Look, I know I'm being a bud-in-ski here. It seems to me that running a Boss 302 head in a Mangusta isn't worth the effort with the changes you are talking about?

I'm using AFR 1388 heads on my 347 in my 68 GT350. Go and look at the flow numbers on the heads. They out flow stock Boss 302 heads.

They are a direct replacement for the iron 302 J heads once you shave them .024".

That means everything stock Mangusta is going to bolt up to them. You don't need Boss heads. The AFR's are better.

Now if you are going to say the AFR's are modifying the car, what do you call a Boss 302?

OK. Enough of my budding in here. Sorry to interrupt your discussion.


No sweat, am sure you're right. Car had the change made to Boss 302 motor in late 60's.  Apparently, it may have been Chicago or Detroit Auto show car (couldn't get this verified). Does kinda make sense since the saying used to be 'race on Sunday sell on Monday'. Anyway, will keep it this way since its been in this configuration since the beginning, and refresh it as close as possible to the way it was in 1969.

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