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Featured Member: Garth Rodericks
Garth (display name garth66) and Leslie Rodericks are posed with their 1972 Pantera, chassis 4033. The picture was taken at the Ironstone Conours in Murphys, California where their Pantera was awarded "Best in Class". Their Pantera was featured in the movie "Banzai Runner" (1987).


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Suggestions to fill body gap (engine bay)

I have large gaps in the corners (couple other places also) in the engine bay. I was thinking about using backing rod and 3m white self leveling seam sealer (masked off and applied in layers for a smooth finish) Welding is not an option at this point Any suggestions ? Warnings? Thanks for any inputRead More...
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1973 Pantera gauge panel

I have two 1973/74 Pantera factory gauge panels. Both of them cracked on the bottom screw hole. These are a few of options that I have considered. I thought about having one 3d printed. I made one out of aluminum and was thinking about painting it satin black or covering it in leather. I also purchased a carbon fiber piece which looks nice but I prefer to keep the factory appearance or as close to it as possible. Any thoughts, suggestions, or solutions are appreciated.Read More...
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ignition switch has covid

My ignition switch starting getting more difficult to work correctly during these past 6 months. Working on getting my car back on the road has been a challenge to say the least. So starting the car today the ignition switch felt like it had dirt in it. Smoke came from the starter while it turned over. I stopped immediately and then checked for lightning to hit me. Ground cable to battery was hot also. Electrical surge caused by ignition switch? Well I waited for 10 minutes, made sure the...Read More...
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Short Circuit During Key Accessory Position

Good Evening, I'm having an intermittent high current draw/short circuit when the key is in the accessory position. Sometimes I can go switch from Accessory to Run and it will start and other times it won't. I thought the starter may have been hung up again and maybe the starter was pulling lots of current. I was able to remove the starter one time and ground it with battery cables and everything work fine. Started the car a couple of times with no issue. Came out the next morning and the...Read More...
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Fuel filter maraca

Had an issue starting today. Saw no fuel getting into my carb. No spray when I actuated the pump. I have a pressure gauge inline and it showed pressure. I scratched my head and nothing. I rmoved what I could of the fuel line up to the carb. The filter when i shaked it sounded like one big chunk inside hitting back and forth. I think its the problem. I have to find a post on here talking about which ones are decent. I dont remember buying this one from the dollar store.Read More...
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Goose 8MA642 Refurb and Repaint

Switched to this thread from previous "Production Data" thread. The plan is to refurb both the exterior and the motor of 69 Goose 8MA642 (wouldn't call it a restoration). Will include pulling majority of components and have them cleaned/hot tanked/painted/chromed/etc or replaced if necessary, and replacing cam/lifters/pushrods to better accommodate Boss 302 with IDA Webers performance. Headers may be a bridge too far since the frame mod for the motor leaves very little room to route headers...Read More...
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Driver Side Connector Under Dash

Yet another rookie question. I'm in the process of putting the dash back in. I documented the tear down of the car with pics and tags but I can't find the mating connector to this one. It is on the driver's side to the left of the steering column. This is a 72' pre L for reference. Any ideas? Thanks, John #2551Read More...
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Now FOR SALE, just finished removing the Crankshaft Pulley and can Now Sell Both together with the Watepump Pulley. Absolute Matched Pair, see Pic. Original and Genuine to the '74L Pantera #5723 Both in Heavy Steel! Crank Pulley is Very Heavy!! Both Run Well Balanced and Straight! Rusty! Chuck them up in a Lathe and Polish them, then Paint...Powder Coat? For those who seek Originality in their Build. 2 Pulleys $250. Shipping in USA FREE. I Will ship Worldwide at YOUR Cost. Thank You MJRead More...
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Stray wire at fuse panel

I am installing a Pantera Electronics fuse panel in my 74 Pantera and came across a stray wire that was likely left as such by a previous owner. It looks like the wire was pulled out of a crimped quick disconnect terminal. It is small gauge and brown or purple in color with a black stripe. Does anyone know what this wire is used for?Read More...
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Brake Booster Recommendations

Good Day All, I ordered a completely new Wilwood brake setup from Scott at SACC today. Calipers, rotors, MC with adaptor kit and proportioning valve. The only thing he doesn't carry is the booster. Does anyone have recommendations for a booster with this setup? Thank You, John #2551Read More...
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Jehle Deauville, chassis #2012, in Norway

A couple weeks ago I found the Jehle Deauville, in what seemed to have been its Tomb over the last couple decades. As there seem to be very little activity around the Longchamps and Deuville around the web, I figured a "project thread" could serve a purpose. It's also nice to have a log of what has been done to the car. The car was posted on the local classifieds site (, only a few miles of where I live. Having never owned anything Italian, and hardly ever seen a De Tomaso, ofcourse...Read More...
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I bought this for my Pantera after seeing a SuperLite SLC using the same item. It's a replacement rear view mirror but the image comes from a rear view camera. It would be perfect for a Pantera owner with a high rise induction system that they can't see past. It works as a backup camera too. When you put the car in reverse, the guide lines pop-up but when you take it out of reverse, they go away. The unit has a front camera too. Here's some info:...Read More...
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Hello All After my heater hose failed and I had to take almost all carpets etc out of the car I also found the heater regulator valve leaking. The bend rod actuator was leaking. After taking everything apart I found in the internet a shop in Germany that sells that valve new, I bought it and it arrived today. with very little work the valve is ready to be put back into the car. Here are some pictures for who is interested. Best regards UlliRead More...
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Rotors and Windshields

A very good day to you all, I am currently working on Goose 834 with a full resaurtion. This project was delivered to us in parts, after doing an inventory I found out that several parts are missing. Most of the parts I was able to find and buy new. The brake discs I have not been able to find yet. Now I have Goose 846 as an example here, where I can take over a lot of sizes. The question remains whether there is a difference between brake disc sizes for the production period of the car.Read More...
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Clutch Slave Cylinder - Leaking Again

Has anyone found a clutch slave cylinder that does not leak? I'm on my second OE style sold by all of the Pantera vendors, and it is leaking after approximately 5 months/750 miles of driving. This is getting really old, having to replace them every few months (had the same problem with the master - using a Wilwood now - no problems). Is there a non-Pantera vendor part that anyone has adapted to fit the Pantera?? Thanks!Read More...
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Brake Fluid brand question

I have always used Castrol DOT 4 in my brake and clutch systems with no problems. Was shopping for some new containers to find that nobody seems to sell Castrol DOT 4 anywhere in the US. I see Pentosin has a Super DOT 4 which looks very high quality. Anybody have other suggestions they have been successfully using - system is stock brake and clutch with stainless lines and CNC clutch slave. thanksRead More...
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MSD 8920 Tach Adapter without MSD 6AL

Good Evening, I sleuthed thru many tach topics before asking so hope this isn't posted in plain sight. Just got my 8920 Tach adapter today and ready to hook-up but noticed the MSD instructions only show installation with the MSD 6AL. I prefer not to run the 6AL if I don't have to. Anyone know if it is possible to connect with my MSD 8350 ready to run distributor without the MSD 6AL? Are there diagrams anywhere? Thank You, John #2551Read More...
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Mangusta Heater Controls

Hi all, this is going to sound like a very basic question, but how do you control the heat from the Heater (not AC) on a Goose? Reason I ask is that my car never had the centre console cover fitted (had interior stripped to some degree), and from what I can see has also never been retrimmed. Behind the ashtray it had 3 slots with Ferrari Dino / Daytona style sliders for hot cold and direction (x 2 same) . I’m pretty convinced they were a later edition as I have never seen another car with...Read More...
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