The prior owner engaged with a shop to rework all of the suspension and then the project came to a halt. A couple of the photos show how the project came to me. It now has fresh paint on the a-arms, new a-arm bushings, new ball joints, a new steering rack, new guts in the rear carriers, and more.Read More...
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