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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Help with Seat Belt Upper Bolt Mount

The previous owner butchered the bolt threaded mount welded into the firewall. I have tried unsuccessfully to save it by rethreading it out to a larger size. Thinking of drilling through the firewall and placing a permanent nut on the backside of the firewall. Problem is the gas tank (this is s/n 744) wrapped in fiberglass sits flush against the firewall. Has anyone undone the metal strap that holds the gas tank and moved it backward to allow access to the backside of the firewall? If I can...Read More...
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Cylinder heads Issue

A friend of mine have an issue with aluminium cylinder heads. A dammage/crack noticed between the valve seats during inspection of parts during a leak seek. This cylinders spark plug look fine tough. Any ideas what could cause this, repair and how close to the cooling water passages? Best/AndersRead More...
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George P
The barefoot American model pictured below is perched upon a Serenissima racing prototype circa 1968. There is of course a De Tomaso connection; a story that intertwines the republic of Venice, De Tomaso, Count Giovanni Volpi, the Ferrari Palace Revolt of 1961, ATS, Scuderia Serenissima, Tom Tjaarda, Mangustas and Panteras. Interested? I'm not going to take the time to compose a story and post pictures if nobody is interested. So if you're curious … let me know.Read More...
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Timing Pointers

A little too late I realized the timing pointer bracket had been missed being bolted onto the front of the car when the engine was assembled. The timing pointer carrier was missed because it was a bit unusual ( I expected it to look a bit different than it does.) and it looked pretty worn out - close to scrap. Now the front of the engine is installed and fully assembled. Looking at the bracket I will have to strip down the front of the engine to install it including the alternator and AC...Read More...
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15x10" + 15x8" Campagnolo wheel & tire set for sale!

15x10" + 15x8" Campagnolo wheel & tire set for sale! A video of the wheels are here: Pictures are attached below. Wheels are beautiful, no restoration necessary. I have owned these many years and had prepared them to go on my personal Pantera, which I sold before I could install them. Note, the hub mounting surface show original coating and lug nut insert metal plating is in great condition. All text in the casting is high definition. 15x10" Campy wheels are...Read More...

Rear deck struts

I'm looking for a part number for Marine Struts. I was wonder if anyone had it. I meet a Pantera owner at the Gunnison Colorado Car Show a couple of years agowho had then on his car; unfortunately, I didn't think to look at the part number. He said they were Marine or Marin struts. My 72 rear deck is stock so its should weighs about 80lbs, I do have a Kirk Evans spoiler for it, but haven't installed it yet and don't know if...Read More...
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What Are the Parking Brake Options with Aftermarket Brakes

A few years ago I installed (on my '73 L) one of the brake upgrade kits that utilizes Corvette rotors and calipers and uses a line lock for the parking brake since the factory park brake components don't fit. Initially all was fine, but the line lock has lost effectiveness over time so that I don't think it will pass the state safety check. Also, the local garages (Massachusetts) now sit in the car and apply the parking brake themselves to be sure you are not "faking it" when told to apply...Read More...
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ZF 5DS-25-2 transaxle

Hi everyone. My name is Tom, and I recently came across a transaxle. I know next to nothing about them except what I've found in some preliminary Google searching, but I do know that they are from the panteras. It is a ZF 5DS-25-2 transaxle. I've posted pictures of all the tags, stamps, numbers, etc... That I could find on it. Thank you all! I am asking 7K obo (once again this number comes from google searches of what previous ones have sold for).Read More...
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I am wondering if anyone has experience with mounting a parking brake kit on the front 'ears' of the rear axel carrier. I have been in contact with Scott at Sacc Restorations and he says that the usual situation is that people use the stock parking brake on the stock calipers in the stock position, when adding big caliper upgrades (which get mounted on the front ears), or they mount a park brake kit on the rear ears and a big caliper upgrade on the front ears. He hadn't heard of people...Read More...
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Once again I have a problem. I lost the drawing of the wiring connections to my Wiper and Washer switches. My wiring diagram seems to differ from what appears I Have. I am looking for the easy way out. which wire goes where looking at the switches from the back? The washer wires are Green and white. Which one goes on the left or right. The wiper switch has 4 wires. one a double green. then the orange, brown, blue. At the back of the switch on the left the 2 spades are wide apart. On the...Read More...
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Cheers from Finland !!!

Hello you all !!! Im a long time "car guy" from Finland, and have huge Pantera fever going on. The car that "bites" me is hot rodded one, and that is the main thing that scares me a little. Its well done and it looks fine (havent drove it yet) but cause its very expensive for me, Im forced to think its value in future, so what you think about rodded Panteras and how they will keep value in future vs. original style restorated ones? KariRead More...
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Looking to buy -- 70-74 driver, OK if it needs work too.

I've now officially made the room for a Pantera in my garage! Almost bought one last year, been looking at several cars over the last few months, and a couple local cars I can see myself pulling the trigger on... but wanted to see if there's anything out there not listed or coming up for sale before I do. Looking to stay under $80K if possible. Prefer pre-L bumper car, but not a deal-breaker. Don't mind if the car needs some work, actually look forward to having something to work on over the...Read More...
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Team, I did replace the oil pan by Kevko. The pan is supposed to hold 8 quad, plus filter I guess. I needed to replace the pipe for the dip stick ..tried as much as possible to keep the length correct. Now the filling to optimum is my convern... The original dip stick has marks --Add --- Save --- Warrant -- I added 8 Q/7.8 liters on oil, it goes all the way up to the "Warrant" mark. What do you think, is this correct ? (was a refill so some residual oil is def left in the system, I guess...Read More...
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Hi, I sold my car and have these parts leftover. You can also check out my other listings of parts for sale on the forum....wheels, tires, door parts, brake booster, emblems, coolant parts, etc... $45, Used original shifter arm, custom modified with custom aluminum knob, needs re-chroming $40, Used original shifter turret centering detent parts $6, New "GTS" Shift knob emblem $80, Used pair of original 1/4 window glass, has small defects (chip, scratches) as shown in pic $60, Vintage Hall...Read More...