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Featured Member: Michel Savard
 photo Dale Sweitzer_zps3uhmb9h4.jpg Michel (display name mic) is posed with his 1974 Pantera L, chassis 6610. The picture was taken at a car show held at “the Julep” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's holding the event's First Place award, congratulations Mic!


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Too much YouTube? I'm about to order a Holley Sniper EFI system

My machine shop told me - and I believed them - that the Quick Fuel 780 CFM vacuum secondary installed by PO's engine builder was too big for my engine and to get a $750 Holley 650 double-pumper. So I did. It's sitting on the shelf here waiting for my head upgrade drama to conclude. Once installed I would pay them $750 to dyno and tune the car (jetting, timing, etc.) That's $1500 which is exactly what the Holley system sells for. Any thoughts on this system? Or the FI Tech? Looks like the...Read More...
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Shonky coolants

Has any one seen or experienced the type of corrosion to cooling system parts as in these photos? This is from a engine I built. And sold about a year ago. I had run the engine in on a engine stand because I did not trust anyone else to run in the cam properly. It did a total of 10hrs running as I also tuned the carb and sorted out some ignition problems. I ran it with rain water in the cooling system and when I drained the water for shipping the water came out as clean as it went in. The...Read More...
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Seeking advice on some issues

Well, after more than a year in complete overhaul/restoration, I finally got my beloved Pantera (#5253) back today. It's bittersweet, however, and after the more than a few deliveries followed by immediate returns due to problems, I'm sort of at my limit considering the six figures I've put into the car chasing the dreams of my childhood. Part of the project included a new engine. A Ford Boss 427F engine ( with Ford Z2 heads...Read More...
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Dave Kindig (Bitchin Rides) is going to do a Pantera on a up coming episode...on the last episode they showed a quick shot of a lime green early car in his show room...hope he does a mild interpretation and leaves the cutting wheel in the tool chestRead More...
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Windows not going up

Hi and thanks for looking at my problem. I pulled my Pantera in today. Drivers window was going up and down fantastically along with the passenger window. Then, the drivers window went down and I can't get it back up. Took the door apart and I can hear it clicking both up and down but no movement. Switch? Just asking before I do something really stupid. Also, the plastic manual knob won't budge it.Read More...
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Gemballa Pantera GT5S

Hello, I am not certain if some of you know about this, but there is a Gemballa GT5S Pantera here in Egypt, north Africa. Belongs to my good friend Mr. Shalaby, who has owned it for the last 18 years or so. Most probably the only Gemballa modified Pantera in existence. Otherwise there are 3 other Panteras in Egypt aswell. It was originally a 1971/2 car, sent to Gemballa in Germany, in 1998 where it under went a complete ground up restoration/modification and came back in 1999 to Egypt, a one...Read More...
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Seeking dimensions of pop-up lights spring

Hello people, I'm looking for dimensions of the spring attaching the head light bucket to the chassis. I do not know untill which VIN number these where installed but I've seen them on a Pre-L and my PB has the brackets but no spring. On the parts list at for example Wilkinson they do not show. Thanks for the help, LöweRead More...
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New heads, new intake, new rockers, new pushrods - Very noisy valves and very little oil through pushrods

I'm kind of stuck here. As my backwards head gasket ordeal continues, I got the new Edelbrock Performer RPM heads installed, new distributor, new intake. Old carb. Pushrod length checked and is good. Rockers are Crower stainless endurance rockers. Cam is CompCams hydraulic roller. Valves adjusted to zero+half turn, and then zero+3/4 turn. Valves are very noisy, sounds like a diesel running. Pulled valve covers, and surprised how dry they were. Ran engine briefly with paper towels on top of...Read More...
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Any info on 3239 in the registry?

My first post and first Pantera after reading this forum for years! I just picked up (got in at 2am this morning) #3239 from the last owner’s son. Unfortunately, his father passed several years ago. His father purchased in in 2006 (per the title), but the son doesn’t have any history on the car. I’ve tried to register for the site numerous times but can’t get a password. Car has a bunch of minor modifications but it’s very original rust free but needs all the normal upgrades (electric,...Read More...
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Mangusta tool kits

I did a few tool kit rolls last summer and decided I would finish the rest of the materials and supplies I had on hand. The kits I am offering are not complete but are very accurate. Version A comes with replica spark plug brush, gloves and polish rag. Version B comes with 18mm wheel wrench, replica screwdriver and mini-screwdriver kit plus spark plug brush, gloves, rag. The "A" version is available at $465 plus shipping and the "B" version is $625 plus shipping. DenisRead More...
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Mangusta Door lock mechanism

I need some help with sourcing where DeT obtained the door lock mechanism or what car it is common with. It's the internal part, I have the handles etc and the striker plate. My left hand (drivers side of LHD car) door mechanism looks like its a Jaguar part and different from passenger side. It does however look identical to a 69 Alfa Spider 105 Duetto from 69 which we also have. The key difference is that the Alfa Duetto Spider does not have the little button to unlock the door. Apparently...Read More...
Last Reply By v8jet · First Unread Post
Big fun. My friend from Tucson was running his car (The Werewolf) out on the salt at Bonneville for "World of Speed" 2021. While it's not a Pantera, it has a lot of the proper characteristics: Mid-engined layout, transaxle, low slung, cool and sinister looking. The car is a custom tube-frame body designed and built completely by my buddy, with a Manta fiberglass body kit - the Manta kits were built back in the early '70's. The engine is a Donovan upsized to 383 Cu-in, the basic block is a...Read More...
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1972 pantera

1972 Detomaso Pantera,yellow,new tires,8 inch front,10 rear campy rims, good condition,no rust ever, tasteful,upgrades,chrome excellent, looks stock, car was west coast car until I purchased, factory radio, ac,everything works, runs good, looks good, I am retired not going to drive the car anymore car is in connecticut, serious inquiry only please 475 204 1685Read More...
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Original wheels and tyres.

Hi i would like to make my Mangusta tyres web page better. Currently I don’t think it is right. However it is difficult. do you guys know what the original wheel and tyre set up on these cars was? Because they are such rare cars data is difficult to come by . I have some old books from period that say 185-15 front and 225-15 Rear . do you know what brand and tread? i think there are a lot of low profile tyres out...Read More...
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Thanks for all the help, Mangusta Salon Prive winner!

Huge thanks to anyone and everyone who has given advise whilst we at Simon Furlonger restored Mangusta 8MA1044. Our first real restoration, we walked away with best in class, and the Churchill Cup. We even met Fabrizio Giugiaro, son of Giorgetto Giugiaro, the designer of the Goose. Before we knew it, Giorgetto was on FaceTime with us, cheering us on! The restoration was finished 10.30am Tuesday morning, and was on the trailer at 10.45 on its way to the show. Fired up first turn of the key!Read More...
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