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@rocky posted:

Can someone help us keep the players straight?

Muttsjet - 8MA0642  Car Done?

Lee - 8MA???? Car Done?

Mike - 8MA???? Car Done?

Maugusta - 8MA????  Car Done & Sold?

Thanks…. Hard to keep straight, but I know this thread is for you, and not me…



Switching from injection to Weber's. Easy right? Well, life got in the way and I probably can't touch the car for the next 6 months. When I do get back to it, probably have 3 months of work to do. Otherwise the car is in decent shape.

Ready to reassemble drivers suspension and steering. Can someone confirm best grease to use for steering and how much to put inside gaiter? What is the grease gun attachment called to put grease in heim fitting or should I just get the small grease gun for filling heims mentioned in another thread? Confirm RERS 5 is the correct rubber covering for the front steering heims?


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   If you cannot get the original Italian stuff, the owners manual calls out precisely the use of "MOBILEGREASE SPECIAL" for the front bearings and steering rack...Another fine substitute is whatever you have (!). 

  So whatever cool stuff PepBoys is selling for wheel bearings, just make sure the heim is cleaned of all old tarnish and then spend some Spa time working the new crease around the joint. I think there is really no point in overpacking inside the boot, work enough to cover the bearing and avoid a grease aquarium.

   Getting the boots over the heims is super simple. Finish by inserting the alignment spaces and voila, good for another 50 years.

@leea posted:

      Getting the boots over the heims is super simple. Finish by inserting the alignment spaces and voila, good for another 50 years.

I used a heat gun on the Heim boots to soften them up...  Didn't take long...  The boots went from a matt finish to shiny when heated, then slipped right on...   

I agree with Lee that choice of grease inside the rack may not be that critical...  The steering shaft isn't exactly spinning at high rpm and heat build up is probably not a concern...  Just keep it lubed with SOMETHING and you should be fine...  (In my opinion ~ FWIW)


I think on page 18 of the owners manual, it says to replace the grease when the rubber boot crystallizes to plastic and then breaks open....see even older comments on this from smart guys who wondered why DeT used just half a boot (!) But yeah, its hardly as if there is going to be a lot of rotation inside the heim.

The best picture I can give on installation of the boot is attached, the sequence is;

- put the Heim threads thru the small hole.

-take the rod you'll attach it to, scrunch the rubber up enough to catch the thread.

- make a big pull. Rubber is magic.


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